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Property Brothers: Forever HomeJonathan and Drew Scott from the Emmy-nominated series "Property Brothers" are on a mission to turn average things into the things of dreams. The Scott brothers help families overhaul their hidden gems by unlocking each home's full potential. They seek out couples who are already settled and who want to completely remodel their homes to fit their families' needs, wishes and dreams. The brothers take the couples on a tour of newly renovated homes to find out what they love and the things that they can't live without. With all of this in mind, they use 3D graphics to bring each family's design dreams to life -- within budget of course.
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S7, EP20 "When History Is a Headache"A couple with two kids love their historical home, but it poses plenty of daunting renovation challenges; Jonathan and Drew aim to completely reconfigure the back part of the house, but a health crisis could stop the project in its tracks.
S7, EP19 "Life Out West"After moving to LA, a British family is thrilled with the character of their midcentury house, but the awkward layout prevents them from feeling truly settled; Jonathan and Drew create organized function in the main floor so they can feel at home.
S7, EP18 "Better Than a Halftime Show"Two college football fanatics fall in love and tie the knot, but now their house needs a game-changing reno for their blended family and styles; Jonathan and Drew completely revamp the main living areas, creating a show-stopping dream home.
S7, EP17 "Split Level Conundrum"A couple love the spacious split-level home they moved into eight years ago, but it feels drab and dated, the opposite of their colorful personalities; the brothers customize every square inch of the home, including building a vaulted ceiling.
S7, EP16 "Outdated Overhaul"A family love the neighborhood they're in but can no longer suffer through their outdated home; instead of moving, they're calling on Jonathan and Drew to make sense of their main living spaces with special attention to their son's love of crafting.
S7, EP15 "Reno Relief"After 10 years of trying to renovate their home, a couple is finally ready to bring in reinforcements; Jonathan and Drew completely reimagine the layout of this beloved home, maximizing every square inch to create the perfect indoor/outdoor oasis.
S7, EP14 "Ditching the Dead Zones"A couple's ranch-style home already holds many precious memories, but its layout, centered around a massive, unused fireplace, needs an overhaul; Jonathan and Drew improve the flow of the kitchen and main living areas.
S7, EP13 "Farmhouse in the City"A family finds the perfect home to realize their dream of a backyard farm, but with a baby on the way, they can no longer endure the impractical layout; the brothers completely reimagine the home's footprint to create the farmhouse of their dreams.
S7, EP12 "Reno With a View"A couple finds their forever home, but the home's interior tells a different story; Jonathan and Drew overcome the home's structural issues to create a place they can settle in.
S7, EP11 "The Right Note"A musical family has many cherished memories in the Los Angeles home they purchased 11 years ago, but the layout is so choppy that they don't invite guests over; Jonathan and Drew open the floor plan to create a space to entertain for years to come.
S7, EP10 "The Next Multigeneration"With a new set of twins, a young family is bursting at the seams in their small condo and decide to move into her childhood home with her mother; Jonathan and Drew transform the main living spaces to make three generations happy for years to come.
S7, EP9 "Bright Future Ahead"A couple moved their family to be near an amazing school for their eldest daughter, but they've always struggled with their home's layout.
S7, EP8 "It Takes a Village"After a husband's unexpected passing, a woman and her two young children are left with a dysfunctional house that they had planned on renovating together; Jonathan and Drew step in and transform a cherished home that holds many family memories.
S7, EP7 "Midwest Charm in Pasadena"A couple knows they have found their forever home when they purchase a historical house that reminds her of the Midwest childhood home she grew up in; Jonathan and Drew reconfigure the layout so the family can enjoy this home for decades to come.
S7, EP6 "Reno Around the Corner"After landing a historic home in the Los Angeles neighborhood of their dreams, a couple discover their Spanish revival style is in worse shape than they thought; Drew and Jonathan arrive to put their local expertise to work.
S7, EP5 "Rockin' Reno"After inheriting his grandparent's house, a couple look to transform it into a home for their two beloved dogs and his guitar collection; Jonathan and Drew reimagine the entire space to make new memories for the next generation.
S7, EP4 "All Grown Up"With three kids growing up fast, a family's needs have evolved, and their house is ready for a major change; Jonathan and Drew make the most of a vast main living area with a mature style the entire family will love for decades to come.
S7, EP3 "New Generation New Design"A couple is overjoyed with the purchase of his grandparents' family home, but the layout is choppy and the design is outdated, so Jonathan and Drew reimagine the main living areas to create a home that is perfect for now and generations to come.
