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WildFedAdventures in subsistence hunting, fishing and foraging, then turning wild ingredients into delicious meals.
EP2 "Texas Hog and Beautyberry"Daniel travels to the Bamberger Ranch Preserve outside of Austin to hunt Feral Hogs at night.
EP10 "Squirrel and Acorn"Daniel and his wife Avani team up to create one of their favorite meals, acorn-fried squirrel. To do it, Daniel hunts his way through the oak woods as Avani gathers acorns.
EP1 "Black Bear & Wild Rice"Daniel takes on the profound challenge of a bear hunt with Sam, a fellow hunter and roundsman.
EP2 "Wild Turkey, Ramps & Fiddleheads"Daniel goes turkey hunting and learns the traditions of foraging fiddleheads and leeks with Avani, Arthur and Sara.
EP3 "Alligator & Yaupon Tea"Daniel heads out on a South Carolina gator hunt, then learns about an ancient American caffeine crop called Yaupon being rediscovered in Georgia.
EP4 "Lake Whitefish & Wild Salad"Daniel and Arthur angle for lake white fish with their wives and gather wild salad ingredients on a remote lake in Maine.
EP10 "Whitetail Deer & Cranberries"Daniel and Avani harvest cranberries on a floating peat moss island and he finds some long-range hunting in the dense Northeastern deer woods.
EP1 "Cicadas & Mulberries"Daniel heads to Kentucky to harvest 17-year periodical Cicadas with Dr. Jonathan Larson.
EP9 "Savannah Hog and Fiddler Crab"Chef Tony Seichrist hosts Daniel in Savannah, Georgia to hunt invasive hogs, fish for sheepshead and sea bass, and to taste their way around the region.
EP9 "Landlocked Salmon & Chaga"Daniel joins friends on a frozen lake to fish for landlocked Atlantic salmon and searches high in the trees for a chaga mushroom.
EP7 "Javelina and Ephedra"Daniel puts down the rifle and picks up his bow as he heads off to the high desert of Arizona is search of javelina. Along the way he'll sample several desert plants, including ephedra and juniper in a quest to make a backcountry meal.
EP8 "Beaver & Rose Hips"Daniel joins Maine guide Randy Huntley as they trap beaver in freezing temperatures. Randy, Daniel and his wife Avani are welcomed to chef Kate Gooding's home as she prepares a favorite recipe from her cookbook -- 50 Ways To Eat A Beaver.
Adventures in subsistence hunting, fishing and foraging, then turning wild ingredients into delicious meals.
Original Air Date: Dec 28, 2020
Genres: Home/CookingTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
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