Bering Sea Gold

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Bering Sea GoldThe gold rush in Alaska isn't confined to the state's precious ground. It's taking place on the sea ... or more accurately, on the bottom of the frigid Bering Sea. This series, from the creators of the Emmy-winning "Deadliest Catch," follows four gold dredges and their eccentric and driven crews who risk their lives to find as much gold as possible before winter sets in and it's too dangerous to dive. The custom-built rigs, some barely seaworthy, include an 80-foot barge run by the most successful gold dredger in Nome, Alaska, and a modified skiff that seats only two people.
S17, EP11 "Fortune's Fools"In the critical final days, Kris stays laser-focused on his mission while brother Andy struggles aboard the All-In; Shawn chases a disappearing hot spot; Vernon returns to deep and dangerous waters.
S17, EP12 "Endgame"In the fleet's last push for gold, Reaper Nation fights to mine until the cold, bitter end; Shawn reaches for gold in deeper waters; Emily must depend on her last remaining diver; Chris and Zeke debate whether to mine in murky conditions.
S17, EP10 "A Murky Future"Shawn hunts for a new spot as the fleet tries to pick up the pieces after the devastating storm; Chris faces horrible visibility issues underwater; Team Emily manages to get back on the gold, and Reaper Nation tries to salvage their season.
S17, EP9 "Apocalypse Nome"As the miners try to secure their operations, a catastrophic storm rips through Nome, devastating the community and leaving it forever changed.
S17, EP8 "No Sleep Till Landfall"As the countdown to the storm of the century begins, the fleet races to mine; Reaper Nation hits deeper waters while Shawn, Emily, Vernon and Chris all fight large swells to get gold until the bitter end.
S17, EP7 "Out of Their Depths"A potential disaster plagues the Kellys, prompting a bail-out from Chris McCully; Shawn and Vernon try their luck in deeper waters; Team Emily strives for a double dive.
S17, EP6 "Drawing Bloodlines"Shawn's negotiations with his father for the inland mine implode; Emily deploys her new diver while Vernon searches for one of his own; Chris dives solo again; Reaper Nation's new dredge might help them compete with Mr. Gold.
S17, EP5 "Born a Gamblin' Man"Facing dangerous conditions, the entire fleet rolls the dice to save their season; Mr. Gold gambles on shallow ground; Chris risks it all on another solo dive as Zeke doubles down; Kris tries to power through a crisis.
S17, EP4 "Sea-ing Red"Pressure mounts as a Nome-wide diver shortage forces Chris McCully into a dangerous solo dive and Emily's crew into river dredging; the Kellys fight over the lack of progress on their newest dredge, the All-In.
S17, EP3 "Gone With the Wind"The fleet scrambles to get mining before an approaching storm; mechanical difficulties plague Mr. Gold and Kris Kelly; Chris McCully has a close call while diving; Vernon attempts to get back in the gold game.
S17, EP2 "New Recruits"Chris McCully embarks on a three-person, 15-hour diving marathon while Kris Kelly panics when the Mistress takes on water; Vernon and Emily both try new, unconventional divers; Mr. Gold successfully returns to work on the Myrtle Irene.
S17, EP1 "Captains of Industry"As a new Industrial Revolution sweeps Nome, the miners elevate their operations; a cracked spud may mean disaster for Shawn; Kris Kelly struggles with faulty equipment; Chris McCully has a blockbuster start, while Vernon buys an unorthodox dredge.
S16, EP10 "The Last Duel"Mr. Gold and Chris McCully battle it out for the top spot on the gold board; the Kellys are at risk of ending the season with no gold; after some dangerous dives, Jane, Vernon and Zeke's crews each make a push to finish the season with a bang.
S16, EP9 "Big Dig Energy"The Kellys quarrel while trying to make their gold-sucking Crawler work; some anatomical-looking worms in the sea may lead Shawn to gold; Vernon's best laid plans falter as he deals with health issues; Jane receives news of the birth of Emily's baby.
S16, EP8 "Jane's Affliction"Jane clashes with Emily's crew over being disrespected; equipment failures cause delays for Chris and Shawn; Kris is thrilled to find his Crawler in action; pressure ridges cause one close call too many for Zeke and his crew.
S16, EP7 "The Wolf of Wall Streak"Chris McCully and crew hit a paystreak so lucrative they call it Wall Street; Shawn strikes gold at 40 feet under the ice; Kris and Andy argue over their new underwater gold-getting toy; Vernon's diver faces a possible disaster.
S16, EP6 "Crawl to Redemption"The Kellys unveil their secret gold mining weapon; Chris McCully's hot paystreak continues; a scary close call forces Zeke to adjust strategy; Jane butts heads with her crew as tensions boil over; Shawn discovers a hidden treasure.
S16, EP5 "A Nightmare on Nome Street"Chris finds himself stranded on the ice; Shawn hits a mysterious dry spell; the Kellys' brand-new Crawler awakens but encounters electrical problems; a tangled tether spells bad news for Zeke and the boys; Vernon finds two divers are better than one.
S16, EP4 "Ice Mission: Impossible"Shawn and Zeke each risk dangerous ice missions in hopes of big paystreaks; Kris' gold mining miracle has arrived but requires some assembly; Jane does her best with an absent Emily and a diver who can't swim.
