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Paranormal Caught on CameraA panel of knowledgeable specialists in the paranormal field analyze videos from around the world, all captured by eyewitnesses, breaking down the footage. The people lucky enough to witness firsthand the strange phenomena offer their accounts. All told, it just might make a believer out of even the biggest skeptics.
S5, EP24 "Grim Reaper in Massachusetts and More"A psychic medium can't shake an unfriendly spirit in Texas; ghost hunters in Thailand taunt the dead; a Massachusetts mother gets too close for comfort to the Grim Reaper.
S6, EP13 "Mysterious Lights in Moab and More"A Bigfoot enthusiast captures evidence of the legendary cryptid's elusive cousin -- the Ohio Grassman. Mysterious glowing orbs manifest in the Utah desert. A haunted doll torments a family in Canada.
S2, EP3 "A Texas Ghost Attack Draws Blood and More"A paranormal investigator explores an abandoned hospital; a baby's innocent play beckons a powerful entity; a reptile hunter spots a snake-like object in the sky.
S2, EP4 "Insanely Haunted Hospital in Michigan and More"Ghostly patients spook a team of paranormal investigators in an abandoned asylum; a father and son spot a UFO; a poltergeist wreaks havoc in a vape shop; and a legendary cryptid (an animal never proven to exist) stalks a group of children.
S4, EP17 "A Spirit Wanders Through Kentucky and More"A security guard catches a spirit wandering around a Kentucky whiskey distillery; paranormal investigators are met with bone-chilling laughter as they hunt for a witch; a man comes dangerously close to a skunk ape in the Mississippi backwoods.
S6, EP12 "The Darkness Over Houston and More"An unknown entity continues to torment a New Jersey family; a strange specter spies on a paranormal investigator at an abandoned train station in Sweden; a woman captures a mysterious dark mass hovering in the skies above Houston.
S6, EP11 "Little Girl vs. Ghost and More"A Michigan toddler plays a spirited game of tug of war with a ghost; a paranormal enthusiast in England captures a shadow figure lurking at the foot of his bed; a massive lake monster surfaces in China.
S6, EP10 "The Departed DJ and More"A creature that tormented an Australian man's childhood is back for more; a DJ in North Carolina is still spinning sets from beyond the grave; a UFO in Islamabad remains immobile for hours.
S6, EP9 "Green Creature in Aruba Cave and More"A party store in Mexico is plagued by a malicious entity; a treasure hunt is interrupted by Bigfoot in New Mexico; a mysterious green creature lurks inside a cave in Aruba.
S6, EP8 "Inside the Screaming House and More"U.K. investigators are confronted by a dark presence in an abandoned home; Bigfoot stalking two brothers in Rochester, N.Y.; a smoke break in San Juan turns into a double UFO sighting.
S6, EP7 "Ghost Girl in Chicago Bar and More"A dark entity shows itself to investigators inside one of America's haunted homes; the ghost of a young girl materializes in an Illinois bar; a father and son in California film a UFO that appears to be alive.
S6, EP6 "Mischievous Duende in Argentina and More"Paranormal investigators capture a shadow figure in a haunted Nevada prison; a hidebehind in Oregon gives a girl and her grandma a serious fright; a tiny elfin creature makes a toddler uneasy in Argentina.
S6, EP5 "Tormented Souls Trapped in Italy and More"A school in the Philippines houses spirits from an adjacent cemetery; shadow figures and phantom flames lurk within an abandoned brick factory in Italy; a group of friends witness a massive UFO taking off in Argentina.
S6, EP4 "Shadow Figure Intruder and More"A shadow figure latches onto a first responder in Tennessee; a ghostly chef cooks up trouble at a Connecticut restaurant.
S6, EP3 "Haunted Doll Bites Child and More"A possessed doll latches on to a little girl in Canada; extraterrestrial visitors stun a rugby team.
S6, EP2 "Ghost Photobombs Kids and More"A mother's blood runs cold when a ghostly child photobombs a family picture in England; a shape-shifting alien sends a family running for cover in Mexico; a social media influencer finds a monster under her bed.
