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Bright Now!Short stories about science and tech, history, global issues, and the personalities at the center of it all.
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S1, EP81 "Blockchain Revolution"Examining whether blockchain technology is safe as it sweeps the globe, moving from high-flying cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to more traditional sectors of the economy.
S1, EP80 "The Sweet & Sour of Florida Sugar""Muck City" Florida is one of the biggest sugar-producing regions on the planet, but the traditional practice of cane field burning at harvest is sparking a heated debate.
S1, EP79 "The Birth of Mar-a-Lago"The history of President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, built in Florida in the 1920s by Majorie Merriweather Post, who hoped one day that it would become a winter White House.
S1, EP78 "From the Frontlines of COVID-19"Author David Quammen predicted the coronavirus pandemic nearly a decade ago in his best-selling book, "Spillover" now, he shows us how the same remote Montana lab that spawned his work, is on the front-line to combat COVID-19.
S1, EP77 "Shipwrecks: U-576"A team of maritime archaeologists descend 700 feet off the coast of North Carolina in search of the U-576, a German submarine that went down in a historic 1942 battle.
S1, EP76 "Locust Swarm"Scientists and citizens armed with cutting-edge technology battle swarms of locusts devouring everything in their path from Africa to India.
S1, EP75 "Monkey Island"In 1938, an American researcher captures 500 macque monkeys and brings them to an uninhabited Caribbean island to study the primate population roaming free in a giant open-air laboratory.
S1, EP74 "Catching Florida's Apex Predator"Top trappers working for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission go to battle against dangerous alligators lurking in the lush lakes and canals of Palm Beach.
S1, EP73 "Bright Now: Mother of the Everglades"The history and wildlife of Lake Okeechobee, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the United States, and the source of life for South Florida's magnificent Everglades.
S1, EP72 "Apocalypse 101"Astrobiologist and author Lewis Dartnell explores what it would take to stay alive following a global cataclysm, and what knowledge would be needed to rebuild civilization.
S1, EP71 "The Road to Florida"U.S. Route 1 transforms Florida forever.
S1, EP70 "Women with ADHD"For decades, it was thought that ADHD primarily affected boys and men but new research reveals the impact the disorder can have on women, leading to effective treatments for millions who may be suffering in silence.
S1, EP69 "Aliens in the Pond"A look at the tiny insects with incredible capabilities that are locked in a struggle to survive in the surface film of most lakes and ponds.
S1, EP68 "Saving the World's Most Endangered Cat"Scientists and conservationists make efforts to save the Iberian Lynx, widely regarded as the world's most endangered cat.
S1, EP62 "Beyond Cold"Examining human survival mechanisms that modern science is only beginning to understand.
S1, EP60 "First in the Sky"Modern-day balloonists re-create the first crossing of the English Channel, which took place Jan. 7, 1785.
S1, EP59 "The Race to Forecast Weather"Explaining how weather forecasts have become so reliable with advancing technologies.
S1, EP58 "Flavor Evolution"Despite people's obsession with flavor, taste is the most overlooked sense; surprising new discoveries change the understanding of taste, and how it has evolved to keep people alive.
S1, EP57 "America's Wildest Cat & Dog Rivalry"Wildlife tracker Tyler Johnerson explores the deadly rivalry between native mountain lions and reintroduced wolves in Yellowstone National Park.
S1, EP56 "Engineering a Pro"The next generation of major league baseball stars are using cutting-edge science and technology to drive their performance to unprecedented heights.
S1, EP55 "Insect Apocalypse"Investigating the cause of an alarming decline in insect populations that could devastate all life on Earth and whether anything can be done to stop it.
S1, EP53 "Preparing for Hurricanes"The SUrge-STructure-Atmosphere INteraction facility, or SUSTAIN, will help scientists at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science better understand the complex interactions between a hurricane and the ocean below it.
S1, EP52 "The Shark Whisperer"Shark expert Jim Abernethy conducts stunning, cage-free dives with the ocean's greatest predators to demonstrate they are not mindless, man-eating monsters.
S1, EP51 "Night at the Aquarium"A glimpse at what happens at zoos and aquariums behind closed doors.
S1, EP49 "Wolves and Tanks"Nearly a century after disappearing from its natural habitat, the German wolf makes a comeback that might be attributable to an unlikely ally: the military.
S1, EP48 "Lionfish: Alien of the Sea"Since the 1980's, the lionfish has conquered massive territories within the ocean.
S1, EP47 "Fire Ant Invasion"A fire ant colony can contain up to 40 million ants, all of which defend their territory.
S1, EP46 "Saving Tokyo"The ambitious projects under development to save Tokyo, the most populated urban zone on the planet that is built on a fault line, and threatened by flooding and several active volcanoes.
S1, EP45 "Five Submarines Against the Nazis"The forgotten ships that made possible the liberation of France during World War II.
S1, EP44 "The Mystery of U-455"A mysterious World War II wreck discovered off the coast of Italy by archeologists could be the wreck of the U-455, the last missing German U-boat.
S1, EP43 "Bay of Crocs"People try to save the unique Cuban crocodile from extinction.
S1, EP42 "Crisis on Apollo 13"On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13, Cmdr. Jim Lovell and NASA engineers recall the ingenuity and superhuman efforts that turned a potential space flight disaster into an extraordinary fight for survival.