S16, EP3 "New Kid on the Ice Block"Chris McCully continues to pose a serious threat to Mr. Gold; Vernon and crew are plagued by mishaps; the Kellys wait for a game-changing piece of gold mining equipment to arrive; Shawn competes in Nome's biggest snowmobile race.
S16, EP2 "Evolve or Die"Innovative mining strategies pay off for Chris and Shawn; a crew screwup leaves Kris once again behind in the gold count; a shocking discovery reveals why Emily's crew hasn't been seeing any gold in the box.
S16, EP1 "Goldfellas"Young mining gangster Chris McCully challenges Mr. Gold's dominance; wise guys Kris and Andy prospect; Don Vernon faces health issues; made man Zeke creates a palace on the ice; a pregnant Emily leaves Jane in charge of the operation.
S15, EP12 "Last Miner Standing"A key crew member abandons Kris as he tries to hold onto the Mistress; Shawn fights to retain his crown as the Gold King of Nome; Zeke and crew have a bro-down on the Havilah; Emily and Vernon's crews vie for a strong, lucrative finish to the season.
S15, EP11 "There Will Be Blood"A shocking injury jeopardizes Kris Kelly's gold goal for the season; Mr. Gold gambles on northern winds and low tides to provide a huge paystreak; Zeke cleans up on the Havilah; Emily and Vernon rally their crews to end the gold summer strong.
S15, EP10 "The Miner's Code"Shawn and Vernon embark on a harrowing rescue mission on a stormy Bering Sea; Mistress problems force Kris into limp mode; Zeke relaunches the Havilah with a wild crew.
S15, EP9 "Diver's Ed"The Gold Ship crew strikes out on their own while Vernon is away; Shawn faces an unexpected malfunction on the Myrtle just as Dave Young comes to inspect it; Zeke and Emily hope that new divers will bring huge paystreaks; Kris returns to the Reaper.
S15, EP8 "Truce or Consequences"Shawn and Kris attempt to settle their feud for good; Vernon tussles with an annoying moocher; Jane Kilcher faces a huge challenge out on Claim 14; in the hopes of jump-starting his gold season, Zeke embarks on a marathon suction dredging campaign.
S15, EP7 "Brawl of Duty"As tempers flare, the conflict between Shawn and the Kellys becomes physical; mechanical difficulties plague the Mistress; Vernon is thrilled to have his A-Team back in action; Jane celebrates a gold-laden birthday; Emily drops a bombshell.
S15, EP6 "Golden Girls"The parallel journeys of Emily Riedel and "Alaska: The Last Frontier's" Jane Kilcher highlight their challenges and triumphs in different Alaskan locales as Emily prepares to bring Jane aboard The Eroica to take charge while Emily's gone.
S15, EP5 "No Jane, No Gain"A new arrival shakes up the gold game as Emily shows Jane Kilcher the ropes of running a dredge; Kris Kelly deals with an excavator malfunction; Hurricane Dave is horrified by Vernon's methods; digging deep pays off for Mr. Gold.
S15, EP4 "Winds of Misfortune"A series of questionable calls by Kris brings the Mistress to her breaking point; Mr. Gold takes a huge gamble by mining Cooper Gulch; Vernon acts on a prospecting tip; Emily's crew takes risky dives; Zeke's new girl is his gold luck charm on Tomcod.
S15, EP3 "Bad Blood"The long-running feud between Shawn Pomrenke and Kris Kelly illuminates the Kellys' questionable track record and the events that pushed the rival miners to the brink of war.
S15, EP2 "This Means War"Two monster dredges duke it out on the Bering Sea as a war brews between Shawn and Kris; Vernon's diver bleeds on his ascent; Emily deals with mechanical difficulties; a notorious nomad returns to team with Zeke.
S15, EP1 "The Empires Strike Back"Mining empires expand and clash in an epic battle to dominate Nome; Mr. Gold has a plan to yield 3000 ounces; the Kellys impress a new investor; Vernon builds a kingdom on Claim 56; Zeke has a deal to work Tomcod; Emily makes a surprise announcement.
S14, EP10 "Legend vs. Underdog"Top contenders Shawn and Vernon battle it out for their final haul in the face of a storm ready to knock them off the ice; Zeke risks one last move; Kris hopes to pull enough to set up his summer.
S14, EP9 "Mining on a Prayer"Kris must move fast in the face of a life-threatening incident; Vernon pushes a diver for a personal record; Shawn deals with a crack in the ice.
S14, EP8 "Yo Brother, Where Art Thou?"With Kris away on father duty, Andy must bring in the gold as captain of the Reaper; Vernon tries to maximize his returns by minimizing his moves.
S14, EP7 "Texas Cold 'Em"Vernon races against weakening ice on Claim 56; Kris preps his operation for his upcoming absence; Shawn turns to an unusual method to track down a tricky paystreak; Zeke makes an eleventh hour move to Tomcod.
S14, EP6 "Hustle and Overflow"Shawn is driven to desperate measures to solve his water overflow problems.
