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Beat Bobby FlayBobby Flay is no stranger to culinary competitions, whether he's hosting ("Bobby's Dinner Battle") or competing ("Throwdown With Bobby Flay"). In this program he does both. Each half-hour episode begins with two chefs competing to create a dish using an ingredient chosen by Flay. The winner of that challenge -- as determined by a special guest judge -- goes to the second round, in which he or she does battle against chef Flay. To make things a little more fair, the challenger has an advantage by being able to prepare a signature dish that is unknown to Bobby until the start of the round. Once he learns what the dish is, Flay must immediately come up with his own version. A panel determines the winner of the second round through a blind taste test. Food Network regulars Sunny Anderson, Anne Burrell and Giada De Laurentiis are among the judges appearing on the show.
S16, EP11 "Blast From the Past"Bobby Flay is haunted when Food Network's Amanda Freitag and Katie Lee bring two ghosts from his past to the arena; Allison Fasano, Bobby's former sous chef, and executive chef Paul Del Favero battle for the right to give Bobby a fright.
S31, EP1 "Smack Talk City"Things get feisty in the kitchen when chefs Jarod Farina and Andrew McQuesten start talking smack; Food Network's Eddie Jackson and Buddy Valastro keep up the razzing to throw Bobby Flay off his game.
S17, EP8 "Chocolate Victory"Bobby Flay brings his A-game when Mexican cuisine chef Katy Smith and Denver chef Jose Guerrero show up with talent to spare; the pressure mounts for Iron Chef Michael Symon and Valerie Bertinelli to choose their contender.
S23, EP12 "Guess Who's Back?"Two chefs want another shot at Bobby Flay; fine-dining chef Ryan Lory and Italian chef Jackie Rothong are back for redemption, and they've got chef Josh Capon and "The Kitchen's" Katie Lee in their corner as they seek sweet revenge.
S14, EP2 "Take a Bao"Feisty Brooklyn chef Suchanan Aksornnan battles innovative Miami restaurateur Richard Hales; actor David Alan Grier and chef Carla Hall must decide who can beat Bobby Flay.
S20, EP12 "Chi-town Throws Down"Actress Sophia Bush and chef Carla Hall decide which Windy City chef, Aaron Cuschieri or Jill Barron, has what it takes to blow Bobby Flay out of the arena.
S17, EP10 "Feel the Judgment"The tables turn when past judges Christian Petroni and Leah Cohen return to the kitchen to take matters into their own hands; Laura Vitale and chef Jet Tila judge the judges to deliver the verdict on who will serve Bobby justice.
S23, EP5 "Pretty Little Fryer"Scott Conant teams up with actress Sasha Pieterse to get the truth and a loss out of Bobby Flay; they get a little help from talented farm-to-table chef Anthony Lo Pinto and seafood maven Franco Robazetti.
S22, EP5 "It's Gonna Be Jarring"Style expert Carson Kressley teams up with chef Anne Burrell to point out Bobby's fashion and food faux pas; two Italian authorities, chefs Kevin Sweeney and Nicco Muratore, attempt to prove that their food is trendsetting and claim victory in style.
S35, EP9 "A Bitter Pill to Swallow"Alex Guarnaschelli and Katie Lee Biegel get behind chefs Kyungbin Min and Alex Ottusch, while Bobby Flay cooks up his secret weapon.
S22, EP7 "Fey vs. Flay"Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli shows Bobby Flay no mercy with fellow mean girl, the hilarious and talented actress Tina Fey.
S19, EP3 "Old Friends"Familiar faces return to the arena when restaurateurs and judges Michael Psilakis and Einat Admony compete to bring the heat.
S16, EP2 "Worldly Ways""The Kitchen" co-host Sunny Anderson and world traveler Andrew Zimmern join forces to beat chef Bobby Flay, handpicking Brooklyn's finest Jared Forman and Italian master chef Fabio Viviani to deliver the win.
S18, EP9 "Cream of the Crop"The kitchen comes alive when Katie Lee and Valerie Bertinelli team up to see Bobby Flay fall; it's up to them to make the call when chef Chris Henry from Massachusetts battles Buffalo, N.Y., chef Steve Gedra for a chance at the champ.
S14, EP11 "Clamming Up"Indian spice master Kiran Patnam and creative chef Jonathan Wu bring big city energy to the arena; it's up to "Chopped" judges Amanda Freitag and Geoffrey Zakarian to decide which contender has what it takes to slay the Flay.
S24, EP9 "Blast From the Past"Ted Allen and Chef Hall dig deep into Bobby's past for all-star chefs who know him and his food backward and forward; Southern chefs Wesley True and Justin Hunt want to take care of some unfinished business.
S22, EP6 "Bobby vs. Food""Food Network Star" winner Eddie Jackson brings in Casey Webb ("Man v. Food") to throw all the manpower they can at Bobby; fine dining expert Eric Bolyard and seafood aficionado Sarah Murray battle for a shot at Bobby vs. their signature dish.
S20, EP4 "Pump It Up"The laughs are flowing when comic Tony Rock and jokester Alex Guarnaschelli heckle Bobby Flay in his own kitchen; Delaware chef Bill Clifton and Long Island's Stephan Bogardus compete for the last laugh.
S19, EP4 "Getting Nutty"Food sensations Michael Voltaggio and Laura Vitale join forces to teach Bobby Flay a thing or two; they bring along University of Houston chef Alex Brugger and Miami-born Tatiana Rosana to school Bobby on a lesson in defeat.
S22, EP2 "A Pioneering Ordeal"Alex Guarnaschelli and Ree Drummond recruit two gentlemen, Jamarius Banks and Vince Giancarlo.
S20, EP9 "Bye Bye Birdie"Food Network's Michael Symon and Jet Tila work hard to outsmart their good friend Bobby Flay; they bring in one of his proteges, chef Rebecca Weitzman, and one of fine dining's finest, chef Brian Lewis, to muscle Bobby out of his kitchen.