S1, EP41 "Can You Learn to Be Funny?"Surprising new insights into what it takes to be funny.
S1, EP39 "Raising a Genius"The science of creating and educating a genius may be bring contributions to society.
S1, EP38 "Pompeii: Behind the Scenes"A sneak peek at the cutting-edge science and sophisticated production techniques featured in the special "Pompeii: Disaster Street."
S1, EP37 "My Wild Backyard: Patagonia"Wildlife filmmaker Rene Araneda tours Torres del Paine National Park in Chile, a beautiful place that is home to some of the most wondrous creatures on the planet.
S1, EP36 "Last American Slave Ship"The search in the swamps of Alabama for the final ship to bring slaves to the United States.
S1, EP33 "Antarctica Science Below Zero"Nature documentary about the continent of Antarctica.
S1, EP32 "Tastes Like T-Rex"A look at whether science can be used to alter chicken embryos to resemble a Tyrannosaurus rex.
S1, EP31 "Growing Up Hadza"The Hadzabe of Tanzania, considered one of the last hunter-gather tribes on the planet, pass the knowledge of this way of life to the next generation.
S1, EP30 "Chungungo: The World's Smallest Otter"Nature documentary about otters.
S1, EP29 "Secret Underwater Planet"Underwater photographer Peter Kragh explores the coast of California and reveals some of the most spectacular life found under the sea.
S1, EP28 "The Wright Brothers: Bravery"Ohio bicycle mechanics Orville and Wilbur Wright change the world by flying the world's first successful airplane in 1903.
S1, EP27 "Path to the Pros"The science of sports and athleticism.
S1, EP26 "Search for Japan's Lost Supersub"The archeology of shipwrecks.
S1, EP25 "Bear Cub Rescue"Casey Anderson, who was once faced with the decision of leaving an orphaned grizzly bear cub to die in the wild or saving it, is faced with making that same decision again.
S1, EP24 "Octopus Encounters"Observing alien-like octopuses in the Pacific Ocean, from a feeding frenzy at the bottom of the sea to a mother tending thousands of eggs.
S1, EP23 "Sailing to the Stars"Missions lay the groundwork for solar sails space travel technology.
S1, EP22 "Explosion of Life"Life blooms in unexpected ways in California, from desert wildflowers to jellyfish colonies off Monterey.
S1, EP21 "Berlin Wall Revisited"Footage of people's everyday lives on both sides of the Berlin Wall before it fell Nov. 9, 1989.
S1, EP20 "Rebirth of an Underwater Forest"Balancing the ecosystem of kelp forests, which harbor a greater diversity of plants and animals than almost any other ocean community.
S1, EP19 "Predicting a Pro"Professional scouts are compared to high-tech tools used to evaluate youth baseball players.
S1, EP18 "The Science of Cute"The biological benefits of cuteness.
S1, EP17 "Veggie Power"Doctors, chefs and nutritionists explain how going green with fresh ingredients and flavors in daily meals will improve health.
S1, EP16 "Super Sea Slugs"Colorful nudibranchs, or sea slugs, have a remarkable range of adaptations to survive in the ocean, from stinging cells to harvesting the power of the sun, spraying sulfuric acid and turning their bodies into drift nets.
S1, EP15 "Oumuamua: Mysteries From Space"Discovered on Oct. 19, 2017, Oumuamua is the first known object to have come from outside the solar system.
S1, EP14 "Ketamine: From Street Drug to Lifesaver"The 50-year-old anesthetic ketamine might be a new tool for fighting depression and suicide.
S1, EP13 "Saving Venice"One of the world's largest and highest profile civil engineering works tries to save Venice, Italy, from inundation.
S1, EP12 "Hacking Our Microbiome"New science reveals what 40 trillion non-human microorganisms hosted by each person do and how understanding them can help people live healthier lives.
S1, EP11 "School for Whales"A family of sperm whales in the Indian Ocean.
S1, EP10 "Parasites!"Examining how parasites are an unappreciated part of evolution and the ecology.
S1, EP9 "Message From Space?"The Green Bank Observatory in West Virginia, home of the world's largest steerable radio telescope, has been receiving a mysterious signal from deep space.
S1, EP8 "Skinny Genes"The genetics of weight loss.
S1, EP7 "Capturing Woodstock"Exploring how the music festival documentary film "Woodstock" was made with producer Dale Bell.
S1, EP6 "Modern Stone Age Family"Documentary about eating meat.
S1, EP5 "Tiny House: Living Off the Grid"Documentary about tiny house living.
S1, EP4 "New Firefighting Tech"Cutting-edge technology is used to fight wildfires to save lives and property.
S1, EP3 "African Animal Rescue"The staff of South Africa's Manyoni Private Game Reserve passionately care for some of the world's most exotic and endangered wild animals, from treating elephant foot infections to testing cheetahs for tuberculosis.
S1, EP2 "Coffee Buzz"Experts reveal what makes specialty coffee taste the way it does.
S1, EP1 "Amazon Is Burning"Analysis of the cause of the Amazon's devastating fires, how they might impact the climate and whether the environment will be able to recover.
Short stories about science and tech, history, global issues, and the personalities at the center of it all.
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