S14, EP5 "Bust a Move"While the Captains rethink their mining locations, Vernon's diver tries to mine without a light, Shawn follows a yellow brick road in search of the motherlode, the Kellys must find gold to pay off their debts and Zeke stretches out the hose.
S14, EP4 "Dive Till You Drop"While all the mining teams compete in marathon dives, Shawn brings new gear to stay mining longer, Vernon sends down two ace divers, Kris expects to get on the gold and Zeke hopes for zero malfunctions.
S14, EP3 "No Country for Cold Men"Shawn and Vernon hope to double down with back-to-back divers; Zeke faces an undetected flooding nightmare; the Kellys run into a hose shortage that forces them to pivot.
S14, EP2 "Snow Man's Land"As the fleet must dig out of a snowstorm and beware of another on the horizon, Vernon sets up on the promising Claim 56, the Kellys race to get their new equipment on the ice, and Shawn battles an air compressor.
S14, EP1 "Winter, Lose or Draw"In Nome, Alaska, the gold rush is on; driven by gold fever and sometimes desperate need, miners pilot their ragtag dredges and dive with hoses to suck up gold from the bottom of the frigid, unpredictable Bering Sea.
S13, EP10 "Last Call"With just 24 hours left to make or break the season,an equipment malfunction jeopardizes Shawn's operation; Kris becomes the last Kelly standing; Vernon enlists Steve to prospect for winter; Zeke searches Cape Rodney; Emily finishes strong.
S13, EP9 "Once Upon a Mine"Nome's King Shawn edges closer to his goal of ultimate domination; Knight Kris tries his hand on an excavator dredge; Queen Emily has a pump crisis that could end her season.
S13, EP8 "Dredge of Insanity"Kris attempts to save his season with a move that may be his worst idea yet; Shawn hunts for a pay-streak to solidify his position at the top; Emily prospects a claim to call her own; Vern tries out a crazy new diver; Zeke sets sail on an adventure.
S13, EP7 "The Claim Dating Game"Zeke hopes to find his perfect claim match; Shawn needs the Myrtle to save the Christine Rose; Emily is down to her last shot; Vernon's luck with divers gets worse; Kris is finally on a hot streak.
S13, EP6 "Naked and Unafraid"Shawn pulls an all-nighter with the revamped Myrtle; the Kellys' season might be saved with a little help; Emily acts quickly in a dangerous situation; Vernon hopes hiring Steve again won't be a mistake; Zeke enlists his brother to get them on gold.
S13, EP5 "Machine Gun Kellys"The Kellys face gunfire from angry locals in Elim; Shawn injures himself on the Myrtle; Emily loses her rock-solid diver; Vernon finds a secret golden spot; the Black Swan finally gets on gold.
S13, EP4 "Ship of Fools"Kris and crew face one mishap after another in Elim; Shawn pursues complete control over the inland mine; Vernon pits his divers against each other in a gold-getting competition; Steve and Emily prospect on the beach.
S13, EP3 "Papa's Got a Brand New Dredge"Shawn must get the remastered Myrtle Irene onto the water; Zeke bets on himself by helping on Vernon's claim;Emily hopes to add to her all-star squad;Kris and his sceptic crew finally head to Elim.
S13, EP2 "A Dredge Full of Dollars"Shawn strikes a deal with Dave Young that comes with a ticking clock; Zeke's new dredge, Black Swan, debuts on the Bering Sea; Kris' backup plan wildly backfires; Vernon and Emily seek out their own claims.
S13, EP1 "Goldslingers"With new claims up for grabs, old faces return to Nome's wild west as Mr. Gold launches his biggest season; Kris' Elim plan hits a hiccup; Vernon hustles to assemble his dream team; Emily searches for her own claim.
S13 "The Nome-inees Are..."In this 10th anniversary BSG awards show, the fleet competes in various categories for the coveted Nomie Award.
S12, EP22 "Winter Take All"As the miners rush to solid ground before the ice vanishes, Mr. Gold outlasts the fleet to secure TOMCOD; Kris assembles a makeshift operation; Emily rolls the dice on one last dive, and Vernon hightails it to land on dangerous ice.
S12, EP21 "No More Mr. Ice Guys"Shawn pushes himself and his equipment to the edge; Kris and the Kellys recover from the engine shack fire; Vernon pitches his operation to a big-time investor.
S12, EP20 "Up in Flames"As an arctic blizzard wreaks havoc across Nome; Kris finds gold under the ice, but fire erupts overhead; Shawn struggles to rescue his operation; Emily risks it all on a double dive; Vernon leans on a diver making her comeback.
S12, EP19 "Freezer Burn"When the temperature plummets to a season low, Shawn fights frozen ground with steam heat; Kris' hot plan to beat the cold fizzles quickly; Vernon gambles on a new spot.
S12, EP18 "Cold Man and the Sea"Shawn races to prove the viability of the TOMCOD; Kris makes amends with his crew; Brad dives for the first time in five years; Emily tries to break her ice season curse.
S12, EP17 "Total Meltdown"Suffering the icy burn of possible defeat, Kris wrecks his three-diver relay plan and abandons his crew; Shawn is forced to question TOMCOD; Emily returns home to Claim 14; Vernon gambles on the edge of the ice.