S24, EP5 "We'll Be the Judge"Chefs Ed McFarland and Dale Talde swap their tasting spoons for chef knives as they attempt to beat Bobby Flay at his own game.
S23, EP11 "The Power of Jane"Actress Jane Krakowski teams up with Chef Michael Symon to steal Bobby Flay's spotlight; they bring in no-nonsense chefs Attila Bollok from Los Angeles and Matthew Spinner from Cleveland to give Bobby an early curtain call.
S23, EP9 "Chocolate Covered Clash"Chef Michael Voltaggio gets help from an extra special guest, Drew Barrymore, to take down Bobby Flay; pastry chefs DaVee Harned and Miriam Rieder Taylor help with their passion for chocolate.
S33, EP17 "Cat Fight"Oscar-nominated actress Gabourey Sidibe bonds with fellow cat fancier chef Damaris Phillips, while chefs Malik Rhasaan and Sean Pharr attempt to claw their way to victory against Bobby Flay.
S35 "Shrimply the Best"Chefs Tony Smith and Sterling Buckley hold a shrimp scrimmage while Scott Conant and singer Jana Kramer distract Bobby Flay.
S27, EP9 "Grin and Camembert It"Food Network darlings Valerie Bertinelli and Amanda Freitag join forces to turn the tables on Bobby Flay; they bring in New York City chefs Edward Brumfield and Ricardo Barreras, who are in it to win it.
S35, EP8 "Tame the Lion's Mane"Michael Voltaggio and Christian Petroni choose chefs Lanny Chin and Wendy Zeng to tackle a tricky star ingredient in hopes of defeating Bobby Flay.
S35, EP7 "Raise the Steaks"Michael Symon and comedian Chris Redd leave Bobby Flay in tears while chefs Adam Pawlak and Page Pressley impress with their takes on a classic.
S35, EP6 "Judgement Day"Brooke Williamson and actor Matt Walsh encourage BBF judges Ariel Fox and Jae Lee to show Bobby Flay how it's done.
S35, EP5 "On a Roll!"Eddie Jackson and Maneet Chauhan pull out all the stops to help chefs Bernard Bennett and Lena Le roll out a victory over Bobby Flay.
S35, EP4 "Don't Yuck My Yum"Sunny Anderson and TV host Ross Mathews team up with chefs Kaleena Bliss and Melissa Donahue-Talmage to boil up a win against Bobby Flay.
S35, EP3 "Mentor vs. Mentee"Chef Bryan Romero attempts to take down his mentor, Chef Marc Quinones, in a mean bean battle, while Michael Voltaggio and Damaris Phillips cheer them on towards victory over Bobby Flay.
S35, EP1 "The (Steak) Oscar Goes to…""The Kitchen" co-hosts Sunny Anderson and Geoffrey Zakarian come together to escort chefs Paddy Coker and Greg Lutes down the red carpet and snub Bobby Flay along the way.
S34, EP7 "Holiday Throwdown: Time to Celebrate!"Jeff Mauro is ready to serenade chefs Brooke Williamson, Jet Tila and Andrew Zimmern; they go all out with fancy ingredients, prime cuts and fierce competition for an over-the-top holiday feast designed to celebrate Bobby Flay's demise.
S34, EP6 "Holiday Throwdown: Feast of the Seven Fishes"Alex Guarnaschelli recruits Antonia Lofaso, Christian Petroni and Michael Symon for an Italian showdown of gladiator proportions. These culinary titans celebrate seafood and pull off an epic feast of the seven fishes Bobby Flay will never forget.
S34, EP5 "Holiday Throwdown: Feeling Frosted"Sunny Anderson sprinkles holiday cheer with sugar, spice and everything nice. Chefs Stephanie Izard, Damaris Phillips and Duff Goldman challenge Bobby Flay to the ultimate baking battle as they whip up some frosted treats in a bid to leave Bobby iced out.
S34, EP4 "Holiday Throwdown: Holiday Brunchin"Bobby Flay's daughter, Sophie Flay, is in the house; Chefs Zac Young, Eddie Jackson and Maneet Chauhan attempt to smoke Bobby and test his knowledge of international holiday flavors in the ultimate brunch battle.
S34, EP3 "Holiday Throwdown: 12 Ways to Beat Bobby"The always festive Carson Kressley gifts Bobby Flay with a partridge in a pear tree this holiday season, and chefs Chris Scott, Justin Sutherland and Tiffany Derry devise 12 ways to beat Bobby in an attempt to ruffle his feathers.
S34, EP2 "Holiday Throwdown: Holiday Leftover Revival"It's a "Chopped" takeover as Tiffani Faison welcomes her fellow judges to transform mystery leftovers into Thanksgiving masterpieces; chefs Marc Murphy, Amanda Freitag and Scott Conant battle to see if they can knock the stuffing out of Bobby Flay.
S34, EP1 "Holiday Throwdown: Turkey Day Traditions"Katie Lee Biegel cracks the wishbone with Turkey Day classics and makes this holiday reunion a surprise family affair. Chefs Darnell Ferguson, Bryan Voltaggio and Michael Voltaggio attempt to squash Bobby Flay with a new turkey tradition.
S33, EP22 "What a Dump-ling!"Chefs Anne Burrell and Eddie Jackson bring the noise as chefs Jessica Yarr and Matthew Zafrir bring the flavor to dump Bobby Flay in a pierogi battle.
S33, EP21 "It's Always Sunny in Kashmir"Sunny Anderson and Scott Conant team up with chefs Maryam Ghaznavi and Deepak Kaul to school Bobby Flay in new worlds of flavor.
