No Room for Error; In the Hands of the Amazing Race Gods
S33, EP10 "No Room for Error; In the Hands of the Amazing Race Gods"
On Demand
After traveling to seven countries and 17 cities, one team will be crowned the winner.
Original Air Date: Mar 02, 2022 • CBS • 87m
Rock Bottom
S33, EP9 "Rock Bottom"
On Demand
Racers leave no stone unturned while looking for a clue in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2022 • CBS • 44m
S33, EP8 "Souvlaki"
On Demand
Teams travel to Halkidiki, Greece, where they are tested on their spelling and memory skills.
Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2022 • CBS • 44m
Gently Down the Stream
S33, EP7 "Gently Down the Stream"
On Demand
Teams continue racing through Corsica, France, where each team member must try a piece of casu martzu, also known as maggot cheese.
Original Air Date: Feb 09, 2022 • CBS • 44m
Say Cheese
S33, EP6 "Say Cheese"
On Demand
Racers travel by private jet to Corsica, France, where they go canyoneering through the beautiful landscape of natural rockslides, waterfalls and rivers.
Original Air Date: Feb 02, 2022 • CBS • 44m
Stairway to Hell
S33, EP5 "Stairway to Hell"
On Demand
Teams race through Switzerland, where racers bungee jump over 700 feet off the Verzasca Dam.
Original Air Date: Jan 26, 2022 • CBS • 44m
Ready to Restart the Race
S33, EP4 "Ready to Restart the Race"
On Demand
Teams gather in Switzerland to restart the race nearly 20 months after production was suspended for the COVID-19 pandemic.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2022 • CBS • 44m
Who Has This One in the Bag?
S33, EP3 "Who Has This One in the Bag?"
On Demand
While racing through Scotland in February 2020, teams receive shocking and unprecedented news -- for the first time in the show's history, "The Amazing Race" suspends production due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2022 • CBS • 44m
We're Back!; It Can't Be That Easy
S33, EP1 "We're Back!; It Can't Be That Easy"
On Demand
Eleven teams begin their journey and travel to London.
Original Air Date: Jan 05, 2022 • CBS • 87m