S12, EP16 "Pain in the Ice"Following the arctic storm that drove everyone to shore; Shawn embarks on a marathon dive; Kris unveils a diving relay with The Reaper's new diver, Shaunna; Emily takes another desperate shot at TOMCOD gold.
S12, EP15 "Snow Blind"The clock ticks as an impending arctic storm gathers strength; Shawn can't quit the gold; Kris gambles on another rookie miner; Emily finds gold but her equipment fails; Vernon risks everything to test Claim 16.
S12, EP14 "Frozen Chokehold"Only days into the winter mining season, a regulator freezes up and cuts off Shawn's air supply; Emily negotiates with Mr. Gold for season-saving coordinates; Vernon returns to the ice with an eye to buy Claim 16; the Kellys get on some gold.
S12, EP13 "The Ice Mine Cometh"Winter has come, along with the thinnest, most unpredictable ice in decades; after three years, Shawn returns to diving under the ice in pursuit of the Tomcod claim; Kris tries to set up and mine in one day; Emily's dependable Claim 14 shocks her.
S12, EP11 "How It All Pans Out"In the midst of the season-ending storm, Emily plays chicken with Mother Nature, but may lose her diver in the process; Ken pushes the Myrtle to its max; Elaine proves herself to Vern by calling the shots.
S12, EP10 "The Heat Is Off"As summer's end approaches, Shawn claws his way closer to the top of the gold count; Emily leaves her unpredictable father to tend to the Eroica; Kris works his new partnership in pursuit of a brighter future.
S12, EP9 "Gold Is Thicker Than Blood"Shawn confronts his dad for the sake of the family operation, to disastrous results; Emily brings her father aboard The Eroica; Vernon loses a diver and he turns to the unlikely replacement of his daughter Elaine.
S12, EP8 "The Kellys' Fireworks Extravaganza"For Independence Day, the Kellys travel back to Northern California for an explosive adventure.
S12, EP7 "Dredge Men Tell No Tales"With a massive storm about to hit, Shawn and Ken push their operations to the brink to get one last score in; Emily gambles on untested ground; Kris battles bad attitudes; one dredge pushes too far into the storm, forcing its crew to abandon ship.
S12, EP6 "Dive Hard With a Vengeance"After a storm, Ken learns the Myrtle Irene's fate; Shawn uses a new tool to hunt for new hotspots; Emily brings on a new crew member from her past; Vernon tries his luck at river mining; Kris gambles on an alliance to turn his season around.
S12, EP5 "Ready, Claim, Fire"Tensions run high as Brad leads The Reaper into hostile waters where Emily defends Claim 14 from claim jumpers; Shawn hunts an elusive pay-streak; Ken puts his risky Myrtle Irene repair to the test.
S12, EP4 "Shift Happens"As the miners look to find more valuable ground, Shawn must fight the sea's shifting tide; Ken strains his excavator arm when digging hard cobble; Kris tries his chances with a rookie diver; new diver Brian saves Vernon's day.
S12, EP3 "Sweet Child O'Mining"Shawn gets his first taste of the shifting seabed; Ken tries a new perspective to find new ground; Kris and Emily each try out greenhorn divers to boost their productivity, but the plan grinds to a halt for one of them.
S12, EP2 "Back in the Ring"As summer kicks into gear, Ken and the Myrtle Irene get stuck in the mud; the Kellys are forced to bail out at Fort Davis; Elaine tries to make up for lost time due to Vernon's late start; Shawn receives word on the fate of the Christine Rose.
S12, EP1 "Dawn of the Dredge"Summer temperatures are at an all-time high, disrupting the sea floor and causing miners to find new strategies; Shawn fights a legal battle; Ken tries to keep his gold crown, while Emily and the Kellys look to expand their operations.
S12 "The Gold, The Bad, & The Ugly"Shawn's rocky pay streak takes him for a wild ride; Vernon loses patience with his crew's performance.
S12 "Breaking the Ice"After surviving the tumultuous summer season, the miners prepare their operations for the harsh winter when temperatures plummet and the sea becomes an endless sheet of ice.
S12 "Claim of Thrones (Part 1)"Kris mines an undersea trench, but a cave-in threatens his life; Shawn follows a hunch that may save his career.
S12 "Gold Dogs, New Tricks"Shawn's legal woes could end his season before it begins; Kris receives a once-in-a-lifetime deal; Vernon upgrades the Gold Ship; Emily calls on her ace in the hole.
S11, EP9 "Friend or Foe"Crews gear up for the final push; Shawn patches up the Christine Rose; Emily shares the wealth with beloved family members; the Kellys pitch a deal to Vernon to travel east for untapped riches.
S11, EP7 "Gold Blooded"Captain Vernon begins the final leg of his epic journey transporting the Gold Ship Wild Ranger to Nome; Emily is forced to face ripping currents and an exhausted diver.
S11, EP6 "Guts & Gravel"Shawn rolls the dice on digging deeper than ever as Ken brings the heat before the winter freeze; a new dredge design for the Kellys; Emily is working non-stop.
S11, EP5 "Storm Ravaged"Stormy conditions force the miners to rethink their motivations; Shawn channels his inner MacGyver; Vern is confronted with a life-or-death decision.