S33, EP20 "Why So Sear-ious?"BBQ Brawl veterans Carson Kressley and Rodney Scott reunite to put Bobby Flay's feet to the fire and bring home a well-charred win for chefs Kwasi Kwaa and Winnie Yee-Lakhani.
S33, EP19 "Full Frontal Assault"Comedian Samantha Bee and Michael Symon go all out to derail Bobby Flay so chefs Johnny Alvarez and Stanton Bundy can score a win.
S33, EP18 "Fashion-Forward"Fashion maven Carson Kressley and Chef Amanda Freitag help chefs Maria Mazon and Guillermo Pernot cook up a win against Bobby Flay.
S33, EP16 "Brooke and Crooks Cook Up a Win"Chefs Brooke Williamson and Cliff Crooks take the fight to the kitchen when they back contenders Javier Canteras and Emiliano Marentes to crack Bobby Flay.
S33, EP15 "Cheri Takes the Cake"Pastry chef Zac Young and SNL alum Cheri Oteri are the perfect pair to ruin Bobby Flay's night; they recruit pastry powerhouses Joe Murphy and Laura Ochikubo to turn up the heat.
S33, EP14 "This Kitchen's Crowded"Kardea Brown and actor Kevin Pollak try to crowd Bobby Flay out of his own kitchen, making room for chefs Carlos Anthony and Nelson German to score a win.
S33, EP13 "Nashville Hot, Bobby ... Not"Country music superstar Martina McBride and chef Alex Guarnaschelli jam with chefs Drew Erickson and Aristide Williams to tune Bobby Flay up.
S33, EP12 "Shock, Awe and Shakshuka"Chef Michael Voltaggio and actress Ellie Kemper bring the pain as chefs Travis McGinty and Suzanne Vizethann crack more than a few eggs in their quest to take down Bobby Flay.
S33, EP10 "Turn Down for What?!?"Hip-hop icon Lil Jon and Anne Burrell get Bobby Flay's kitchen turned up with lights, beats and bottle service; chefs Eva Pesantez and Robert Butts have Bobby on the VIP list.
S33, EP9 "Bottoms Up, Bobby Down!"Actress, comedian and foodie Aisha Tyler and Katie Lee Biegel get crafty.
S33, EP8 "Ready for Their Close Up"Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and model Ashley Graham strike a pose to distract Bobby Flay while chefs Maiya Keck and Brian Cripps go in for the win.
S33, EP7 "The Bald and the Beautiful"Supermodel and swimwear designer Devon Windsor teams up with Chef Michael Symon to keep the drama high while chefs Dom Crisp and Santiago Guzzetti try to cook up a win against Bobby Flay.
S33, EP6 "The Win Beneath Their Wings"It's a BBQ bash, and Bobby Flay's getting burned when Kardea Brown and Carson Kressley boost chefs Rashad Jones and Kent Rollins to soar to a winged win.
S33, EP5 "Just Another Flay in The Office"Chef Christian Petroni and actress Kate Flannery from "The Office" recruit chefs Josh Gale and Christian Ortiz for a hostile takeover of Bobby Flay's kitchen.
S33, EP4 "MMMMBibimbap"Tiffany Derry and Jet Tila join forces with chefs Chrissy Camba and Johnny Clark to wipe Bobby Flay off the map.
S33, EP3 "Who's Your Mac Daddy?"Eddie Jackson partners with Bobby Flay's daughter, Sophie Flay; they bring the family drama center stage while chefs Hari Cameron and Leilani Baugh try to grab a mac 'n' cheese victory.
S33, EP2 "Make It Work"Fashion icon Tim Gunn and Carla Hall send chefs Rocco Carulli and Craig Richards down the runway to dress Bobby Flay down.
S33, EP1 "A-Team Assemble!"The dynamic duo of Alex Guarnaschelli and Anne Burrell use all their powers to bring chefs Alison Settle and Kevin Scharpf a win.
S32, EP17 "Glaser-Focused"Comedian Nikki Glaser has Bobby Flay in her sights and nothing is off the menu; she and Chef Michael Voltaggio attempt to bring contenders Troy Gardner and Rachel Klein to a vegan victory over Bobby.
S32, EP16 "Bouillabaisse-ic Instinct"Chefs Dan Jackson and Camila Rinaldi are aided and abetted by Sunny Anderson and Jet Tila as they try to slay Bobby Flay.
S32, EP15 "This Is How We (Kati) Roll"The View's Sunny Hostin and Christian Petroni rock Bobby Flay with a kati roll challenge; chefs Romain Paumier and Avishar Barua roll up to Bobby's kitchen.
S32, EP14 "Happy Feet"Scott Conant and Damaris Phillips pull out all the stops, including a full-on dance number, to help contenders Hari Pulapaka and Denis Radovic finish big against Bobby Flay.
S32, EP13 "In Perfect Hominy"Bobby Flay is up to his ears in distractions courtesy of hosts Jaymee Sire and Andrew Zimmern, while chefs Byron Gomez and Sebastien Salomon tussle over a corny star ingredient.
S32, EP12 "The Room Where It Happens"Hamilton star Christopher Jackson and Chef Josh Capon double-team Bobby Flay while chefs Edwin Bayone and Kyle McClelland deep-fry his ego.
S32, EP11 "Under the Tuscan Sun"Kalen Allen and Anne Burrell help chefs Paolo Calamai and Angelo Competiello show Roberto Flay how Tuscan cuisine is done in the old country.
S32, EP10 "Kitchen Crime Scene"Bobby Flay's got a signature dish that's way out of his comfort zone, and "Law & Order"'s Angie Harmon and Scott Conant aren't making it any easier as they aid and abet chefs Crystal Wahpepah and Adrien Blech.
S32, EP9 "Drop It Like It's Hot"Chefs Maneet Chauhan and Brooke Williamson swing by Bobby Flay's kitchen with a drop challenge to erase him off the board, while chefs Jocelyn Law-Yone and Rasheeda Purdie school Bobby on their signature dishes.
