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Maverick MomentsSurfers struggle to balance their personal lives with their passion to ride the biggest waves.
S1, EP13 "Tahiti"Coco Nogales, Manoa Drollet and Matahi Drollet go out to the notorious break at the end of the road, Teahupo'o in Tahiti.
S1, EP1 "Nazare Part 1"Upon arriving in Portugal, Garrett meets up with a team of seasoned big wave surfers to attempt to catch some of the biggest waves in history.
S1, EP2 "Nazare Part 2"Garrett Mcnamara and his team of surfers attempt to catch waves in the ever-changing landscape of the North Canyon of Nazare and meet up with big wave surfing legend, Ross Clarke Jones.
S1, EP3 "Nelscott Part 1"Eric spots a big swell coming towards the Oregon coast; Eric makes the 5 hour trip to Lincoln City, Ore. and meets up with long time friend, Keith Galbrieth.
S1, EP4 "Nelscott Part 2"While in New York Will Skudin gets word that the BWWT is green lit for Nelscott Reef, Ore.
S1, EP12 "Puerto 2015: Part 2"The swell in Puerto Escondido cleans up and reveals massive waves along the beach; Garrett McNamara and Francisco Porcella enjoy near perfect conditions as surfers catch wave after wave.
S1, EP10 "Peahi 2015"Francisco Porcella, David Langer and Garrett McNamara reside close by the legendary wave known as Peahi.
S1, EP9 "Peahi 2014"Garrett McNamara and his wife Nicole head from Oahu to Maui to catch a big swell; surfers are having bad luck as the waves become less and less predictable.
Surfers struggle to balance their personal lives with their passion to ride the biggest waves.
Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2016
Rating: G
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (3 episodes)
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