S6, EP1 "Glitch in Reality, Long Island Bigfoot and More"Glitches in the matrix stun spectators in Paris, Los Angeles and Argentina; a spirit attempts to halt construction on a family's home in the Philippines; a Bigfoot enthusiast captures something shocking in Long Island.
S5, EP34 "Tennessee Sasquatch and More"Hundreds of UFOs crash Thanksgiving in Bangor, Pa.; a man in Pembroke, Wales has been living with a poltergeist for more than a decade; Sasquatch emerges from the woods in Madison, Tenn.
S5, EP33 "The Unexplained Crossett Lights in Arkansas and More"A ghost hunter is tormented by spirits at an abandoned rec center in Florida; a bizarre humanoid creature soars over Scotland; the unexplained Crossett lights mesmerize two friends on a remote dirt road in Arkansas.
S5, EP32 "Virginia UFO and More"An Ohio man is horrified when his wife's doll collection comes to life; a UFO looms over a couple's house in Virginia; a toddler's ghostly playmate torments a family in Texas.
S5, EP31 "Couple Spots UFO Over Military Base in California and More"A shadow figure sneaks around an abandoned Seattle restaurant; a roadside apparition chases after two motorcyclists in India; a California couple is baffled by a mysterious immobile object in the sky.
S5, EP30 "Haunted Florida Bed and Breakfast and More"Malicious spirits in a haunted rectory; a ghost startles a couple's dogs; a cruise ship captain spots UFOs off the coast of the Bahamas; a friendly spirit gives paranormal investigators a show; a man's drone spots what could be the Loch Ness monster.
S5, EP29 "Shadow Figure Haunts Man in Colorado And More"A shadow figure torments a cursed man in Colorado; dark spirits attack paranormal investigators at a castle; a terrifying creature lurks in a backyard.
S5, EP28 "Colorado Gugwe and More"A UFO crashes a family gathering in Louisiana. In the ruins of Chernobyl, a mutated being terrifies hikers camping out for the night. A woman encounters Bigfoot's angrier, more canine-like cousin.
S5, EP27 "Ghostly Figure Haunts an Indiana Museum and More"A drumming session in New York is interrupted by a chilling apparition; a ghostly guest visits an Indiana museum after hours; a giant portal opens in the sky above Oregon.
S5, EP26 "Santa Fe UFO and More"A man leaving work is startled by a gigantic UFO.
S5, EP25 "Utah Sasquatch and More"Spirits take their seats in a haunted auditorium in Pakistan; a father and son on a hunting trip catch sight of a Sasquatch; a ghostly figure mysteriously fades away as it walks toward a morgue in Peru.
S5, EP23 "Haunted Tennessee Crypt and More"A ghostly white figure lurks above a child's crib in England; a terrifying jinn in Saudi Arabia grows more powerful as a man attempts to capture proof of its existence; spirits try to trap a paranormal investigator inside an empty tomb.
S5, EP15 "Light Beings Hover Over Colorado and More"A ghost toys with a dog in Arizona; a disembodied hand haunts an abandoned Mexican prison; night vision binoculars capture footage of UFOs hiding in plain sight.
S5, EP13 "The Haunted Hill House in Texas and More"A spirit box session at an abandoned murder mansion goes awry; UFOs gather in a geometric formation in New Hampshire; a poltergeist plays the accordion in Russia.
S5, EP12 "The Great Gatsby Ghost and More"A grieving woman uses her TV to communicate with her deceased boyfriend; creatures with tentacles swim through the skies above Colorado; a heartbroken ghost gazes forlornly from the window of an abandoned home.
S5, EP11 "Gnome Visits a Phoenix Garden and More"A real-life gnome frolics in an Arizona garden; a coffin opens by itself in an English hostel; leaked footage shows a UFO hovering near a bomb testing site in Nevada.