S32, EP8 "Don't Be Sour!"Chopped host Ted Allen and The View's Sara Haines sour Bobby Flay's night while chefs Grace Goudie and Andy Xu try to make lemonade out of their star ingredient.
S32, EP7 "Bobby, We Need to Talk"Natalie Morales, host of "The Talk," is back in the kitchen with Eddie Jackson, and they send chefs Tim Kuklinkski and Sedesh Wilkerson on a mission to beat Bobby Flay in a battle of Scotch eggs.
S32, EP6 "Holiday Throwdown: Holiday Around the World"Geoffrey Zakarian is Bobby Flay's tour guide as chefs Eric Adjepong, Esther Choi and Leah Cohen bring a world of hurt for the holidays.
S32, EP5 "Holiday Throwdown: Holiday Throwbacks"Bobby Flay's favorite holiday elf, Carson Kressley, brings the mischief while chefs Einat Admony, Amanda Freitag and Michael Symon bring some modern flair to classic holiday dishes.
S32, EP4 "Holiday Throwdown: Room for Dessert"Carla Hall ushers in an all-pastry holiday extravaganza with chefs Alex Guarnaschelli, Damaris Phillips and Zac Young.
S32, EP3 "Holiday Throwdown: Hardest Holiday Dishes"Giada De Laurentiis decks the halls as triple-threat titans Tiffany Derry, Michael Voltaggio and Brooke Williamson try to put Bobby Flay under the tree with some of the most difficult holiday delicacies.
S32, EP2 "Holiday Throwdown: Stuff It, Bobby!"Eddie Jackson brings Thanksgiving game day vibes to Bobby Flay's kitchen, and chefs Maneet Chauhan, Christian Petroni and Michael Psilakis tackle dishes that are stuffed.
S32, EP1 "Holiday Throwdown: Casserole with the Punches"Scott Conant welcomes three of Bobby Flay's besties to attempt a Turkey Day classic -- the casserole; chefs Anne Burrell, Tiffani Faison and Jet Tila bring their best dishes to the table.
S31, EP6 "Talk the Shiitake"Chefs Saif Rahman and Carolina Gomez must walk the walk and talk the shiitake to go up against Bobby Flay while Esther Choi and Michael Symon cheer them on.
S31, EP4 "A Global Gauntlet"Buddies Anne Burrell and Marc Murphy bring in international cuisine expert chefs Ashten Garrett and Nasser Jaber to challenge Bobby Flay to a global gauntlet.
S30, EP15 "Alex, Eric & America vs Bobby"Chef Alex Guarnaschelli reunites with her "Alex vs America" host, chef Eric Adjepong, to lead the charge for chefs Tomas Chavarria and Tara Monsod to take Bobby Flay down a peg.
S30, EP13 "Food, But Make It Fashion"Bobby Flay takes to the catwalk to try to avoid a loss from Sunny Anderson and Carson Kressley; chefs Eli Dunn and Kim Mills bring the food.
S30, EP12 "Watch the Throne"Chef Tiffani Faison and Jeff Mauro ("The Kitchen") give Bobby Flay a royal pain as chefs Roosevelt Ceasar and Natalia Rosario make a run for his crown.
S30, EP11 "Smoove Operator"Damaris Phillips and actor JB Smoove are ready to get in Bobby Flay's face; they get help from chefs Christian Gill and Cecelia Valencia, who want to sandwich Bobby out of the kitchen.
S30, EP10 "You're So Buteau-ful"Michael Voltaggio and comedian Michelle Buteau keep Bobby Flay in stitches as he tries to work; chefs Zev Bennett and Petrina Peart stop at nothing to secure a win.
S30, EP9 "A is for Aasif, Alex ... and Ambush!"Actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi and chef Alex Guarnaschelli join forces with chefs Diane Lam and Surbi Sahni to test Bobby Flay's abilities and teach him one more A-word: the agony of defeat.
S30, EP8 "In Bobby's Kitchen, with Amy Sedaris"Amy Sedaris teams up with Michael Symon to take Bobby Flay down; Kristin Beringson and Amanda Salas are ready to dish out a loss.
S30, EP7 "British Invasion"British bloke Brooklyn Beckham recruits Sunny Anderson to bring a transatlantic takeover to Bobby Flay's kitchen; chefs Francis Legge and Caroline Budge are ready to bring the heat from across the pond.
S30, EP6 "Don't Oaxacaway From Me"Chefs Noah Zamler and Aerin Zavory are here to make sure Bobby Flay doesn't walk away with the competition; they've got Geoffrey Zakarian and Brooke Williamson on their team to pummel Bobby with pranks.
S30, EP5 "High Steaks"Chefs Trisha Perez Kennealy and Cesar Aldrete face each other in a battle of strip steaks; their goal is to take down Bobby Flay with the help of Anne Burrell and Josh Capon.
S30, EP4 "It's Tila Time"Jet and Ali Tila bring their "Team Tila" energy into the kitchen; chefs Renata Ferraro and Ricky Dolinsky duel it out.
S30, EP3 "BBQ'd Revenge"BBQ Brawlers Megan Day and David Sandusky are back to seek vengeance against Bobby Flay, who did not pick them for his team on Brawl; BBQ Brawl judges Brooke Williamson and Carson Kressley are there to help them get sweet revenge.
S30, EP2 "You Braise Me Up"Alex Guarnaschelli and singer Josh Groban hit the high notes and raise up their chefs, Thomas Youell and Diego Sanchez, to grill Bobby Flay in his own kitchen.
S30, EP1 "Get in the Game"Jaymee Sire and Jeff Mauro bring the energy to wear Bobby Flay down; chefs Laura Gonzalez and Steven Lingenfelter try to take advantage while Jeff and Jaymee distract Bobby.
