Spring Baking Championship

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Spring Baking ChampionshipSome of America's best bakers get set to prove their skills in this springtime baking championship.
S10, EP9 "Music Festival"Surrounded by spring music, Jesse Palmer asks the bakers to make music festival cupcake crowns featuring succulents; the bakers get jazzy with judges Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller as they craft entremets with NOLA snowball flavors.
S5, EP4 "Southern Spring Bakeover"The seven bakers put a spring spin on Southern classics, starting with the challenge of turning a can of biscuits into a spring dessert flavored with lemonade, bourbon or sweet tea.
S5, EP5 "Easter Delights"Easter is a time for colorful desserts and marshmallow treats, so the six remaining bakers have to create an ooey-gooey marshmallow dessert in a bright Easter color.
S5, EP6 "Marvelous Mother Nature"For Earth Day, the five bakers are celebrating the bounty of Mother Nature, starting with wondrous walnut desserts featuring an assortment of flower honeys.
S5, EP7 "Pretty in Pink"The four bakers make desserts with rose wine and pink ingredients.
S5, EP8 "Mother's Day Party"Remaining bakers celebrate Mother's Day; competitors make baked items inspired by mai tais, mojitos or mimosas; they then use flavors inspired by Mom's favorite coffee drinks to create cakes featuring their Mother's Day gifts; the winner is chosen.
S10, EP10 "Something Borrowed, Something Old"Jesse Palmer is ready for the biggest party of the season as 12 bakers turn spring celebrations into beautiful desserts! They'll have to impress Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller for a chance at $25,000 and the title of Spring Baking Champion.
S10, EP8 "Derby Day Celebrations"Jesse Palmer challenges the bakers to create Kentucky Derby cocktail-flavored eclairs.
S10, EP7 "April Showers"When April showers come, it's time to head indoors for Jesse Palmer's spring tea party, where the bakers make petit fours; the competitors join judges Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller around the maypole with May Day shortcake wreaths.
S10, EP6 "Going to Prom"Jesse Palmer is throwing a spring prom, and he tasks the bakers with making macaron corsages; the bakers blend fashion with baking to create tsunami prom dress cakes in hopes that Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller name them prom royalty.
S10, EP5 "International Spring Celebrations"Jesse Palmer prepares for the Indian festival of Holi by challenging the bakers to make colorful doughnuts; the bakers design elephant cakes that transport the judges to Thailand's Songkran Water Festival.
S10, EP4 "Earth Day: Inspired by Bugs!"Jesse Palmer pays homage to Earth's creatures by asking the bakers to create a plated dessert inspired by an insect; the bakers celebrate Earth Day with Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller by making a geographically inspired baked Alaska.
S10, EP3 "Awards Springing Up Everywhere"It's awards season, so the bakers are asked to whip up "And the winner is" berry-filled pie envelopes; the bakers team up to present the judges with a social media phenomenon: two-tiered "bubble" cakes inspired by an awards night cocktail.
S10, EP1 "Spring Break: Tropical Fun in the Sun"Jesse Palmer gets the celebration started by tasking 12 bakers to make desserts inspired by a tropical spring break; the bakers take Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller on an adventure with cakes showcasing a favorite spring experience.
S9, EP10 "Sealing the Deal"Jesse Palmer is throwing a spring baking wedding; the bottom two bakers create doughnut wedding shower favors before the final three create proposal desserts and dream wedding cakes to win the judges' hearts, the championship title, and $25,000.
S9, EP9 "A Mother's Love"Host Jesse Palmer springs into the season with a Mother's Day celebration; for the bakers to show Mom how much she means to them, they create bouquets of tulips and rosé-infused desserts before the judges decide who moves on to the finale.
S9, EP8 "Love Around the World"Jesse Palmer tasks the bakers with celebrating their love for the flavors of the world; they create blind date mashup desserts and cheesecakes that feature exotic and international flavors.