S5, EP10 "Will-o-Wisps at an Arizona Campground and More"A team of researchers captures compelling evidence of the Yowie in Australia; an ethereal mist engulfs a roomful of ghost hunters in England; a camper is surrounded by glowing orbs deep in the Arizona forest.
S5, EP9 "Virginia Civil War Ghost and More"A researcher finds the remains of a legendary dragon deep in the Mediterranean Sea; a beloved factory worker clocks into her shift years after her death in Japan; a Civil War spirit strolls along a battlefield.
S5, EP8 "Shadow Figure in a New Jersey Backyard and More"A rake stalks a pack of deer in a Minnesota suburb; phantom gunshots haunt the site of a horrific tragedy in North Carolina; an eerie shadow figure pops in and out of existence.
S5, EP7 "Haunted Connecticut Thrift Store and More"A ghost surprises shoppers at a thrift store in Connecticut; a grotesque creature corners a man in an abandoned farmhouse in England; UFOs join in on New Year's Eve festivities in cities all over the world.
S5, EP6 "Mysterious Mountainside Lights in North Carolina and More"Mysterious orbs light up a mountainside in North Carolina; a man in Sweden communicates with a graveyard ghost; a humanoid creature perches atop a roof in Brazil.
S5, EP5 "Alabama Glitch in the Matrix and More"A UFO shoots across the sky in the Pocono Mountains; Bigfoot hides from a crowd in Tennessee's Great Smoky Mountains; a suspended soap bubble may be evidence of a glitch in the matrix.
S5, EP4 "Haunted Texas Hotel and More"A dog leads her owner to an apparition in England; a Texas family lives in a historic hotel with ghostly guests; a hiker stumbles across a cryptid's lair deep in the Canadian woods.
S5, EP3 "GoPro Captures Bigfoot in Ontario and More"A couple catch a glimpse of Bigfoot, thanks to a GoPro camera on their bumper; a shadow figure stalks investigators in an abandoned farmhouse in Tennessee; a man in Canada captures what could be the cries of a cryptid giving birth.
S5, EP2 "Philadelphia UFOs and More"A Colorado man is tormented by a voodoo curse; baffling bright lights in the sky stun onlookers in Philadelphia; in Mexico, a child's favorite play area is invaded by the notorious duende.
S5, EP1 "Black-Eyed Child Apparition in Reno and More"A toddler in Nevada dances with a sinister child-like apparition; a Minnesota family catches Bigfoot in their backyard; a tree in the Philippines spouts holy water from a mysterious source.
S4, EP26 "Mississippi Car Explosion and More"A truck driver rushes headlong into danger when a car bursts into flames on the road in Mississippi; a Florida man wrestles an alligator to save his puppy; parents all over the world dive into action to save their children from certain death.
S4, EP25 "Rabid Bobcat Attack in North Carolina and More"A North Carolina man fights off a rabid bobcat in his front yard; an experienced caver finds himself trapped in rising waters; a hang glider holds on for dear life hundreds of feet above Switzerland; two dogs are rescued from a frigid reservoir.
S4, EP24 "East River Dog Rescue and More"A skydiver is knocked unconscious 10,000 feet in the air above Texas; a man dives into New York's East River to save a drowning dog; a kayaker is attacked by an alligator.
S4, EP23 "An Angel Appears in Michigan and More"A horrifying humanoid visits an abandoned amusement park in Indonesia; mysterious floating lights emanate from a forest in California; an angel hovers over a firefighter's truck in Michigan.
S4, EP22 "Florida Dinosaur and More"A ghostly figure watches urban explorers from the shadows in England; a velociraptor skitters across a yard in Florida; a fleet of low-flying UFOs makes contact with two men in Ohio.
S4, EP21 "Moose Walks on Water in Alaska and More"A shadowy apparition wanders through a Titanic exhibit; a creature that is half monkey and half witch scurries up a quiet neighborhood street in Costa Rica; a spectral moose stuns a woman in Alaska as it runs across the surface of a river.