S29, EP16 "Breakfast With Boswell"Stephanie Boswell and Sunny Anderson bring brunch vibes into the kitchen with chefs Gabriella Baldwin and Jenifer Minelli, who are ready for a win against Bobby Flay.
S29, EP15 "Fancy Pants"In an alliance of fancy folks, Bethenny Frankel and Geoffrey Zakarian team up to out-fancy Bobby Flay; chefs Chad Rosenthal and Brian Hill are there to frighten him with their food.
S29, EP14 "Bobby, Why Don't You Just Meet Me at the Griddle?"Country music superstar Maren Morris teams up with Sunny Anderson to sing Bobby Flay's swan song. Chefs Matthew Dolan and Thomas Kelly give everyone something to taco 'bout.
S29, EP13 "Morena and the Marcona"Bobby Flay tries to make chefs Raymond Yaptinchay and Cara Stadler go nuts in the kitchen. Michael Voltaggio and actress Morena Baccarin are there to cheer them on to victory.
S29, EP12 "Foodie Downer"Eddie Jackson and actress and comedian Rachel Dratch are hoping to prevent a foodie downer by bringing in chefs Dorian Hunter and Britt Rescigno for a win against Bobby Flay. Womp womp.
S29, EP11 "Fowl Shot"Bobby Flay tries not to get dunked on by basketball legend Amar'e Stoudemire and Katie Lee Biegel. Chefs Michael O'Halloran and Alex Stickland go for the upset win.
S29, EP10 "Don't Be Nice"DJ D-Nice and Michael Symon bring out chefs Sue Torres and James Briscione from behind the judges' table.
S29, EP9 "Let the Good Food Roll"Anne Burrell and Andy Richter recruit New Orleans chefs Amy Mehrtens and Nathanial Zimet.
S29, EP8 "Girl Meets Flay"Molly Yeh leaves the farm to join Alex Guarnaschelli in the "Beat Bobby Flay" arena; they pin their hopes on chefs Sam Fore and Jon Keeley to bring their game faces and dole out a loss to Bobby.
S29, EP7 "Cliff and the Jet"Chefs Cliff Crooks and Jet Tila join forces to hassle Bobby Flay into a loss; chefs Kimberly Gamble and Tom Berry get in on the fun and try to topple the king.
S29, EP6 "Chocolate Showdown"Duff Goldman and Alex Guarnaschelli challenge Bobby Flay to a chocolate battle, but the script gets flipped when chefs Amber Croom and Emily Oyer surprise everyone with a savory chocolate showdown.
S29, EP5 "Whose Wayne Is It Anyway?"Damaris Phillips enlists performer Wayne Brady to team up and distract Bobby Flay with song, dance and a little "foodmance"; chefs Steven Brooks and Becky Brown want to take advantage and get the win.
S29, EP4 "Double the Trouble"Brothers Bryan and Michael Voltaggio tag team in an attempt to throw Bobby Flay off his game. Chefs DeeDee Niyomkul and Juan Carlos Bazan cook up a storm and try to leave Bobby in their dust.
S29, EP3 "A Deal to Beat Bobby"Entrepreneur Mark Cuban teams up with Sunny Anderson; they bring in vegan chefs Tamearra Dyson and Adyre Mason to seal the deal.
S29, EP2 "Say Yes to the Dish"Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and fashion designer Randy Fenoli are saying yes to chefs Ana Hernandez and Frank Bonanno's dishes.
S29, EP1 "Smoove Moves"Comedian JB Smoove teams up with Michael Symon; chefs Mia Castro and Brandon Carter try to take Bobby down.
S28, EP15 "It's All Business"Chefs and business partners Scott Calhoun and David Feola must challenge each other before they take Bobby Flay down; Anne Burrell and Michael Symon give Bobby the business.
S28, EP14 "It's All Greek to Me"It's all Greek to Bobby Flay as chefs George Kantaris and Angelo Vangelopoulos take center stage for a shot at the crown; chef Michael Symon and actress Carly Hughes cheer them on as they find out if it will be a comedy or a tragedy.
S28, EP13 "High Prune"Bobby Flay's got his back against the wall when two chefs try to make his world spin; West African chef Godwin Ihentuge and Indian chef Kingshuk Dey battle to bring Bobby down, with a little heckling help from Sunny Anderson and Alex Guarnaschelli.
S28, EP12 "All Tapped Out"Bobby Flay must tackle something sweet against heavy-hitting pastry chefs Lasheeda Perry and Will Gustwiller; the Cake Boss, Buddy Valastro, brings in sportscaster Kathryn Tappen for the pastry battle play-by-play.
S28, EP11 "It's a Cakewalk"Damaris Phillips teams up with the Ace of Cakes, Duff Goldman, in his inaugural appearance to try and steal a sweet victory; top-notch pastry chefs Holden Jagger and Tova du Plessis must face off for a chance to bake Bobby under the table.
S28, EP10 "Adios, Roberto Flay"Food Network's Anne Burrell and Damaris Phillips team up to hassle, heckle, and hope Bobby Flay loses.
S28, EP9 "A Family Affair"Chefs Liam Beardslee and Nicole Gomes get an unlikely supporter as Bobby Flay's daughter, Sophie Flay, joins Alex Guarnaschelli to show that she's the Flay to win.
S28, EP8 "Don't Be Crabby"Things get heated when Florida chefs Noel Cruz and Andrew Zarzosa face off for a shot at Bobby Flay; Food Network regulars Katie Lee and Eddie Jackson do their best to razz Bobby with a dish he knows nothing about.
S28, EP7 "Scallop Over the Finish Line"Legendary actor John O'Hurley pairs up with Food Network's Damaris Phillips in trying to catalog all of Bobby Flay's fails; talented chefs Charlie Fuerte and Jonathan Brooks look to turn the tables on Bobby and leave victorious.