S9, EP7 "The Things We Bake for Love"Jesse Palmer has the bakers pull out all the stops to create breakfast-in-bed muffin towers and decadent chocolate pies.
S9, EP6 "Retro Love"Jesse Palmer challenges the bakers to make soda shop cupcakes and extra shaggy cakes.
S9, EP5 "Love in the Great Outdoors"The bakers to look to the stars and create celestial mousse cakes; the bakers pair up in a team challenge to make romantic croquembouche arbors and floral macarons that are fit for the judges' spring garden party.
S9, EP4 "Fool for Love"It's April Fool's Day in the kitchen; Jesse Palmer tasks the remaining bakers with creating fool for love tarts and embracing the holiday of pranks by serving judges Duff Goldman, Kardea Brown and Nancy Fuller cakes that look like pies.
S9, EP3 "Ill-Fated Romances"The 10 remaining bakers face the darker side of love with challenges dedicated to ill-fated romances; host Jesse Palmer requests they create flaky Spring Fling Napoleons and pair up in their first team challenge to create breakup cakes.
S9, EP2 "Spring Passion"Things get heated when host Jesse Palmer challenges the bakers to spice up bento box cakes using ingredients that are also aphrodisiacs; they make desserts featuring passionfruit and chiles that perfectly balance passion and heat.
S9, EP1 "Who Do You Love?"Jesse Palmer welcomes 12 bakers to the kitchen, where they create desserts that prove their baking passion; they revisit the desserts that sparked their love for baking and make cakes inspired by a loved one.
S8, EP10 "All About Family"The final four bakers are part of the Spring Baking Championship family, so host Molly Yeh challenges them to make a cherished family recipe: an heirloom wedding cake; the judges crown one baker the champion and award the $25,000 prize.
S8, EP9 "Farmhouse Chic"Molly Yeh challenges the bakers to make desserts that feature cocktails, wine and cheese.
S8, EP8 "Sweets and Second Chances"The judges surprise the competitors by giving an eliminated baker a second chance; Molly Yeh challenges the bakers to make desserts that feature candy.
S8, EP7 "Pretty as a Picture"Host Molly Yeh tasks the remaining bakers with using a few of her farm favorites to make delightful breakfast treats that wake up the judges' palates; the bakers must make a cake that looks like a painting.
S8, EP6 "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"Spring is the perfect time to get outside, and whether it's a baseball game or a potluck picnic, delicious food is never far away; host Molly Yeh asks the bakers to make desserts that evoke outdoor spring traditions.
S8, EP5 "Cherry Blossom Bake-Off"Cherry blossom festivals are an iconic celebration of spring, so host Molly Yeh asks the bakers to take the beauty of the blooms and turn them into inspired cherry blossom desserts.
S8, EP4 "Spring Surprises"Host Molly Yeh challenges the bakers to bring the unexpected to their upside-down citrus cakes; in the main heat, judges Kardea Brown, Nancy Fuller and Duff Goldman are impressed with the bakers' out-of-the-box thinking and unique takes on pies.
S8, EP3 "Coffee and Tea With Molly"Host Molly Yeh brings her love of coffee and tea to the competition with oversized stuffed coffee cookies in the preheat; it's tea for two as the bakers must team up and work together to win over the judges with a delicious dessert platter.
S8, EP2 "Molly's Mardi Gras"Host Molly Yeh brings a taste of New Orleans to the farm with challenges inspired by Mardi Gras; the party starts as the competing bakers put their own spin on the classic king cake; they're tasked with making a fantastic Mardi Gras parade float.
S8, EP1 "Everything's Coming Up Floral"Host Molly Yeh challenges the 12 competing bakers to make fruit tarts that showcase their distinct personalities; the bakers must fight to remain in the game with a floral bonanza cake that wows judges Kardea Brown, Nancy Fuller and Duff Goldman.