S4, EP20 "Death Valley UFO and More"Two friends are chased out of California's Death Valley by a UFO; a ghostly hand reaches out to a woman in Wales; a webcam in the Scottish Highlands captures incredible evidence of the Loch Ness monster.
S4, EP19 "Witch on a Broomstick Soars Over Chile and More"Two apparitions crash a livestream from a centuries-old English graveyard; a witch soars through the sky above a mountain in Chile; a mischievous black cat casts a fiery spell in Egypt.
S4, EP16 "Montana Nightcrawler and More"A man in Montana wonders what happened to a dead deer on his property until he sees the terrifying creature that may be responsible; a military airbase in Germany is visited by a UFO.
S4, EP15 "Demon Looms Over a Baby in Las Vegas and More"A grandmother catches a demon on a baby monitor; a man records footage of glistening rainbow UFO in California; mind-bending phenomena around the globe reveals a glitch in the matrix.
S4, EP14 "Haunted Piñata and More"A shop owner in Mexico loses customers to a haunted piñata; a man in Russia is driven out of an abandoned house by an angry poltergeist; a woman is potentially a UFO magnet.
S4, EP13 "Shadow Figure 911 in Georgia and More"A shadow person lurks in a 911 call center outside Savannah, Ga.; fairies frolic in a Northern Ireland garden; a walking baby doll baffles residents in Saltillo, Mexico.
S4, EP12 "Georgia Ghost and More"A man in New Mexico leaves his car in an attempt to track Bigfoot; a Georgia mom believes her triplets are speaking to a supernatural entity; a prayer altar in Singapore is visited by a bright orb.
S4, EP11 "Skinwalker Stalks a Cowboy in Arizona and More"A cowboy narrowly avoids a brush with a scheming skinwalker; multiple UFOs loom large over San Diego; a family in Malaysia is petrified when an unknown creature slithers out of a toilet.
S4, EP10 "Minnesota UFOs and More"A woman in Tennessee is terrified to discover she is not alone while working from home; a ghoulish creature creeps up behind a group of friends in Indonesia; a Minnesota man seeks answers about a UFO sighting near his house.
S4, EP9 "Murder Victim Apparition in Utah and More"A Utah couple is visited by the ghost of a murder victim; a team of paranormal investigators has a chilling encounter at an abandoned house in Florida; a man uses chimes to communicate with the dead in Mexico.
S4, EP8 "Long Island Ghosts and More"A man leaves his childhood ghosts behind in New York; a woman conjures a stunning encounter with a UFO in Philadelphia; a mysterious entity roams the streets of Turkey at night.
S4, EP7 "Bio UFO and More"A shadow figure lurks in the halls of an abandoned asylum; UFO enthusiasts get the sighting of a lifetime in Southern California; a guardian angel saves a man from a horrific accident.
S4, EP6 "Greek Ghost and More"UFOs attempt to communicate with a man in California; a Greek village is riddled with spirits; a toddler plays tug of war with a ghost hogging the TV remote.
S4, EP5 "Louisville Dog Senses a Poltergeist and More"A woman in Utah plays catch with a ghost; a dog senses something spooky lurking inside his owner's home; a UFO hovers above a wind farm in California.
S4, EP4 "Bronx UFO and More"UFOs fly high above a neighborhood in the Bronx; spirit of a 3,000-year-old mummy in a British museum; Skunk Ape in Florida.
S4, EP3 "Rainbow Portal and More"A colorful anomaly dazzles onlookers; orbs parade through a jail.
S4, EP2 "Haunted Goldfield and More"Ghostly guests attack a woman; a lake monster surfaces in Sweden.
S4, EP1 "Kentucky Poltergeist and More"A Kentucky woman hires an empath to rid her home of a pesky poltergeist; a terrifying creature holes up in a barn at night; a Russian cosmonaut spots a UFO over Antarctica.
S3, EP26 "Canadian Lake Monster and More"A lake monster surfaces, a knife-wielding poltergeist attacks, and more.
