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Breaking the CodesHow World War II codebreakers contributed to allied victory.
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S1, EP5 "The Battle of Midway"Breaking the Japanese code JN25 following Pearl Harbor allows the U.S. Navy to position itself for victory at Midway.
S1, EP4 "1940-1941 The Attack on Enigma"The British and U.S. strategy of exploiting cryptographers' personal natures in order to break their codes.
S1, EP3 "1920-1941 The Breaking of the Purple"Cracking Japanese codes; Japan develops a code-making machine.
S1, EP1 "1900-1918 The Men of Room 40"The beginning of modern code-breaking following the creation of a special unit by the British Royal Navy in 1914.
S1 "Rise of Enigma"Using rare archive footage and exclusive interviews to document the rise of the code breakers, highlighting the war that involved the brilliant skills of mathematicians and chess players.
S1 "Battle of the Atlantic"Efforts made by the code breakers who worked to break German codes and track U-boat movements to protect American and British troops during World War II.
How World War II codebreakers contributed to allied victory.
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