The Innermost Inside
S9, EP17 "The Innermost Inside"
Catelynn takes her microblading career to the next level and starts taking on clients; Gary finally invites Amber over to see Leah; Mackenzie contemplates if Broncs should repeat Pre-Kindergarten; Maci and Taylor divide their time.
MTV • 60m
Flying By the Seat of Our Pants
S9, EP16 "Flying By the Seat of Our Pants"
Still hoping to reconnect with Leah, Amber sends her an emotional video message; Maci and Taylor worry that Maverick might be held back from going to kindergarten; while on vacation in Florida, Catelynn and Tyler meet up with Ma.
Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Agree to Disagree
S9, EP15 "Agree to Disagree"
Amber wants to pursue a college degree in psychology; Mackenzie and Josh seek professional help for Broncs; Catelynn tries to understand Tyler's ketamine treatment; Cheyenne is devastated when her sister decides to move.
Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2021 • MTV • 42m
A Day Late and a Dollar Short
S9, EP14 "A Day Late and a Dollar Short"
Heading into her third trimester, Cheyenne needs Cory to help out more with Ryder but he has other plans; Catelynn is hesitant but Tyler wants to try ketamine therapy; Mackenzie and her family celebrate her late mother's birthday.
Original Air Date: Sep 14, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Light the Way
S9, EP12 "Light the Way"
Cheyenne and Zach have a gender reveal party and finally get the results of Zach's genetic test; Maci is shocked to learn that Ryan had a session with Bentley's therapist; Mackenzie pushes Josh to move to Florida permanently.
Original Air Date: Apr 13, 2021 • MTV • 42m
The Waiting Game
S9, EP11 "The Waiting Game"
Cheyenne awaits the results of Zach's genetic test to determine whether their unborn child will have VLCAD; Amber tries to repair the damage after missing Leah's party; Catelynn and Tyler seek advice on their relationship with their first child.
Original Air Date: Apr 06, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Half-Wounded Parent
S9, EP10 "Half-Wounded Parent"
Maci copes with the aftermath of the shooting; Cheyenne uses her platform to discuss racial injustice; Mackenzie's friends visit her ; Catelynn and Tyler learn his sister has relapsed; Amber's relationship with Leah continues to deteriorate.
Original Air Date: Mar 30, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Where Do We Go From Here
S9, EP9 "Where Do We Go From Here"
Cheyenne shocks Cory with her news; Amber struggles when her dog's health deteriorates; Catelynn and Tyler fear that Nova might have a learning disability; Mackenzie celebrates her 26th birthday; Maci is caught in the middle of a shootout.
Original Air Date: Mar 23, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Better Days Are Coming
S9, EP8 "Better Days Are Coming"
Cheyenne and Zach's families pressure them to get married; Mackenzie and Josh give their marriage another chance; Catelynn and Tyler decide to vote in the presidential election.
Original Air Date: Mar 16, 2021 • MTV • 42m
In My Bubble
S9, EP7 "In My Bubble"
After discovering that a staff member at Nova's old day care is a sex offender, Catelynn and Tyler decide to talk to Nova about protecting herself; Amber restarts her online clothing store; Maci and Taylor talk to Bentley about safe sex.
Original Air Date: Mar 09, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Hearts on Fire
S9, EP6 "Hearts on Fire"
Amber deals with online trolls who criticize her weight; Catelynn receives her microblading certification; Maci accepts a challenge from Taylor; Mackenzie and her kids move to Florida; Cheyenne celebrates her birthday with a huge announcement.
Original Air Date: Mar 02, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Orchard of Dreams
S9, EP5 "Orchard of Dreams"
Catelynn believes she's pregnant, and Maci deals with a change in venue for Jagger's birthday party, which puts Bentley in an awkward position.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Lose My Mind
S9, EP4 "Lose My Mind"
Maci helps Bentley decide if he should go to his brother Jagger's birthday since Ryan will be there; Catelynn and Tyler work on disciplining Nova; Amber makes a decision about living on Gary's property.
Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Patience Is Patience
S9, EP3 "Patience Is Patience"
When Mackenzie's father needs to have quadruple bypass surgery, her plans to move to Florida are put on pause; Maci worries about Bentley's performance in school; Catelynn and Tyler contemplate having another child.
Original Air Date: Feb 09, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Just Do You
S9, EP2 "Just Do You"
Amber is shocked when Gary asks her to move onto his property; Catelynn pursues a career in microblading, while Mackenzie accepts a job opportunity in Florida; Bentley starts therapy, and Maci is heartbroken.
Original Air Date: Feb 02, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Surviving Together
S9, EP1 "Surviving Together"
In the midst of COVID, Amber struggles with her long-distance relationship with Dimitri when he becomes possessive.
Original Air Date: Jan 26, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Reunion Part 2
S9 "Reunion Part 2"
Maci and Taylor's argument with Ryan's parents intensifies, while Mackenzie reflects on her tumultuous year; Kristina joins Gary to give her side of the story; Cate discusses her pregnancy.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Reunion Part 1
S9 "Reunion Part 1"
Catelynn reveals a big surprise, and Cheyenne discusses intimate details about her relationship with Zach; Amber and Gary's co-parenting relationship deteriorates even further.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2021 • MTV • 42m