S3, EP25 "Mermaid in Nashville and More"A mermaid goes for a dip in Tennessee, a spirit takes control, and more.
S3, EP24 "Brazilian Werewolf and More"A home in North Carolina is inhabited by a shadowy figure; a werewolf stalks a man in his backyard in Brazil; a store in Taiwan has a ghostly customer.
S3, EP23 "Arizona Dorm Room Ghost and More"An Arizona college student's ghostly roommate; a paranormal investigator is tortured by an ancient entity in Saudi Arabia; a Florida mother and daughter's UFO sighting.
S3, EP22 "Cajun Skunk Ape and More"A stinky Sasquatch stops for a visit in Louisiana; a haunted statue terrorizes guests at the infamous Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nev.; a Kentucky man and his brother see a UFO near Fort Knox.
S3, EP21 "Banff Bigfoot and More"An elk hunter witnesses two Bigfoots in Canada; a man in Maine sees a shadowy figure while driving down a dark road late at night; poltergeist activity in Malaysia.
S3, EP20 "OMG Caught On Camera"Two friends are unharmed after a car crashes into a restaurant; skydivers survive after their planes collide; a Utah man faces an angry cougar.
S3, EP19 "A Jellyfish in the Sky and More"A Texas man sees a light anomaly while camping; a glowing orb of energy emerges from a streetlight in Arkansas; communicating with the dead in Kansas.
S3, EP18 "Supermarket Ghost and More"A ghost pranks the staff at a Scottish grocery store; a UFO flies across an airport runway in Puerto Rico; a child-snatching beast is spotted in Bolivia.
S3, EP17 "High School Shadow Figure and More"A shadowy entity roams the halls of an abandoned South Dakota high school; an evening stroll with the family pooch turns into an extraterrestrial encounter; blood-curdling screams rain from the skies during a Texas thunderstorm.
S3, EP16 "A Wave From the Grave and More"A murderous spirit toys with a paranormal investigator trapped in a closet; a shadow figure makes itself at home in Chile; a dead man waves at his family members through his coffin window.
S3, EP15 "Teen Vampire and More"A teenager stuns his friends with a vampiric transformation; a man witnesses a possible alien invasion in California; a popular new app leads a Canadian college student to a haunted location.
S3, EP14 "Haunted Teddy Bear and More"A tenacious teddy bear terrorizes twins in Texas; a man is tormented by a vengeful spirit in an abandoned garage; a woman fears an alien invasion outside her window in California.
S3, EP13 "Ghost Kitty and More"A Florida man records a werewolf speeding across his backyard; a feline friend returns from the grave to visit its owner; two Chinese explorers get a horrifying glimpse into a haunted mirror.
S3, EP12 "New York UFO and More"A military veteran spies an otherworldly aircraft flying in the skies above New York; screaming ghosts haunt the halls of an abandoned home in Belgium; a New Jersey couple discovers their dog has a paranormal playmate.
S3, EP11 "Stonehenge UFOs and More"Mysterious lights hover in the skies above Stonehenge on the eve of the summer solstice; a woman witnesses a soul leaving a dead deer's body; a Florida man finds grisly proof of a violent extraterrestrial attack.
S3, EP10 "Seance Possession and More"A man is possessed by an evil entity during a séance in York, England; an Oregon woman is stunned by a glowing UFO; a ghost hunter is attacked by a poltergeist in a haunted nursing home.
S3, EP9 "Haunted Dam and More"Two men stumble upon the apparition of a ghostly bride in a haunted church; drone footage captures the elusive Ohio Grassman; frightened ferry passengers witness an alien invasion at sunset.
S3, EP8 "An Ogopogo Sighting and More"A father and son record evidence of a monster in a lake in Canada; a doorbell security camera captures fiery orbs falling from the skies above California; an investigative team is accosted by the spirits of a murdered family in Nevada.