S7, EP1 "Full Circle Reno"After meeting in his childhood home 20 years ago, these high school sweethearts are now married and moving into that same house; Jonathan and Drew help transform the kitchen and main living areas, breathing new life into this cherished family home.
S6, EP13 "A Crafty Transformation"A family loves the good bones of their home, but with a fourth child on the way, their cramped living space quickly loses functionality; Drew and Jonathan roll up their crafting sleeves to design an organized home with room for the growing family.
S6, EP12 "Denise & Bob"Bob and Reiki master Denise have made many happy memories in their suburban home, but the house's dated oak finishes and choppy layout are weighing on the couple; they need help revamping their home to make it a space with positive energy and flow.
S6, EP11 "Our Best Friends' Reno"Drew and Jonathan's best friends from college bought a home with ample potential, but the 1970s style desperately needs an update; the brothers swoop in to transform the main floor and give their friends a gorgeous space to finally call their own.
S6, EP10 "Keeping It in the Family"A woman inherits a home that's been in her family for generations, and soon she will pass it on to her son; Drew and Jonathan balance the family's design styles to rework the layout and crumbling kitchen so this legacy home will be built to last.
S6, EP9 "'90s Builder Upgrade"A couple buy their builder-grade home while expecting their first child; now that they're a family of four, the uneven floors and cramped deck are an issue; Drew and Jonathan manage conflicting design ideas to give this home a much-needed overhaul.
S6, EP8 "Out of the Time Warp"A family has decades' worth of memories in their home, but the '80s finishes and uneven floor levels have them desperately ready for a change; Drew and Jonathan transform the kitchen and living spaces to breathe new life into their forever home.
S6, EP7 "The Final Move"Drew and Jonathan update the awkward floor plan of a single-story house with some 1970s quirks for two high school sweethearts who have moved 14 times in 15 years, and are ready to make their forever home dreams a reality.
S6, EP6 "Do a Little Dance"Drew and Jonathan aim to create a modern, spacious home from a choppy layout that is no longer functional for four adults living under one roof.
S6, EP5 "Vintage Meets Modern"A family thinks their 1960s house is a vintage treasure that's full of charm, but its impractical layout and frustrating kitchen are showing their age; Drew and Jonathan blend traditional and modern elements to turn this property into a cozy home.
S6, EP4 "Perfect Score Reno"An active family loves having room for sports in their backyard, but the low ceilings and an awkward layout inside keep the home from being perfect; Drew and Jonathan plan a modern renovation to turn this dated property into an ideal home.
S6, EP3 "A Sturdy and Safe Forever Home"A couple are attached to their charming and one-of-a-kind 1940s home, but they could do without its more mysterious and dysfunctional quirks.
S6, EP2 "Building on the Memories"A husband surprised his wife and daughter with a charming 1950s home, but renovation plans were put on hold when he passed away; Drew and Jonathan want to turn this forever home into a dream home so they can build on the memories they've made there.
S6, EP1 "Modern Cowboy Makeover"A former cowboy and his family love their vintage ranch house, but the awkward layout, dated yellow kitchen and unsafe fireplace need a lot of help.
S5, EP17 "Life's Major Milestones"After 15 years of memories in their cozy home, this family can't imagine living anywhere else; with only two bedrooms for five people and limited storage, Drew and Jonathan arrive to revamp the space so they can stay in the home they love.
S5, EP16 "Building on a Legacy"Kimberli and Sheldon's home has been in Sheldon's family for three generations; the home is rich with character and memories of significant life events but the dated, disjointed space is not functioning for this young family's modern needs.
S5, EP15 "Leveling Up the Renovation"A couple set down roots in a community they can't imagine leaving, but with the kids growing up, their home has become too cramped and closed off; Drew and Jonathan clear the way with a modern transformation that is more functional for this family.
S5, EP14 "Build the Love Together"Two high school sweethearts love their Los Angeles bungalow, but a hidden kitchen and dated finishes means it needs some TLC before they can settle in; Drew and Jonathan combine modern and boho styles for a cozy update to this couple's beloved home.
S5, EP13 "Making It Ours"A long-distance couple are finally coming together in Los Angeles, but his Spanish-style bungalow needs a major update; Jonathan and Drew help them ditch the bachelor decor and improve the disjointed layout for a cozy, modern home they'll both love.