S8 "Easter: Hopping Into Spring"Host Sunny Anderson challenges the seven remaining bakers to create dessert pizzas inspired by crave-worthy cookies and make edible garden cakes.
S8 "Easter: Show Me the Bunny"Sunny Anderson welcomes eight Easter-obsessed bakers to the kitchen to create a fantasy Easter dessert featuring chocolate; they have to imagine themselves as giant Easter Bunnies.
S8 "Easter: Basket Case"The three bakers take on the ultimate final challenge: a 4-foot-tall edible Easter basket filled with over-the-top desserts and the ultimate Easter cake; judges Jordan Andino and Stephanie Boswell name the champion and award the $25,000 prize.
S8 "Easter: Dinner Dupe"Host Sunny Anderson challenges the four remaining bakers to make over-the-top charcuterie boards filled with Easter treats; the competitors then try to fool the judges with cakes that look exactly like classic Easter dinner dishes.
S8 "Easter: Bright-Eyed and Bushy-Tailed"Host Sunny Anderson asks the six remaining bakers to wake him up with delicious Easter doughnuts infused with a shot of caffeine and piñata cakes filled with homemade treats.
S7, EP10 "Spring Gardens: The Birds and the Bugs"Host Ali Khan challenges the final bakers to create spring songbird-themed desserts; to win the title and $25,000 prize, bakers must make a spring garden cake with a surprise design element inside.
S7, EP9 "Spring Break"Host Ali Khan challenges the remaining bakers to combine destination desserts with classic snacks; the bakers create a two-dessert landscape resembling a vacation in a national forest, amusement park, city or tropical beach.
S7, EP8 "Spring Pastimes"Host Ali Khan challenges the remaining bakers to make a fruity spring dessert in a skillet to enjoy around the campfire; each baker is assigned a wintry craft and tasked with creating a look-alike, spring-themed cake.
S7, EP7 "The Spring Cookie Classic"Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to invent their own spring delight featuring cookies, ice cream and fruit; they're assigned classic cookies to turn into spring desserts.
S7, EP6 "Spring Flower Fiesta"Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to use pressed and dried flowers in their spring party desserts; then they must make a flower fantasy cake that features a flower flavor such as hibiscus, jasmine and elderflower.
S7, EP5 "Spring Babies"Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to make desserts that look like baby gifts and have spring flavor pairings, like lemon and thyme or kumquat and mint; then, they must create baby shower dessert towers to impress the judges.
S7, EP4 "Spring Romance"Host Ali Khan pairs up the bakers to create a proposal dessert plate for a spring couple; then it's all about baking a spring wedding cake, but each baker makes half the cake without seeing the teammate's work.
S7, EP3 "Spring Bunnies and Chickens, Oh My!"Host Ali Khan challenges the bakers to create beautiful, edible eggs with a surprise flavor and decorative spring chick; then the bakers try to impress judges Kardea Brown, Nancy Fuller and Duff Goldman with their spectacular hot cross bunnies.
S7, EP2 "Spring Celebrations"The bakers celebrate the vibrant colors of spring as host Ali Khan challenges them to make colorful, spicy sweets for Holi, a Hindu spring festival; then they use a spring green ingredient to create a leaping leprechaun dessert for St. Patrick's Day.
S6, EP9 "Spring Senioritis - Class of 2020"The three remaining bakers celebrate graduation day by making an honor roll dessert and a diploma dessert with a dipping sauce; the competitors create prom-night cakes themed to the '50s, '60s or '80s.
S6, EP8 "Mom's Spring Getaway"Inspired by Mom's favorite cocktail, the remaining bakers make sweet, spicy margarita madness desserts; the competitors create look-alike baked goods based on Mom's pool float, choosing between flamingo, swan, seahorse or peacock.
S6, EP7 "Spring Flower Power"The five remaining bakers are assigned cherries, cherry blossom decor and a crumble dessert to blend into a floral fusion.