S3, EP7 "Pennhurst Asylum and More"A shadow person in an abandoned Pennsylvania asylum; an Iowa couple accidentally brings home a haunted statue; a mom in Kentucky discovers a boogeyman hiding in her daughter's closet.
S3, EP6 "Las Vegas UFOs and More"A Florida man encounters an elusive Sasquatch; ghost hunters attempt to contact the spirit of a murder victim in Tennessee; a Las Vegas resident captures incredible footage of UFOs soaring through the skies.
S3, EP5 "Haunted by a Rock Legend and More"Paranormal investigators get a chilling response from a dearly departed rock legend; a ghostly canine joins its former owner for a nighttime stroll; a man and his co-workers spot a gaggle of UFOs in the Louisiana bayou.
S3, EP4 "Alaskan Sea Serpent and More"A tourist captures startling footage of a giant sea serpent in Alaska, an unsuspecting ghost hunter is assaulted by a vengeful spirit and a bipedal beast roams the hills alongside a California highway.
S3, EP3 "A Haunted Gift and More"Ghost hunters spend the night with an evil spirit; playgrounds for the dead; colossal creature appears near the shore of an Irish lake.
S3, EP2 "Hawaiian UFOs and More"UFOs hover over government property in Hawaii; the spirit of a little boy in a haunted cave; a crucifix moves on its own.
S3, EP1 "Flying Cryptid Over Chicago and More"A man stands in awe as he watches mysterious creatures fly over Chicago; a group of teens pay the price when they travel down a notoriously haunted road in New Jersey; ghost hunters explore an abandoned church that has a powerful demonic presence.
S3 "Top 100: 50-41"A unicorn roams the English countryside; college student fears his phantom roommate; homeowner catches a creepy cryptid lurking around his home; counting down the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time.
S3 "Top 100: 90-81"A witch flies through the skies above Mexico; a monstrous globster washes ashore in the Philippines; alien body is found in the snow in Siberia; counting down the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time.
S3 "Top 100: 70-61"A UFO armada flies nears NASA; a man shares his bed with a poltergeist; a fairy takes flight in the U.K.; the countdown continues for the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time.
S3 "Top 100: 80-71"Hikers come face-to-face with Bigfoot; ghost hunters explore a haunted asylum; UFOs visit the Pentagon; the countdown continues for the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time.
S3 "Top 100: 100-91"A family comes face to face with Bigfoot; a levitating girl is spotted in the woods of Russia; UFOs surround U.S. Navy pilots; a ghostly soldier seeks revenge; Cyclops returns; a Gettysburg ghost soldier looks for revenge.
S3 "Top 100: 60-51"Ominous UFOs fly over Italy; hungry poltergeist makes a pit stop at a convenience store; Bigfoot is spotted in Ohio; counting down the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time.
S3 "Top 100: 20-11"Reptilian humanoid in Thailand; interdimensional cryptid spotted deep in the forest; poltergeists attack; ghost passengers exit a ghost plane; onlookers are stunned by glowing orbs above Lake Superior; a séance goes horribly wrong.
S3 "Top 100: 40-31"Bigfoot terrorizes three kids in Indiana; an apparition stalks a California cheerleader; a massive sea monster surfaces in Turkey; a countdown the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time.
S3 "Top 100: 10-1"Slenderman is summoned in Canada; ghosts play in traffic; the Orang bunian attack; a black-eyed girl emerges from a haunted forest; UFOs over Massachusetts; a flying humanoid could be Jesus; creepy cave cryptid.
S3 "Top 100: 30-21"Poltergeists vandalize an antique store in the UK; the ghost of Pablo Escobar haunts his old apartment complex; a doll comes alive in a haunted museum; all this and more as the countdown continues for the top 100 paranormal encounters of all time.
S2, EP25 "Pushy Poltergeists and More"A man gets an unwelcome visitor in his new home; a man and his daughter take a walk in the devil's tramping ground; disappearing entities confuse a home's security system; plus, more paranormal footage from cameras around the world.