S5, EP12 "Classic With a Twist"Two newlyweds bought their home from her grandparents to keep it in the family; while the home is spacious, the chopped-up layout makes entertaining a challenge; Drew and Jonathan do a complete overhaul to update the home.
S5, EP11 "From Starter to Forever"A couple thought they found a starter house in her old neighborhood, but three years and two kids later, they've decided to stay; Drew and Jonathan are tackling the dated kitchen and floors so the family can keep making memories in the home.
S5, EP10 "First Home to Forever Home"A couple searching for their first home in Los Angeles finally find their cozy cottage; while they love their home, it's very dated, so Drew and Jonathan are updating its layout and '70s mirror walls to create a paradise for them to grow into.
S5, EP9 "Beach Dream House"Tammy and Dimiter's dream came true when an LA beach house they were patiently eyeing was listed.
S5, EP8 "Room to Move"After fate brought them together, a couple fell in love with a vintage bungalow in Los Angeles; now with two kids, the home's choppy layout can't be ignored, so Drew and Jonathan step in to give this family more room to live and grow.
S5, EP7 "Go With the Flow"Florence and Humberto have loved living in their L.A. bungalow for over 20 years, but the tired home needs a facelift and the couple need help deciding how make their house work for their evolving needs.
S5, EP6 "Heart of the Family"Family means everything to this musician and her Los Angeles home is where they all come together; however, the cramped flow and uneven floors make it tough for her sister to move around, so Drew and Jonathan open things up.
S5, EP5 "The Future Looks Bright"A couple love the vintage character and features of their 1940s Los Angeles home, but its closed-off layout is no longer functional for their growing family.
S5, EP4 "A Bit of Vegas Glam"A Texas couple moves to Las Vegas to be closer to family, but the outdated kitchen and dining room don't work for themed dinner parties, so Drew and Jonathan step in to turn the house into an entertainer's dream with a dose of Vegas glam.
S5, EP2 "Do It for the Kids"A Las Vegas couple are following their dream of making a foster home; Drew and Jonathan rework the main floor to give the home a safety update and a warm vibe for future kids in years to come.
S5, EP1 "Teenager in the House"A couple moved into their Las Vegas home years ago to give their daughter room to grow, but now that she's a teenager, the house doesn't accommodate them anymore; Drew and Jonathan help this family's home grow with them.
S4, EP13 "From the Big Apple to Vegas"After having a baby, two New Yorkers decide that they want a fresh start and more space in a Las Vegas home; Drew and Jonathan transform the main floor to give them their dream bar and kitchen for entertaining and a place for their child to play.
S4, EP12 "Reaching New Heights"Two very tall travel enthusiasts fall in love with a house in the Las Vegas suburbs, and they need help making it the right fit.
S4, EP10 "A Musical Forever Home"As their four kids are becoming teenagers, Holly and Cory realize that their family's needs are changing and their house needs to change with them.
S4, EP8 "Bringing the Dream to Life"A former Air Force nurse moved her four kids to the suburbs years ago, but with just her youngest living at home, she's ready to make some updates with a fresh design that the whole family will love.
S4, EP7 "A Fresh Start"A mother of two who is a veteran and a cancer survivor purchases a home that is far from perfect; Drew and Jonathan help overhaul the space to transform the house into a balanced sanctuary.
S4, EP6 "Forever Home for the Holidays"A family of six has to have special accommodations for a son's accessibility needs, while wanting to have enough space to host large family holiday parties; Drew and Jonathan give the family the best Christmas yet.
S4, EP5 "Honoring Lola"A family in Las Vegas takes time to heal after a recent loss; now it's time star over and renovate multiple rooms.
S4, EP4 "Buying Mom and Dad's House"High school sweethearts Mike and Ashley buy Ashley's childhood home with dreams of raising their own family there one day, and now they want to put their own touches on the familiar abode.
S4, EP3 "Home Run Reno"The indoor play of an athletic family's sons has left their walls full of scuffs and the floors in need of repair; Drew and Jonathan overhaul the main level to create a functional house and space to hang out.
S4, EP1 "So Much Love to Give"A couple have adopted four children and now their home isn't functional for a family of six; Drew and Jonathan overhaul the home to provide room for the kids' new lives and a home that will grow with them for years to come.
S3, EP13 "When Tragedy Strikes"Chris and Charlotte just moved into their dream neighborhood and cannot wait to renovate; the main floor lacks flow, walls block sightlines and the finishes are outdated; Drew and Jonathan step in to help the young couple; a tree falls on the home.