S6, EP6 "Spring Declutter"Spring is the season to clean and streamline, so the remaining competitors make minimalist creations that are flourless and flower-less.
S6, EP5 "Trolls World Tour"The seven remaining bakers join the Trolls World Tour and are dared to make colorful tiny Troll treats and then the competitors have VIP passes to a Troll rock concert and have to create cakes with a musical Troll tribe theme.
S6, EP4 "Spring in the Great Outdoors: Team Challenges"It's team challenge week, and the eight bakers grab a buddy to spring into the outdoors; tasty hand-held treats for a hike; a complete two-wheeled dessert, decorated for a ride through a vineyard, canyon, city park or country lane.
S6, EP3 "The One About Puppies and Kitties"It's raining cats and dogs as the bakers make kittyclairs: eclairs with an orange kitty theme.
S6, EP2 "Spring Skies"The competing bakers celebrate the spring equinox by making colorful and delicious doughnuts themed to either sunrise or sunset.
S6, EP1 "Spring's Natural Wonders"Eleven bakers celebrate the natural beauty of spring by creating perfectly patterned spring fruit geometric tarts.
S5, EP1 "Spring Has Sprung"Ten bakers celebrate spring by combining all things cute and delicious in their spring animal-themed doughnuts in round one; in the main heat, the bakers create watercolor cakes featuring iconic spring fruits and vegetables.
S3, EP7 "Memorial Day Delights"The three finalists must create red, white and blue American flag cakes; one of the bakers will win $50,000.
S3, EP6 "Rainy Day Sweets"The four bakers must make whoopie pie critters found in a garden; the bakers must capture the drips and drops of rainfall in a cake.
S3, EP5 "Momcentric"The five bakers create fruit tarts from the heart in a kaleidoscope of colors and flavors; vintage dessert and mom classics like peach cobbler, bread pudding, chocolate cream pie and pineapple upside down cake get a makeover.
S3, EP4 "Springtime Remodeling"The six remaining bakers attempt to lighten up a dense, dark brownie and give a classic Napoleon a springtime twist.
S3, EP3 "Derby Desserts"The seven remaining bakers celebrate the Kentucky Derby with their takes on mint julep desserts and cookie garlands.
S3, EP1 "Easter Treats"Nine of the best bakers in America create Easter egg desserts and bunny cakes.
S2, EP1 "Berry Naked"In the pre-heat challenge, eight of America's best bakers undertake a shortcake makeover using any fruit but berries; the main heat is berry, berry challenging as the bakers create berry naked cakes to stay in the competition.
S1, EP6 "Wedding Season"The three remaining bakers take on a wedding dessert bar challenge; creating a wedding cake that deserves to be the centerpiece of the big day.
S1, EP5 "Memorial Day Madness"The bakers must make memorable Memorial Day desserts to make it to the finale; in the first challenge the bakers must create a pie for a spring picnic; red, white and blue desserts.
S1, EP4 "Birthday Blast"The five remaining bakers must bake for a birthday bash; desserts on a stick; the bakers must create a birthday cake, paired with homemade ice cream.
S1, EP3 "Mother's Day"The bakers take on a special treat, transforming coffee and cream into a delectable dessert; whipping up a festive mom-worthy brunch.
S1, EP2 "Sweet and Tart"In the first challenge, the remaining chefs must create a honey dessert; lemons and limes must be incorporated into a springtime citrus treat.
S1, EP1 "Spring Bounty"Eight of America's best bakers set out to prove their culinary skills in a series of challenges including flower-inspired cupcakes and an upside-down cake.
"Spring on the Farm"Eleven bakers whip up tasty farm stand breakfast treats; bakers must show off their skills and impress judges Kardea Brown, Nancy Fuller and Duff Goldman with a cake and dessert creation featuring happy, dancing cows.
"Spring Baking Championship"Some of America's best bakers get set to prove their skills in this springtime baking championship.
Some of America's best bakers get set to prove their skills in this springtime baking championship.
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