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No Demo RenoSocial media celebrity Jenn Todryk creates beautiful home renovations without massive demolition.
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S3, EP12 "Familyness"A couple's blended family is leaving the nest and they want to take back their house while still maintaining what they call, Familyness. With a new kitchen, living room and bathroom, Jenn updates their '80s rancher with a rustic, industrial design.
S3, EP11 "House of Quirks"A couple loves the outdoorsy vibe of their lot, but not the house's many quirks; Jenn integrates wood ceilings and a dining room the size of a banquet hall into a traditional organic design to usher their eccentric house into the present.
S3, EP10 "Organic Coastal NOLA"A couple's kids move out and his mom is moving in, so it's time for an update; they're each wanting a New Orleans style office, a Florida coastal suite and an organic modern kitchen; Jenn looks to cohesively fuse their diverse styles.
S3, EP9 "Custom Contemporary"A couple left the custom home they loved in Utah for her job; Jenn's goal is to get them to fall in love all over again by infusing a custom, contemporary vibe without changing the layout.
S3, EP8 "'60s Refresh"A couple is so perplexed by the layout of their 1960s home that they're ready to move; Jenn, however, wants to convince them to stay with a homestead-style renovation that combines vintage elements and cozy functionality with a modern organic twist.
S3, EP7 "DIY Don't"A woman and her father have been trying to DIY her house for years, resulting in bad paint jobs and exposed concrete floors; now, they're ready to hand the reins over to Jenn, who looks to inject vintage style into a modern, single-woman space.
S3, EP6 "Vegas Luxe"A family's DIY renovations quickly died on the vine when their busy lives got in the way; Jenn swoops in to take over, finishing their uncompleted projects and delivering his dream of a luxury Vegas bathroom with her love of coastal design.
S3, EP5 "Fresh Start"A couple began renovations on their home when he suddenly passed away; now, Jenn is taking the reins to help her finish their dream home, bringing a traditional yet modern design that will keep his spirit alive while giving her a fresh start.
S3, EP4 "Tudor Is Cuter"After getting married, a couple bought their beautiful Tudor home, started a business, had a baby and now another is on the way; Jenn looks to heighten their Tudor vibe and create a cohesive, cozy space to finally make their house feel like a home.
S3, EP3 "Bachelor Pad"A man and his two older sons move back in together after the passing of their wife and mother; Jenn delivers a modern space with rustic and industrial elements that recognize the past while ushering hope for the future.
S3, EP2 "Porcelain Punch Up"With their kids off to school, a couple finally has the time to renovate their house; Jenn is ready to lean into their casual and traditional style, but there's trouble in No Demo City as Jenn and Victor clash over some porcelain countertops.
S3, EP1 "Truth Bombs"Jenn reenvisions a couple's 1960s home, which suited their family when they had one kid, but now they have three and the space is closing in on them; Jenn takes the house from cramped and cluttered to open and airy with an organic, modern design.
S2, EP10 "Work Hard Play Hard"Jenn looks to help a mother elevate her kitchen and living room into the perfect place to make memories before her daughter heads off to college; then, Jenn steps in to help a family create order out of the chaos of their twin sons' playroom.
S2, EP9 "New Space for Newlyweds"Newlyweds Ann and Bobby are having trouble making a home for two; Jenn takes on her 3-year-old daughter, Vivienne, to give her a big girl room.
S2, EP8 "Son of the Year"Nick hires Jenn to renovate his mom's dysfunctional home before she hosts her family for an upcoming wedding; Jenn finds a solution for the Bathman's overflowing closet.
S2, EP7 "More Money, More Pressure"Jenn tackles a huge project with a big budget when she takes a family's abandoned demo over the finish line to finally complete their dream home; at the same time, Jenn transforms a family's dull laundry room into a show-stopping space.
S2, EP6 "Cookie Cutter Chaos"Jenn brings in a baking expert to help design a kitchen that has plenty of space for a cookie artist and her roommate; empty-nesters need Jenn's help to reclaim their patio now that their teenagers are off to college.
S2, EP4 "Craft Explosion"Jenn revamps a family's dated home to create more functional storage space for their multipurpose crafts room/home office; meanwhile, she designs a flex space in a family's dining room where they can start making new memories together.
S2, EP3 "Between Friends"Jenn helps out her best friends, the Jardines, find the flow of their home with one of her biggest budgets yet; while turning the Luthers' spare room into an office/guest bedroom.
S2, EP2 "Out of the Gray"After moving from California, a family needs Jenn to turn their new and neutral gray house into a home that packs plenty of personality; across town, Jenn converts a couple's uninspired patio into a tranquil resort in their own backyard.
S2, EP1 "Marriage Mulligan"The Widtfeldts want to renovate their forever home; the Hensleys need Jenn's advice on how to turn their office-bedroom into an oasis from their busy life with six kids.
S1, EP10 "Midcentury Modernized"A young couple with a baby on the way ask Jenn to make their beautiful midcentury modern home more functional while staying true to its original 1950s style.
S1, EP9 "Blended Styles"A couple torn between shabby chic and industrial styles ask Jenn to come up with a plan that will satisfy them both, all before their adopted baby arrives; Jenn helps a busy couple who work from home update both their living and working spaces.
S1, EP8 "Dream House Redo"Homeowners who still consider their house of 20 years to be their dream home ask Jenn to give its outdated spaces a major facelift; Jenn works with a couple to create a bedroom suite retreat after years of putting their kids needs first.
S1, EP7 "Family Memories"A couple ask Jenn to revitalize their outdated family home that contains, among other challenges, the most unusual bathroom she's ever seen; Jenn works with a family whose home has lots of space but no personality to give it the style it deserves.
S1, EP6 "Glam Guest House"A couple who bought their home eight years ago loved the layout but not the look, so Jenn gives them a Cape Cod-style makeover that works for their entire family; Jenn transforms a plain pool house into a glam guesthouse that's ideal for visitors.
S1, EP5 "Dark Wood Dilemma"Jenn helps a couple of recent empty nesters who have enjoyed their home for 20 years give its dark interior a complete update; a frequently moving family asks Jenn to turn their latest home into the place where they'll want to stay for a long time.
S1, EP4 "Hello Yellow"Jenn carves out more work and storage space for a growing family, incorporating its favorite color: yellow; Jenn helps a mom who regularly hosts gatherings update her 20-year-old home with a welcoming living area and entertainer's kitchen.
S1, EP3 "Goodbye Beige"Jenn tackles a project for her college best friend, and with a baby on the way, the pressure is on to finish in just two weeks; Jen works with a couple who want to transform their dated beige home into a bright, welcoming space for entertaining.
S1, EP2 "Color Correction"A single mom who loves to bake asks Jenn to turn her kitchen into a cake maker's paradise without burning up the budget; Jenn helps a couple update their home to make it more user-friendly for their very active family.
S1, EP1 "Reno Rescue"Jenn helps a couple with a baby on the way by completing the renovation they started years ago and were never able to finish; Jenn then works with a recently married couple to make their home look and function better for their blended family.
Social media celebrity Jenn Todryk creates beautiful home renovations without massive demolition.
Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2021
Rating: 15
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (31 episodes)
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