S3, EP12 "Move-In Ready"Jackie and JR's dream of being parents comes true when they have girls, but they delay moving to a new home because it needs a complete overhaul; Drew and Jonathan rework multiple spaces to create more flow and give the family cozy transformation.
S3, EP11 "With Neighbors This Good"A couple that lived abroad returned home seven years ago to raise their kids in the perfect neighborhood; the kids get older and the house gets cramped; Drew and Jonathan transform the entire main floor into a light and functional space.
S3, EP10 "New Family, New Floor Plan"A couple's home stopped functioning overnight when they adopted his brother's kids after his passing; Drew and Jonathan overhaul the entire main floor and back deck to organize the spaces and make the home work for their newly expanded family.
S3, EP9 "Family Heirloom Home"A woman is thrilled to raise her kids in the home she grew up in, but a house that used to work for three no longer functions for their family of five; Drew and Jonathan rework the spaces to create a modern home that blends the old with the new.
S3, EP8 "Old Neighborhood, New House"A couple buy a home in the neighborhood where one of the two grew up and feel it has tons of potential; Drew and Jonathan blend their traditional and modern tastes and give them bright and airy room transformations.
S3, EP7 "Healthy Ever After"After good neighbors helped them through a recent health scare, a couple do not want to leave their home, but they need more storage, flow and functionality; Drew and Jonathan transform the living room and kitchen, making a master retreat.
S3, EP6 "A Home Fit for Superheroes"A comics-loving couple know their new home needs a super makeover, so they're living in the basement and haven't unpacked or bought furniture; Jonathan and Drew give several spaces a modern-yet-traditional transformation and help furnish the home.
S3, EP5 "The New Hub of the Neighborhood"After putting projects on hold to raise their family, a couple need help tackling half-finished projects; Drew and Jonathan overhaul several rooms to give the family a bright and cozy transformation they can share with friends and neighbors.
S3, EP4 "A Forever Home for Avery"A home's cramped, closed-off layout no longer functions for a young, growing family; with the help of the couple's spunky 6-year-old daughter, Drew and Jonathan step in to create a fresh, bright space.
S3, EP3 "Out of the Past and Into the Future"A couple loves their 1950s home, but its dated layout prevents everyone from gathering in the same place; Drew and Jonathan revamp their floor plan and create a main living room, dining room and kitchen where the family can make memories.
S3, EP2 "Forty-Year Home"A couple realize their closed-off layout and underutilized space don't work for their growing family; they call on Drew and Jonathan to transform the main floor and balance their modern aesthetic with child-friendly function.
S3, EP1 "From Chaos to Calm"A couple buy a new home that is perfect for their growing family but, seven years later, the needed updates are still unfinished; they call on Drew and Jonathan to finish what's been started, rework the main floor and restore calm to the house.
S2, EP13 "Change the House, Not the School"After welcoming their third child, a couple struggles with the lack of space in their home; Jonathan and Drew rework the entire house so the family can stay in the home they love and the school district their eldest son needs.
S2, EP12 "New Lease on Life"A single mom that beat cancer wants to transform her closed-off home into an open space for her and her family; Drew and Jonathan reconfigure her main floor to allow better flow and design a kitchen around her entire family.
S2, EP11 "Come on Over"A family loves their home and wouldn't dream of leaving their tight-knit community, but the house feels smaller as the kids get older; Jonathan and Drew rework their main floor so they can entertain and watch the kids become teens.
S2, EP10 "Everyone's Welcome"A couple's home was the entertainment hub for friends, but the addition of their daughter makes it feel like a kid's play palace, so Drew and Jonathan redo the area to make a space that's perfect for entertaining and raising a family.
S2, EP9 "New Lives, New Home"A couple that took a step back from busy careers to focus on their kids dream of a layout that works for their family; Drew and Jonathan open up their floor plan to create a kitchen and living room that match the family's needs.
S2, EP8 "A Forever Home for Two"A couple looked at over 50 houses before finding the one, and they want to maximize every square inch to make it their forever home; Drew and Jonathan tackle the main floor and deck to give them their dream home, inside and out.
S2, EP7 "Hand-Me-Down Forever Home"A couple bought her childhood home and the outdated layout and decor aren't working for their family; Drew and Jonathan rework the dining room, kitchen and living room, and take on a special project for their twins.