S28, EP6 "Last Man Grilling"Chefs Mark Henry and Larry Delgado hope to leave a grill mark on grill master Bobby Flay's record; chef Josh Capon and TV host Laura Vitale are there to try and help smoke Bobby out of his own kitchen.
S28, EP5 "Romancing the Flay"Love is in the air as married couple and chefs Laura and Sayat Ozyilmaz team up to take Bobby Flay down; chef Michael Voltaggio and Food Network's Jeff Mauro spark a budding bromance, leaving Bobby all by his lonesome.
S28, EP4 "It's All Jackfruit to Me"Chefs Jonathan Meyer and Fernanda Tapia are thrown for a loop when Bobby Flay gives them a challenging star ingredient; chef Alex Guarnaschelli and "Man v. Food's" Casey Webb try to ease the pressure with some pranks to throw Bobby off his game.
S28, EP3 "Hate to Burst Your Shark"Things heat up in this summertime battle as chefs Phelix Gardner and Enrika Williams try to make a splash with a win in Bobby Flay's kitchen; Bobby uses his chef knives to try and slash Eddie Jackson and Ted Allen's summer fun.
S28, EP2 "LA Takeover"Actress Ali Larter links up with chef Michael Voltaggio to blind Bobby Flay with the bright lights of Hollywood and defeat him; international chefs Jorge Gonzalez and Yuri Szarzewski attempt to throw Bobby off his game with their global fare.
S28, EP1 "Bobby and the Chocolate Factory""Chopped" judge Alex Guarnaschelli teams up with "Chopped Sweets" judge Elizabeth Chambers to give Bobby Flay some bittersweet memories; they recruit chefs Leanne Mascoli and Melanie Moss, who are sweet on walking away with a win.
S27, EP15 "Kelly and the Jet"Former Olympian and chef Dawn Burrell and West Coast legend chef Rob Lam face off before they go for the gold against Bobby Flay; Food Network's Clinton Kelly and Jet Tila are there to cheer them on to victory.
S27, EP14 "The Puck Stops Here"Culinary legend Wolfgang Puck makes his first-ever appearance at the Beat Bobby Flay arena alongside "Chopped" guru Ted Allen; chefs Emily Hansen and Judy Anderson must impress the dynamic duo to get the chance to fillet the Flay.
S27, EP13 "Best Dressed in TV"Chef Geoffrey Zakarian and TV host Carson Kressley team up to take down Bobby Flay and tackle his basic button-down fashion choices; seasoned chefs Chris Coleman and Siddharth Krishna hope to claim a head-turning win.
S27, EP12 "Beets Me"Bobby Flay's friends Damaris Phillips and Michael Symon get together for the very first time to try to take their pal down; he'll have to tango with fellow New Yorkers Andrew Lukovsky and Airis Johnson, who aren't going down without a fight.
S27, EP11 "Let the Trumpet Sound!"Reid Scott makes a campaign run against Bobby Flay with all-star running mate Sunny Anderson; chefs Ned Baldwin and Sieger Bayer want to veto Bobby's winning record and snag a landslide victory of their own.
S27, EP10 "Rambutan Rumble"Global chefs Dannie Harrison and Hiro Tawara try to trip up Bobby Flay with some dishes that are off the map; Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis and Marcus Samuelsson are along for the ride and hoping Bobby gets jet lag.
S27, EP8 "Mission: Impastable"Chef Anne Burrell brings rising star comedian Jaboukie Young White from The Daily Show to hit Bobby Flay with some breaking news; Italian expert chefs Nicole Karr and David Benstock are recruited.
S27, EP7 "Peas of Mind"Lela Loren, star of Power, pairs up with Bobby Flay's pal Michael Symon to try to get Bobby to power down in his own kitchen; chefs Lien Lin and Hamidullah Noori attempt to throw Bobby a curve ball with a dish he's never heard of.
S27, EP6 "That's a Lotta Ciabatta"Chef Scott Conant and host Katie Brown bring in two masters of Italian pasta making to see if Bobby Flay's skills can stand up to the test; chefs Kerri Rogers and Joel Gargano's buon cibo.
S27, EP5 "The Battle for Saratoga"Golf phenom Michelle Wie joins Food Network's Scott Conant to add a stroke to Bobby Flay's game; Saratoga, N.Y., chefs Jeannette Liebers and Chris Bonnivier are on the scene to make sure Bobby takes a mulligan.
S27, EP4 "Flirting With Victory"Chef Alex Guarnaschelli gets an assist from actress Malin Akerman, who proves to be more of a distraction than Bobby Flay can handle; chefs Andrew Bent and Alejandro Barrientos try to steal a win; Malin runs interference in Bobby's kitchen.
S27, EP3 "Veggin' Out"Bobby Flay brings out activist Beth Stern and Katie Lee for an all-vegetarian battle; vegetarian chefs Cara Nance and Destiny Aponte are down for the challenge.
S27, EP2 "Best in Snow"Food Network's Sunny Anderson and Christian Petroni try to snow in Bobby Flay for the season; Minnesota-native chefs Karyn Tomlinson and Erick Harcey do their best to bring the frigid winter into Bobby's kitchen.
S27, EP1 "A Berry Crazy Night"Food Network's Eddie Jackson and Anne Burrell hope to trip up Bobby Flay with some stellar competition; things come down to the wire between chefs Nokee Bucayu and Jay Reifel, leaving Anne, Eddie and Bobby all on the edge of their seats.
S26, EP14 "Power Trip"Actor Joseph Sikora joins Michael Symon to bring the muscle into Bobby Flay's kitchen; they recruit superchefs Ian Rynecki and Ruth Wigman to put the squeeze on Bobby.