S2, EP24 "A Basket Full of Ghosts and More"A haunted basket mystifies a mother and daughter, a mythical creature is spotted in Wales and two intrepid investigators come face-to-face with Slenderman.
S2, EP22 "Reptilian Creature in Thailand and More"A man searches for answers after he spots a reptilian creature in Thailand; a baby has a terrifying encounter with a ghost; a war-torn ship yields a haunting message.
S2, EP21 "Mysterious Mesa Lights and More"A couple spies multiple UFOs in the skies above Arizona; a poltergeist stalks a Florida family; a cryptid hunter gets up close and personal with a Bigfoot in North Carolina.
S2, EP20 "A Haunted Farmhouse in Maine and More"A ghost hunter communicates with trapped spirits inside a 19th-century farmhouse; hundreds of UFOs are spotted off the coast of Florida; and a motorcyclist in India has a close call with creepy entity.
S2, EP19 "Chased by a Bigfoot and More"A Sasquatch chases a group of young Russians to their car; a mother's worst fears are confirmed when security cameras capture two entities in her new home; and mysterious sounds trumpet from the skies.
S2, EP18 "A Fire Smokes Out a Cryptid in Oklahoma and More"A brush fire spooks a Sasquatch in Oklahoma; spirits torment a security guard at Savannah cemetery; a fleet of UFOs stun onlookers in Poland.
S2, EP17 "A Ventriloquist Dummy Comes to Life and More"An antique ventriloquist dummy is taken over by an otherworldly entity; a haunted hotel gives a ghost hunter the fright of his life; a woman's apartment is invaded by a ferocious shadow creature.
S2, EP16 "An Arsonist Ghost and More"Two brothers tangle with a ghost that likes to set fires; a mothership unleashes an army of UFOs; a man faces terrifying consequences when he teases an interdimensional being.
S2, EP15 "A Frightening Ghost Attack and More"A shadowy entity attacks a ghost hunter; a mechanic is visited by an angel; and a family hears the bloodcurdling howls of a Bigfoot.
S2, EP13 "Ghost Dogs and More"Beloved pets visit their owners from beyond the grave; a poltergeist moves chairs in a sports bar; and a couple is interrupted by an uninvited dinner ghost.
S2, EP12 "Roadside Ghost Bride and More"A ghostly woman in white strolls along a dark highway; an underwater entity stalks a boat in a canal; and a gas station employee makes contact with a mysterious humanoid.
S2, EP11 "A Sasquatch Spotted in Siberia and More"Three boys spot a Sasquatch-like creature in Siberia, a couple captures ghostly soldiers on camera in Gettysburg and a teenager is terrified by a freakish formation in the sky.
S2, EP10 "A Haunted Bar and More"A destructive spirit wreaks havoc on a bar; three boys encounter a Sasquatch-like creature in the woods; dozens of worm-shaped UFOs appear over South America.
S2, EP9 "Beware the Doll at the Haunted Inn and More"A doll comes to life at a notoriously haunted hotel; a UFO is spotted flying close to a volcano; a man gains a ghostly bedmate; locals are stumped by strange lights in the Ozarks.
S2, EP8 "Jinn on the Prowl and More"A ghost hunter is pushed to the brink by a demonic jinn; a shadow person invades a home in the UK; a creepy doll haunts a suburban basement.
S2 "The Ghost of Al Capone and More"Contact with an infamous gangster; a flying witch terrifies onlookers; a poltergeist torments a college student; and something is alive in the sewers.
S2 "Ghostly Abandoned Prisons & More"A man explores a haunted prison with terrifying results; a jellyfish-like object levitates during the day; a biker's ride on back roads is interrupted by a mysterious creature; plus, much more paranormal footage from cameras around the world.
S2 "A Ghost Hunt in a Haunted Prison & More"A paranormal team get the shock of their lives while investigating an abandoned Illinois prison; a UFO gets dangerously close to two commercial jets; a ghostly local legend shows itself in England.