S2, EP6 "Rescued Into a Forever Home"After having two kids, the major overhaul needed to create a couple's forever home hasn't happened; they call on Drew and Jonathan to make their spaces function for their needs before they adopt a second rescue puppy.
S2, EP5 "Hammer, Hammer, Pedal, Pedal"A family's entire life revolves around cycling, but their house doesn't support their active lifestyle; Drew and Jonathan take on the challenge of transforming the house into a forever home that works both on and off a bicycle.
S2, EP4 "Miracle House to Forever Home"A couple buys a small, two-bedroom home before unexpectedly having children; Drew and Jonathan rethink their cramped layout so this miracle family can stay in the home they love.
S2, EP3 "Starter House to Dream Home"Over the years, a couple's home has become the family hub for holidays and celebrations, but the closed-off layout cramps their entertaining and everyday style.
S2, EP2 "Marrying the Old and the New"A couple's vintage home has lost some of its charm after nine years of living there with their twin sons; Drew and Jonathan overhaul the entry, living room, dining room, and kitchen, creating a family home to love for years.
S2, EP1 "Forever Home Family Tradition"A couple calls on Drew and Jonathan to overhaul their home's cramped kitchen and awkward layout to make their home better suited for their busy lifestyle.
S1, EP14 "Changing It Up for Teenagers"A single mother's house lacks space for teenage hangouts and family baking sessions; Jonathan and Drew tackle multiple rooms to give the trio a home where all of their family and friends can hang out in comfort and style.
S1, EP13 "Family Home Refresh"Jonathan and Drew overhaul a couple's home which they bought when they were newlyweds; they update the dated kitchen and give the home a more modern feel.
S1, EP12 "House Proud"Jonathan and Drew update the kitchen, living room, dining area and basement in a worn-out house for a couple with two young daughters.
S1, EP11 "Raise the Kids, Ignore the House"Vanessa and Michael purchased a house in the same area she grew up, but while Vanessa and Michael put their all into raising their family, they neglected to give their home the love it needed.
S1, EP10 "Four Generations and Counting"A couple with two daughters is tired of their home's cramped layout that isn't functional for their modern family; Jonathan and Drew transform the house while preserving its history to ensure it works for generations to come.
S1, EP9 "Keep the Charm, Not the Layout"Kate and Gavin moved into their Vegas home as newlyweds and have since welcomed two kids and now Kate's Mom, Maryanne, into the home and the vintage character is part of the charm, but the older layout doesn't work for their modern family.
S1, EP8 "Big House, Awkward Layout"A home's awkward main floor layout leaves a large family seeking the help of the brothers to find them a new house in Las Vegas.
S1, EP7 "JD and Annalee"Jonathan and Drew take on a full-scale renovation to convert their brother's bachelor pad into a forever home for him and his bride-to-be.
S1, EP6 "Las Vegas Classic"Jonathan and Drew tackle a couple's kitchen, office, mudroom and master bathroom to give their classic-yet-outdated home a much-needed upgrade.
S1, EP5 "Suburban Vegas Upgrade"Though a couple fell in love with their suburban Las Vegas home 13 years ago, raising sons has taken its toll and it's now tired and severely outdated; the brothers come up with a plan that leaves them with a home that's ready for the next chapter.
S1, EP4 "Family Friends"Drew and Jonathan's friends, Brian and Meghan, bought a spacious Las Vegas home over 13 years ago; the awkward layout and dated builder-basic spaces are standing in their way of true enjoyment, so the brothers work to give them their dream space.
S1, EP3 "Fostering an Upgrade"Jonathan and Drew upgrade a super-sized family's home to give them a modern space the next generation can enjoy.
S1, EP1 "Food and Family"Newlyweds Nora and Diego live with Diego's parents and grandmother in their single-level home in Richmond, Va.; the brothers help them expand a single-level home so they can better enjoy family time, before freshening up the house's curb appeal.
Jonathan and Drew Scott from the Emmy-nominated series "Property Brothers" are on a mission to turn average things into the things of dreams. The Scott brothers help families overhaul their hidden gems by unlocking each home's full potential. They seek out couples who are already settled and who want to completely remodel their homes to fit their families' needs, wishes and dreams. The brothers take the couples on a tour of newly renovated homes to find out what they love and the things that they can't live without. With all of this in mind, they use 3D graphics to bring each family's design dreams to life -- within budget of course.
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