S11, EP4 "The Sound of Money"Vernon and his crew are stranded in the Yukon; Shawn's son is his good luck charm; Ken suffers a mechanical setback; rookie dives underwater for Emily.
S11, EP3 "Clash of the Titans"Shawn's crew forages ahead to reach the 1,000-ounce goal; the Kellys face blistering winds and monster currents as they move The Reaper into the sea.
S11, EP2 "Unleash the Beast"Shawn's rival Ken unleashes his 600-ton gold gobbler while Shawn fights to keep a family dynasty; Vernon makes a valiant return in an attempt to strike it rich with a new dredge; Emily fights to reclaims her hotspot.
S11, EP1 "Double Down"The summer gold mining season kicks off in Nome, Alaska; the Kellys attempt to repeat the success of last season; Kris leads his team with a new drive and inspiration.
S11 "Battle Plan"Everyone is desperate to find as much as possible in the waning days of a grueling summer mining season; Shawn's installation is threatened by treacherous winds.
S11 "Ready, Set, Gold"As Nome bustles with gold miners, Vern returns with a grand mission; Shawn works on his mega-dredge; Ken reinforces with more than $500,000 in upgrades; Emily and the Kellys look to improve on their best seasons yet.
S11 "Pay the Piper"Mining the Bering Sea's golden depths takes nearly super-human mental and physical stamina; the miners provide new insights on the season; Nome's two titans come face to face to settle the score on the richest season ever.
S11 "Missing in Action"Ken and Shawn halt their operations to help in the search and rescue of a missing miner; Vern goes full bore on the Bering Sea.
S10, EP12 "Bigger & Badder"In a shocking confrontation, Nome's top two miners Shawn and Ken come face to face after a season of squaring off, having revolutionized mining with bigger, badder, gold-grabbing machines; secrets are revealed through never-before-seen footage.
S10, EP11 "King of Nome"Desperate to be the gold king of Nome, Ala., Shawn risks the Christine Rose in dangerous waters; Ken struggles to free the Myrtle from the harbor; Emily fights a fouled airline; Kris attempts one more dive at the Bluff.
S10, EP10 "Innovate & Overcome"In a race against winter, Shawn extends his sluice to get more gold; Ken pushes the Myrtle 24 hours a day; Emily tangles with the tide; Kris battles a bed of quartz; George enjoys a season-ending dive with his son.
S10, EP9 "Closing the Gap"Winter winds force the captains to reevaluate risk and reward; Shawn's mega-barge extraction takes a turn for the worse; Ken pushes the Myrtle to the limit on a five-day run; Emily sends her divers deeper; Kris invents a new form of prospecting.
S10, EP8 "Every Ounce Counts"Shawn works overtime to cover for his exhausted crew; Kris is blind-sided by the loss of his lead diver; Emily jumps in to prevent a fuel spill; Ken and George collaborate to find Myrtle a mother lode.
S10, EP7 "Second Wind"The Bering Sea battle heats up as Shawn bets big on a new discovery he hopes will keep him ahead of Ken's massive dredge; the Kellys are forced to find new ground; Emily nearly boils a diver alive.
S10, EP6 "Miners on the Storm"A violent midsummer storm forces the fleet off the mining grounds; Shawn, Ken, Emily, and Kris race to repair and improve their dredges for an end-of-season attack while reliving some of their most dangerous and triumphant moments on the Bering Sea.
S10, EP5 "Storm Surge"The approach of a violent storm pits safety against the drive to succeed; Ken rushes to free the Myrtle before it's destroyed; Kris risks being stranded; Shawn mines until the Bering Sea rips up his dredge; Emily attempts to appease nature.
S10, EP4 "Over the Line"In the Bluff's lawless waters, Shawn and Kris wield brute strength and make verbal threats while standing their ground against the competition; in Nome, Alaska, Emily and George gamble on new strategies and resources.
S10, EP3 "Wild Wild West"Shawn and Kris battle encroaching miners; Ken's beastly Myrtle Irene continues to invade and operating costs soar; Emily expands her operation, but an air malfunction threatens her season.
S10, EP2 "Crash Course"Dangers rise with the tide; Shawn has a mishap underwater; Emily faces a possible collision; George prospects for brother Dave; Ken Kerr and the Kellys take home a chunk of gold.
S10, EP1 "Enter a Titan"Newcomer Ken Kerr and the 600-ton beast Myrtle Irene threaten Shawn's plan to build his megadredge; the elements jeopardize Emily's plan to dive deeper; Kris heads to The Bluff with a new dredge, but faces complications.
S9, EP8 "Last Man Diving"Shawn races to the Bluff with only a day left in the season; Kris is on the best gold of his life, but his shoddy equipment keeps breaking down; Zeke is desperate to salvage the season but can't find a paystreak.
S9, EP7 "Fight and Flight"Shawn tries to convince potential investors that his Megadredge vision is solid; Kris' frustration frays Andy's nerves; Zeke unleashes a secret weapon, but faces an unexpected challenge; Emily tries to pull her crew together to avoid an end.
S9, EP6 "Never Say Die"Shawn must fix his landlocked barge, but faulty controls threaten the Megadredge dream; Brad threatens to split the family before Kris can rally back to the Bluff; Emily gambles on a fast payoff.
