If Y'Don't Know, Now Y'Know

S2, EP10 "If Y'Don't Know, Now Y'Know"

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Decidedly his own man, Kanan strays further from his mother and sets up shop on his own on the corners of South Jamaica; worried about retaliation, Raq questions Unique; Lou's rift with Raq grows when he makes a discovery.

Original Air Date: Oct 23, 2022 • STARZ • 62m

S2, EP9 "Anti-Trust"

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With his living situation threatened, Famous reaches out to Lou as a last-ditch effort; Raq receives a new business proposal and eliminates a threat; Burke closes in on what really happened in Baisley Park.

Original Air Date: Oct 16, 2022 • STARZ • 51m
A House Is Not a Home

S2, EP8 "A House Is Not a Home"

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The rift between Raq and Kanan grows and Kanan seeks comfort elsewhere; Marvin lays low, waiting for the consequences of his actions to blow over, and Raq sees dark clouds on the horizon.

Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2022 • STARZ • 52m
No Love Lost

S2, EP7 "No Love Lost"

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A botched agreement with Marvin and an associate threatens everything; Burke gains traction in her investigation, and Raq searches for a new house.

Original Air Date: Oct 02, 2022 • STARZ • 57m
It's a Business, Man

S2, EP6 "It's a Business, Man"

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Raq assures everyone they need to follow orders and keep working as planned; Kanan takes on more responsibility, but things go wrong when he runs into neighborhood kids; Lou feels the pressure in his partnership with Crown.

Original Air Date: Sep 18, 2022 • STARZ • 51m
What Happens in the Catskills

S2, EP5 "What Happens in the Catskills"

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Raq focuses on mother-son bonding with Kanan in the Catskills, but they get interrupted when business follows them; Crown disrespects Lou, bringing their simmering beef to a boil; Burke digs into Howard's personal life.

Original Air Date: Sep 11, 2022 • STARZ • 56m
Pay the Toll

S2, EP4 "Pay the Toll"

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Kanan and Jukebox search for answers in family matters; when Raq's push into new territory stalls, she proposes a meeting; Crown helps Famous get settled; Still investigating Howard's shooting, Burke questions Unique.

Original Air Date: Sep 04, 2022 • STARZ • 59m
Sleeping Dogs

S2, EP3 "Sleeping Dogs"

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A surprise encounter with Howard leaves Kanan speechless; Raquel tries to settle in new territory, but while investigating a missing business associate with her money, she meets an old adversary.

Original Air Date: Aug 28, 2022 • STARZ • 53m
Mind Your Business

S2, EP2 "Mind Your Business"

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Raq learns she may have a snitch and tasks Marvin with confirming the rumor; Lou brings in a potential new artist, but he and Crown disagree; Kanan helps Famous sell mix tapes; Jukebox tracks down her estranged mother.

Original Air Date: Aug 21, 2022 • STARZ • 54m
The More Things Change

S2, EP1 "The More Things Change"

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Kanan returns to Queens where Raq tries to mend the many fractures in the Thomas family; as Raq expands her empire, Kanan doubts his future in the drug game; Detective Howard gets released from the hospital.

Original Air Date: Aug 14, 2022 • STARZ • 63m