S26, EP13 "You Made Your Bread, Now Eat It"Acclaimed chef Michael Voltaggio and TV host Jaymee Sire pair up to topple Bobby Flay; they bring in Yehuda Sichel and Remy Pettus, two young and hungry chefs hot on the path to take down the culinary king.
S26, EP12 "If I Dip, You Dip, We Dip"Ana Gasteyer and chef Josh Capon try to take Bobby down; chefs Sarah Cloyd and Danny Brown are looking to humor themselves with a win.
S26, EP11 "Belly Up!"Chefs Claire Robinson and Scott Conant bring in meat masters Max Hosey and Ash Fulk to take down Bobby Flay; the competition heats up when Scott reveals his obsession with the winning contender's signature dish.
S26, EP10 "Too Fly for Flay"Actress Nicole Ari Parker teams up with Sunny Anderson to take down Bobby Flay; husband-and-wife chefs Julio Lazzarini and Jennifer Behm-Lazzarini have to battle one another for a shot at Bobby.
S26, EP9 "It's All Gravy"Ego Nwodim tag-teams with Bobby Flay's pal, chef Michael Symon; chefs Brandon Baltzley and Bill Crites must think on the fly if they want to walk out with a win.
S26, EP8 "Who's the Boss"Things get personal when two people who know Bobby Flay better than anyone try to beat their boss.
S26, EP7 "Friday Night Bites"Ultra-competitive pals Amanda Freitag and Sunny Anderson team up to tackle Bobby Flay; Tampa chef Michael Buttacavoli and New Jersey's chef Scott McDonald face off on the gridiron.
S26, EP6 "Blondes Have More Fun"Sara Haines teams up with Food Network's Anne Burrell to try to bring Bobby Flay down; chefs Jonathan Dearden and Scott Drewno go head-to-head for a shot at Bobby's crown.
S26, EP5 "How You Bean?"Food Network's Damaris Phillips and Sunny Anderson show up to light a torch under Bobby Flay's stove; chefs Brian Lopes and Jesse Wykle go head-to-head for a chance to make waves in Bobby's kitchen.
S26, EP4 "Forecasting a Win"America's favorite weatherman, Al Roker, joins Katie Lee to bring a torrential downpour on Bobby Flay's day; chefs Maria Grubb and Justin Walker will be cooking up a storm to try to rain on Bobby's parade.
S26, EP3 "Don't Be Salty"Bobby Flay makes a dangerous wager with "The Kitchen's" Geoffrey Zakarian and Sunny Anderson that may cost him the game; chefs Sammy Monsour and Whitney Thomas are there to rub salt in the wound and try to walk away with a win.
S26, EP2 "25 Ingredients or Less"Food Network's Giada De Laurentiis brings in pal Meredith Vieira to try to beat Bobby Flay in 25 ingredients or less; chefs Marcos Campos and Nicholas Poulmetis try not to slip up on the star ingredient for a shot at taking down the king.
S26, EP1 "Mustache Takeover"Chefs Saransh Oberoi and Tom Cuomo bring their skills and enviable moustaches to the kitchen.
S25, EP17 "All About That Baste"Bobby has a full house for Thanksgiving when he's joined by Damaris Phillips and "Man v. Food" host Casey Webb; chefs Kevin Grossi and Lindsay Porter want a second helping of victory.
S25, EP16 "The Nightmare Before Pastry"Katie Lee and Zac Young want to scare up a victory, but Bobby Flay isn't giving up without a fright; pastry chefs Michael McGowan and Kareem Queeman have a scream at the spooky star ingredient.
S25, EP15 "Double Trouble"SNL's Heidi Gardner pairs up with Food Network's Katie Lee to give Bobby Flay a double dose of trouble. Duo Iesha Williams and Nirva Israel-Llorca go toe-to-toe with Mark and DeAnna Germano for a chance to double down on a win.
S25, EP14 "A Sticky Situation"Alex Guarnaschelli and Geoffrey Zakarian bring in two talented pastry chefs, Erica Land and Jacqueline.
S25, EP13 "The Dynamic Duo"Formidable duo Michael Symon and Giada De Laurentiis reunite to continue their winning streak against Bobby Flay, bringing in Italian master chefs Jessica Gamble and Fabrizio Schenardi to challenge Bobby with a dish he's never won before.
S25, EP12 "You're Masa-ing With Me!"Food Network's Jet Tila and chef Carla Hall hope to get sweet revenge over Bobby Flay; they bring in Asian food specialists chef Dan Jacobs and chef Tony Nguyen to dodge Bobby's curveballs and take home a win.
S25, EP11 "Going Global"Chef Richard Blais recruits TV personality Laura Vitale to try to knock Bobby Flay down a peg or two; they enlist the help of global food enthusiasts chef Reza Setayesh and chef Andy Gaynor to make Bobby's world spin.
S25, EP10 "It's All Gouda"Emotions run high as Anne Burrell and Michael Voltaggio bring in two young chefs to challenge Bobby Flay; the two up-and-comers, Dafna Mizrahi and Jose DeJesus, specialize in Mexican cuisine, and they're not going to play nice.
S25, EP9 "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"Alex Guarnaschelli and chef Michael Voltaggio love nothing more than seeing Bobby Flay lose; they're cheering on fine dining expert Jennifer Dewasha and seafood aficionado Devin Bozkaya, who are ready to battle.
S25, EP8 "Fresh-Squeezed"Michael Symon and Amanda Frietag are ready to make sure Bobby Flay goes home empty-handed; chef Carrie Eagle soars into the arena to take on Cincinnati stalwart Jose Salazar for a chance to squeeze out a win against Bobby.
S25, EP7 "So Much Shade"Chef Scott Conant ("Chopped") recruits actress Vivica A. Fox to help throw shade at Bobby Flay; hoping Bobby freezes under the pressure are French master chef Nico Romo and Caribbean enthusiast chef Peter Prime.