S9, EP5 "Cracked"Kris' scheme to make a million on Shawn's Bluff find is sabotaged when Mr. Gold plots with a turncoat Kelly diver; Zeke may have found his mining future.
S9, EP4 "Three's Company"Shawn searches for a paystreak boulder to fund the Megadredge; Kris' dream of a 24-hour operation starts with a night crew; if Emily's last shot fails, she has to think bigger.
S9, EP3 "Tunnel Vision"Shawn gambles on a risky move; Kris suffers a life-threatening air line freeze up and makes a decision about his brother; Zeke attempts the most dangerous dive of his life through twenty feet of ice.
S9, EP1 "Big Cold Gold"Shawn's million dollar Bluff claim is denied, leaving the grounds open to anyone; Kris Kelly drags his family across 70 miles of frozen tundra to what he hopes will be their biggest season yet.
S9 "Gold Getters"Shawn bets it all on Bluff; Zeke and Emily explore Sledge Island; Kris fights for his family's reputation; never before seen footage and interviews.
S9 "Gold Nuggets"Shawn must shore up his finances before idle equipment costs him everything; Kris has to get to and from the Bluff alive; Emily craves mining success but can't find her role; Zeke needs to turn a profit.
S8, EP10 "No Place Like Nome"The Pomrenkes battle land and sea to vie for new gold-rich mining ground; Zeke and Emily risk life and careers in a dangerous boating maneuver; Kris has one last chance to prove his mining skill if he wants to stay in Nome.
S8, EP9 "Murky Waters"An injured Shawn depends on his crew to salvage the empire; Zeke and Emily land on a career-saving spot but toxic fumes threaten more than their season; George faces a final dive to determine his fate.
S8, EP8 "Penny Dreadful"Emily saves Zeke from a generator fire; Kris strikes a bargain with the last willing claim owner in Nome; George loses his ace diver and brings his son, Landen, up to dredge in the dangerous Bering Sea.
S8, EP7 "Down & Out"A back injury hobbles Shawn; Kris puts the Kellys on gold, but the claim owner has second thoughts; George is in a tight spot when getting gold means defying his brother.
S8, EP6 "Reaper Madness"Anxious to reverse his fortunes, Zeke undertakes a perilous solo dive; the Kellys risk a 13-mile trip in their rinky-dink dredge; George grows desperate to prove is capability as a diver before his brother leaves Nome, Alaska.
S8, EP5 "Fickle Fortune"Halfway through the season, Shawn Pomrenke needs massive gold at the Bluff; after the debacle at Sledge Island, Zeke and Emily reach a breaking point; buried in debt, Nome newcomer George Young remains optimistic.
S8, EP4 "Proving Day"Shawn's obsession with the bluff reaches a breaking point; Zeke and Emily have enough fuel for one more trip to Sledge Island; Nome, Alaska, newcomer George Young seeks his fortune on the Bering Sea floor.
S8, EP3 "Hail Mary"Desperate to find new gold, Shawn pushes himself and his equipment to the limit; at Sledge Island, the deeper water triggers dangerous side effects for Zeke; the Kelly's go upriver for a shot at redemption.
S8, EP2 "Cruel Summer"The miners of Nome continue their far-flung explorations in search of new gold; Zeke and Emily head to Sledge Island; Shawn continues his dreams of gold at the Bluff; the Kellys' reputation may sink them before the season starts.
S8, EP1 "Uncharted Waters"Gold in Nome, Alaska, dries up, pushing miners to extreme new locations; Zeke heads miles offshore to Sledge Island while Shawn seeks to build his empire with a new claim at the Bluff.
S8 "Luck of the Irish"Brad, Kris and Andy Kelly come to Nome to make an easy fortune, but things aren't quite working out; after years of conflict, they hope to go from rags to riches.
S7, EP7 "Hello Heartache, Goodbye Nome"Miners push themselves to the brink, forgoing sleep, safety and sanity to dredge as much gold as possible before the end of the season; Shawn Pomrenke's master plan is about to pay out.
S7, EP6 "Lady Luck"Desperation and opportunity grip Nome; Emily Riedel must confront her deepest fear if the Clark is to succeed; Shawn Pomrenke discovers the land sale of a lifetime.
S7, EP5 "Backseat Diver"The window to mine gold is closing; Zeke's experiment with a double length hose puts his brother in danger; the High Noon's water heater suffers a lethal malfunction; tempers boil at the Wild Ranger.
S7, EP4 "Double Jeopardy"Desperation kicks in as teams take on big risks, bringing in experimental equipment and infamous ex-employees in their quest to double production.
S7, EP3 "The Plague"A flu hits the dredgers, threatening to knock every operation out of the race; a mistake by Steve Pomrenke could thwart the family's dreams of an empire.
S7, EP2 "Fear the Reaper"Emily must step up to save the season when Zeke's custom sluice malfunctions; the Kelly clan moves in too close to Vernon's claim; Mr. Gold races to plug a hole that threatens to devastate his empire.
S7, EP1 "Virgin Ground"A gold rush begins when Shawn Pomrenke offers the fleet access to his virgin claim, rumored to contain millions of dollars in gold.