S1, EP17 "Demonic Doll and More"A Pennsylvania family is terrorized by a haunted doll; two friends witness a fleet of UFOs in the night sky; a man encounters the infamous Yowie in the Australian outback.
S1, EP16 "Delaware Ghost Bridge and More"Friends test a local legend about a haunted bridge; a UFO is spotted from a plane window over California; a horrifying creature from the darkest corners of the internet is found in Oregon.
S1, EP15 "Pennsylvania Shadow Person and More"A Pennsylvania family is terrorized by a shadowy entity; a brazen Bigfoot appears in front of a large group of shocked witnesses in Oregon; two UFOs put on a show in the skies above Bath, England.
S1, EP14 "Dire Wolf Attack, Dog vs. Ghost, Gollum-Like Cryptid and More"A home security camera captures a dog's scary encounter with a ghost; a strange creature is spotted deep within a cave in the Alps; people all over the globe witness UFOs during the daytime.
S1, EP13 "Utah Bigfoot Hunt and More"Friends in Utah track down a Bigfoot spotted in the mountains; a total skeptic is attacked by a spirit at a haunted fort in England; ghostly passengers appear in a Hong Kong airport.
S1, EP12 "Florida Sea Monster Attack and More"A couple encounters a sea monster while boating off the Florida coast; a man's house becomes haunted after he opens a cursed box; a god-like figure walks across clouds in the sky in Alabama.
S1, EP10 "A Highly Haunted Hotel in Arkansas and More"A couple learns they're sharing their hotel room with a ghostly guest in Arkansas; a strange formation floats over a Philadelphia neighborhood; a monstrous creature washes up on a beach in the Philippines.
S1, EP9 "Encounter at an Abandoned Asylum and More"A paranormal investigator is attacked by an entity in an abandoned asylum in Connecticut; a driver witnesses a strange UFO over a hotel in North Carolina; an Oregon marijuana dispensary is haunted by ghosts of the past.
S1, EP8 "Ghostly Regulars at Haunted Pubs and More"Ghostly patrons haunt pubs throughout the United Kingdom; a shadow creature stalks a police officer on an empty plane in Mexico City; a sea monster is spotted by multiple witnesses on the Thames.
S1, EP7 "A UFO Spotted Over the Pentagon and More"A pyramid-shaped UFO is spotted over the Pentagon; a man and his children are spooked by a ghost on a Rhode Island playground; a security camera captures strange creatures stalking a California neighborhood.
S1, EP6 "Infamous Oregon Bigfoot Footage and More"An Oregon man captures some of the best bigfoot footage ever; UFOs cluster over a Texas town; a Wales resident faces an especially active poltergeist.
S1, EP5 "Haunted Antique Store and More"A poltergeist haunts an English antique store; a man and his son encounter bigfoot in Washington; a strange UFO is spotted over Inner Mongolia.
S1, EP4 "Gettysburg Ghosts and More"A ghost appears on the Gettysburg battlefield; a sea monster surfaces in Ireland; fleets of UFOs are spotted over the skies of Philadelphia and The Hague.
S1, EP3 "The Montauk Monster and More"A famous monster washes up on a New York beach; parents catch ghosts haunting nurseries on baby monitors; a UFO saves a Russian town.
S1, EP2 "The World's Most Haunted School and More"Poltergeist activity is caught on an Irish school's security camera; two Russians encounter what may be a Sasquatch while driving in Siberia; a UFO is spotted flying over Australia in broad daylight.
S1, EP1 "The Seedy Texas Motel Poltergeist and More"A traveling businessman encounters poltergeist activity in his Texas motel room; a UFO is spotted over one of the holiest sites on Earth; a Sasquatch is spotted by two hikers in British Columbia.
A panel of knowledgeable specialists in the paranormal field analyze videos from around the world, all captured by eyewitnesses, breaking down the footage. The people lucky enough to witness firsthand the strange phenomena offer their accounts. All told, it just might make a believer out of even the biggest skeptics.
Original Air Date: Dec 30, 2018
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
6 seasons available on demand (132 episodes)
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