S25, EP6 "Beat Bobby Flay: The Musical"Getting lyrical in the kitchen when Food Network's Damaris Phillips gets TV host Jaymee Sire to join her sing-along that doesn't end; French chef Remi Granger and Philadelphia native Elijah Milligan both hope to strike a victorious chord.
S25, EP5 "Superchef, Supermodel"Superchef Anne Burrell teams up with supermodel Gigi Hadid to give Bobby a real taste of the spotlight; they're hoping international chefs Melissa Araujo and Max Robbins can blind Bobby with their brilliance and capture a win.
S25, EP4 "Go Nuts!"Christmas cookie challenge pals Ree Drummond and Eddie Jackson join forces to decide who has what it takes to get the job done against Bobby Flay; seafood specialist chef Ian Rough must battle California ranch chef Anthony Endy.
S25, EP3 "Gives You Goosebumps"The star ingredient gives everyone goosebumps, including "Chopped's" Scott Conant and comedic actress Cheri Oteri; Texas chef Nick Walker and Bosnian chef Senada Grbic hope to return the favor to Bobby Flay with a win in the second round.
S25, EP2 "Summer Lovin'"The summer heat wave takes hold of the kitchen; Chef Carla Hall and TV announcer Steve Higgins recruit red-hot chefs Kathy Sidell and Vinson Petrillo to light a fire under Bobby Flay and take him out.
S25, EP1 "Ready, Set, Grill!"The BBQ princess, Leslie Roark Scott, goes up against the queen of pork, Jess DeSham Timmons, for a chance to grill Bobby Flay; racecar driving legend Danica Patrick and Food Network's Eddie Jackson try to wave the checkered flag on Bobby's victory.
S24, EP13 "No Cake Walk"In a star-studded event, three of Bobby Flay's friends unite to try and take him down; Sunny Anderson, Alex Guarnaschelli and Buddy Valastro do their best to take the cake.
S24, EP12 "Sibling Rivalry"Siblings Matt and Lisa take their rivalry to the next level when they challenge each other for a chance to torch Bobby.
S23, EP10 "We Will, We Will Judge You"Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and actor Lou Diamond Phillips bring in heavy hitters to take Bobby Flay down; recruited from Bobby's own ranks, chefs Adrienne Cheatham and Michele Ragussis are both ready for a win of their own.
S23, EP7 "This'll Stick in Your Craw"Worlds collide when Hawaiian chef Jojo Vasquez tangles with Nashville's Brian Riggenbach for the ultimate chance to one-up Bobby Flay in his own kitchen.
S23, EP6 "Perched for Victory"Anne Burrell gets a little help from her friend Valerie Bertinelli on the mission to bring down Bobby Flay. They recruit Napa Valley's Elizabeth Binder and Washington, D.C.'s Mike Ellis to help them see this mission through with a win.
S21, EP3 "Snaked Out"The kitchen gets steamy when Derek Simcik, named Sexiest Chef, goes up against Philadelphia's haute chef, Sylva Senat; Chris Santos and Marc Murphy choose which chef will burn Bobby Flay.
S20, EP7 "Making Headlines""The Today Show" host Dylan Dreyer teams up with "Chopped" judge Scott Conant to take down their friend Bobby Flay; Jamaican chef Patrick Simpson challenges Hawaiian chef Alvin Savella in an all-out battle of the islands.
S20, EP1 "Against the Grain""Chopped" host Ted Allen and Food Network's Damaris Phillips try to rewrite history; attempting to make Bobby Flay's domination a thing of the past are Southern heirloom chef Paul Fehribach and spunky pan-Asian chef Sara Nguyen.
S1, EP9 "Old School; New School"Experienced chef Andrew Evans battles the up and coming chef Brooke Mallory; Scott Conant and food critic Katie Lee judge.
S1, EP8 "Up in Smoke!"Chefs Kamal Rose and Shannon Bard compete for a chance to Beat Bobby Flay; Iron Chef Michael Symon and comedian Ali Wentworth will decide the winner.
S1, EP7 "Eat, Flay, Love"Catering queen Kimberly Van Kline and Christopher Lee, compete for a chance to take on Bobby Flay; Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and down home chef Jack McDavid stop by to see how the competition measures up.
S1, EP6 "Beauty and the Feast"Farm girl Rochelle Bilow and city boy Paul Denamiel battle it out for a chance to take on Bobby Flay.
S1, EP5 "Fighting Irish"Cancer survivor Steven McHugh goes head-to-head with 6'7 former rock star, Brian Young for a chance to take on Bobby Flay.
S1, EP4 "Old Dog, New Tricks"New Yorker Brian Tsao and Maryland's Adam Harvey duke it out for their chance to knock Bobby off his throne.
S1, EP3 "Farmer and the Belle"Georgia chef Matthew Raiford and Boston chef Karen Akunowicz compete for their chance to take on Bobby Flay.
S1, EP2 "Welcome to New York!"Kentucky chef Anthony Lamas and Washington chef Jennifer Nguyen bring the battle to the Big Apple for a chance to Beat Bobby Flay.
Bobby Flay is no stranger to culinary competitions, whether he's hosting ("Bobby's Dinner Battle") or competing ("Throwdown With Bobby Flay"). In this program he does both. Each half-hour episode begins with two chefs competing to create a dish using an ingredient chosen by Flay. The winner of that challenge -- as determined by a special guest judge -- goes to the second round, in which he or she does battle against chef Flay. To make things a little more fair, the challenger has an advantage by being able to prepare a signature dish that is unknown to Bobby until the start of the round. Once he learns what the dish is, Flay must immediately come up with his own version. A panel determines the winner of the second round through a blind taste test. Food Network regulars Sunny Anderson, Anne Burrell and Giada De Laurentiis are among the judges appearing on the show.
Original Air Date: Mar 3, 2014
Genres: Home/CookingRealityTV Series
Rating: TVG
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