S6, EP10 "Jackpot"A showdown at the High Noon as Shawn returns to Nome early and finds Derek on his spot; final gold haul tallies reveal whether Steve's inland dream was worth the work.
S6, EP9 "All In"Shawn finally takes the Christine Rose down to the Bluff; Vernon may lose his large investment if he doesn't hit it big; Zeke and Emily find common ground.
S6, EP8 "Turf War"Shawn Pomrenke prepares to head to the Bluff; Derek McLarty attempts to trick a distracted Mr. Gold; the first cleanup of the inland mining operation proves whether Steve Pomrenke is right or wrong.
S6, EP7 "Teamwork"A blowup at the inland mining site causes tension between the Pomrenkes that puts their operation at risk; Derek must call for help after a mistake puts himself and the dredge in danger.
S6, EP6 "Breaking Point"A lack of gold puts everyone on edge; Shawn's father fails to keep his word; Emily's season may end; Vern and Derek risk everything.
S6, EP5 "Rock Bottom"The midpoint of the season approaches, pressuring the Nome dredging fleet; Shawn hopes for an unlikely partnership with Zeke.
S6, EP4 "Father's Day"Father's Day has a unique meaning in the family business of mining; Shawn seeks to give a golden gift to his dad while also giving his son a dive lesson.
S6, EP3 "Golden Dreams"Shawn must deal with a setback on the Christine Rose before heading to the Bluff; Derek discovers the effects of the worst dredge in Alaska; Vernon plans to steal a boat.
S6, EP2 "Pressure"Every dredge must adjust to new situations to stay on the gold; Shawn brings in family to help him reach his goal; the Kellys familiarize themselves with their new claims.
S6, EP1 "The Gamble"With the mining grounds picked clean, the fleet relies on new tech, claims and opportunities; Shawn must deal with his father; Brad tries to bring his family back together.
S6 "The Gold Bar"Steve and Shawn Pomrenke, the Kellys, Zeke Tenhoff and Emily Riedel, Derek McLarty and Vernon Adkison gather at the Gold Dust Saloon to air their grievances and share their memories following the end of the 2015 summer mining season.
S6 "Digging Deep"A recap of the struggles and triumphs of the family, including Zeke and Emily's forbidden love, Vernon's crew issues and the "Fightin' Kelys."
S5, EP6 "The Deadline"Only one day remains of the 2015 ice mining season; the miners are determined to prove the risks have been worth it.
S5, EP5 "The Blizzard"With less than a week left of mining season, crews battle the clock; a massive storm descends on Nome.
S5, EP4 "Baggage"Each operation pulls out all the stops for payoffs; teams must contend with their pasts before they can land future wishes.
S5, EP3 "The Quest"Near the middle of the season, all dredges must hustle to stay on the gold; small miscalculations lead to large problems.
S5, EP2 "Girl Drama"Every minute counts in a shortened ice mining season; equipment problems cause setbacks and time under the water.
S5, EP1 "Countdown to Gold"Strict deadlines force the fleet to take extreme measures; Vern gambles on a state-of-the-art dredge; Shawn searches for the next hotspot; Emily unleashes a team of all-female divers.
S4, EP10 "Payback"The season comes to a halt as the dredges rush out for a final push; families reunite; revenge is served cold.
S4, EP9 "The Battle for Tomcod"Crews rush to clean out the Tomcod claim, initiating a gold war; Emily and her new diver face a battle.
S4, EP8 "Smoke 'Em Out"The fleet works toward their season goals; captains look for last-minute hires to hunt for gold before the summer ends.
S4, EP7 "I Quit!"Two family teams part ways; Emily struggles to discipline the divers and it backfires; Kris buys a piece of a dredge.
S4, EP6 "Brokedown City"Rough conditions take their toll on men and machines; a breakdown strands the Au Grabber at sea, while one of Emily's divers realizes he's too broke to continue dredging.
S4, EP5 "Daddy Driving a Caddy"The "best" dredger in Nome decides to quit the fleet; Brad Kelly welcomes a baby girl to the family.
S4, EP4 "No Man Left Behind"The miners begin to turn on each other when faced with the pressure of getting gold; Steve's mining plan may break up the family business.
S4, EP3 "Namby-Pamby Mugwumps"Everyone feels the pressure of the summer mining season; a mishap and personnel problems plague the fleet.
S4, EP2 "Escape Goat"A storm closes in on Nome; tensions rise; dredgers battle rough waters for gold; the Pomrenkes disagree about Steve's dream.
S4, EP1 "Good Morning, Viet-Nome"The captains race to reclaim the gold that the melting ice forced them to leave behind; a miner develops a dastardly plan; a father and son relationship becomes explosive.
S3, EP11 "The Final Showdown"The crews head out one last time; Hank makes a bet with Shawn; Zeke returns to the water; the Kellys return.
S3, EP10 "The Rescue & the Repo"Increasingly bad weather drives the dredges away; the Kellys quit; Steve suffers a loss; Hank and Shawn make a wager.
S3, EP9 "Mr. Gold and the New Kid"The megadredges race to reach a claim site; Emily heads out with her poached crew; the Kellys are accused of claim-jumping; Glen's engineering genius pays off.
S3, EP8 "Money Money Money"Shawn proves himself to be "Mr. Gold"; Vernon and Emily's apologies do not sway their crews; Zeke has a new way to get rich; a friendship ends.
S3, EP7 "Backhoe Wars"Hank dredges during a storm; Shawn races to bring his dredge home; Emily and Glen head inland; Kris nearly drowns.
S3, EP6 "10 Pounds of Gold"The Pomrenkes hit pay dirt; Scott asks Hank for his old job; Kris must keep the peace with Glen.
S3, EP5 "Who's the Captain?!"Tempers flare; captains question the loyalty of their crews; Shawn threatens to quit the business; Kris and Steve R. fight; Emily takes Shem to the emergency room; Hank's patience is at its limit.
S3, EP4 "Let the Games Begin"A visit from the Coast Guard does not go well; Hank's megadredge is close to claim-jumping.
S3, EP3 "Burn It Down"The Pomrenkes ask Hank for help getting their barge operating; Zeke wants Emily to pay up; the Kellys contend with claim jumpers.
S3, EP2 "Off the Deep End"The Pomrenkes must call for help when rough seas break the Christine Rose; Emily's crew has to teach her how to dredge; Zeke discusses his night in jail.
S3, EP1 "Fire and Icebergs"Summer dredging season begins; the Pomrenkes face competition; Emily's first day as captain; Zeke has a run-in with the law; Steve is stranded on an iceberg.
S2, EP12 "The American Dream"Hoping for one last shot at gold, the dredgers break through Nome's frozen harbor; Zeke blames himself for John Bunce's death.
S2, EP11 "And No More Shall We Part"Zeke, Emily and Steve mourn their friend John; Scott returns from rehab; Vernon hires a new diver to replace Steve.
S2, EP10 "Gold Stress"Weather drives all but the most desperate and stubborn back to port.
S2, EP9 "Don't Tell Me to Chillax!"Steve Riedel tries to save his job; Shawn Pomrenke heads to prison; Nome gathers to crown the fastest gold panner in town.
S2, EP8 "Go Big or Go Home"Vernon hires the Anger Management crew; Emily's joke to Zeke sets him off; the Pomrenkes train their third generation dredger.
S2, EP7 "Dirtville"With the end of the season approaching, every miner's back is against the wall; debts are mounting and feuds are escalating.
S2, EP6 "No Snivelin'"The fleet reaches the season's halfway mark; toxic fumes hamper the The Edge; The Wild Ranger enters a turf war; the law confronts The Pmrenkes.
S2, EP5 "Greedy People"As the weather sours, crew members drop like flies; Scott goes out without a crew and hits a honey hole; Zeke gets too close to a neighbor's lease.
S2, EP4 "Gold Gettin' Hound Dog"Big swells and tempers take over the high seas with inexperience and equipment failures causing temper tantrums.
S2, EP3 "Nice Guys Finish Last"Summer storms keep the miners off the water; Zeke proves he wasn't claim jumping.
S2, EP2 "Dead Men Gather No Gold"Dredger John is out of the hospital and on the gold; Zeke is accused of claim jumping; Vernon finds Hurricane Dave's antics tiresome.
S2, EP1 "Point of No Return"The Pomrenkes get off to a bad start with family arguments and a $25,000 bill; Zeke and Scott have powerful new dredges.
S1, EP10 "After the Dredge 2"The crew talks about the gold gained and the relationships strained; Shawn opens up about being stabbed; Zeke drops a bombshell; Scott answers Vern's accusations.
S1, EP8 "The Bitter End"As winter sets in, the short-staffed crews make one more run before the ice blocks them in; the crews face off at an auction for next year's dredging grounds.
S1, EP7 "Bad Vibrations"The relationships between Zeke and Emily and Scott and Ian become strained; Shawn sends a crewmember packing; Scott invites Steve back.
S1, EP6 "Eureka!"The crews have a car accident; Cody is thrown overboard when a winch roller gives way; an injured but stubborn Scott dives anyway.
S1, EP5 "Captaincy"A season of unresolved grievances comes to a head; the owner of the Wild Ranger fires a crew member; Emily falls overboard.
S1, EP4 "A Viking Funeral"With the season halfway over, the dredgers search for new sweet spots; an accident threatens to end one deckhand's season.
S1, EP3 "Suction"Egos are bruised and tempers flare onboard the dredges; Emily learns the dangers of dredging on her first dive.
S1, EP2 "One Bad Deal"A tavern brawl threatens the Christine Rose's future; the Wild Ranger springs a leak.
S1, EP1 "Paydirt"The gold rush is on in Nome, Alaska; piloting dredges that attempt to harvest gold from the bottom of the frigid Bering Sea.
The gold rush in Alaska isn't confined to the state's precious ground. It's taking place on the sea ... or more accurately, on the bottom of the frigid Bering Sea. This series, from the creators of the Emmy-winning "Deadliest Catch," follows four gold dredges and their eccentric and driven crews who risk their lives to find as much gold as possible before winter sets in and it's too dangerous to dive. The custom-built rigs, some barely seaworthy, include an 80-foot barge run by the most successful gold dredger in Nome, Alaska, and a modified skiff that seats only two people.
Original Air Date: Jan 27, 2012
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TV14
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