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The Dan Bongino Show on Fox NationFormer U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
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S1, EP466 "Bongino's Best: The Left Falls Flat"Dan sounds off on Elon Musk's heated exchange with a BBC reporter.
S1, EP464 "Bongino's Best: The Left's Insult to America"Dan dissects the lunacy of identity politics and Bud Light's ad campaign with transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney.
S1, EP395 "Thursday, February 9"Former U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
S1, EP394 "Wednesday, February 8"Former U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
S1, EP325 "Bongino's Best: Same Old Pathetic Pelosi"Dan gets into the details about what's happening at the January 6th hearings and the Democrat's conflicting narrative; plus Julie Kelly joins the show.
S1, EP304Former U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
S1, EP75Former U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
S1 "Bongino's Best: An Unprecedented Presidential Election"Former U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
S1 "Bongino's Best: Rittenhouse Verdict Review"Former U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
"Escape From New York"Discussing the delta variant, woke sports and identity politics.
"Bongino's Best: Legacy of Lies"Dan talks about the mainstream media.
"Bongino's Best: The Beauty of Suspending Disbelief"Dan argues that the world would be a better place if more people suspended disbelief in the wake of Queen Elizabeth II's death; Steve Hilton and Dr. Oz call in; Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: A Rigged Election"The 2020 election, plus, Georgia Congressman Austin Scott discusses the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
"Bongino's Best: Stuck in the First Life"Harriet Hageman of Wyoming shares the inspiration behind her congressional run.
"Bongino's Best: Biden's Undeniable Decline"Dan expresses his concerns about President Biden's mental state; Amber Athey sounds off on the Biden administration.
"Bongino's Best: Lethal Reveal"Dan discusses China and Taiwan, plus, Kash Patel shares the inspiration behind his new book.
"Bongino's Best: The American Comeback"Amber Athey provides her thoughts on the former president, midterms, and more.
"Uncovering The "Pegasus" Project"Uncovering a potential cyber-surveillance weapon and Mark Levin discusses his new book.
"Bongino's Best: An Irrational Leader"Dan shares commentary about Russian President Vladimir Putin; Daniel Horowitz of TheBlaze voices suspicions about the mainstream media.
"Bongino's Best: Holding Leaders Accountable"Dan calls discusses inflation and the surge of migrants, plus Matt Palumbo discusses George Soros.
"Bongino's Best: A Plot From the Start"Dan discusses the January 6 hearings and the raid on Mar-a-Lago; Sean Davis of The Federalist discusses the politicization of the FBI.
"Bongino's Best: Filibuster Frenzy"Dan discusses the filibuster comment made by Kamala Harris; Father Calvin Robinson joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Creating Chaos"Texas Congresswoman Mayra Flores shares the inspiration behind her run for reelection.
"Bongino's Best: Is Revenge a Strategy?"Examining the path of revenge and Larry Elder calls in to talk about California's leadership.
"Bongino's Best: Holiday Parade Tragedy"Dan speaks to Sen. Ron Johnson about the tragic events that took place at a Wisconsin holiday parade over the past weekend.
"Bongino's Best: Tomorrow is Here"Dan delivers some good news and Donald Trump Jr. calls in.
"Bongino's Best: Deliberate Destruction"Dinesh D'Souza returns to discuss his film, "2000 Mules."
"Bongino's Best: Useful Idiots in America"Discussion of the voting rights controversy in Texas.
"Bongino's Best: Post-Truth Dystopia"Amber Athey shares underreported stories.
"Bongino's Best: Trump Indicted"Today on 'Bongino's Best': Dan talks about Donald Trump's indictment. Plus, Vivek Ramaswamy joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Vaccination Updates"Dan comments on the COVID-19 vaccine's efficacy and explains why he refuses to get a booster; Lisa Boothe calls in to discuss the updated vaccine and booster shot mandates.
"Bongino's Best: Let the Raids Commence!"Dan talks about weaponization of the government; Phillip Kline joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Far Left Lies"Andy Puzder addresses the current status of the economy.
"Bongino's Best: How to Avoid Propaganda"Addressing propaganda and the Russia-Ukraine tensions, plus Dr. McCullough talks the Pfizer vaccine.
"Bongino's Best: Is Joe Biden a Foreign Agent?"Dan talks about Joe Biden and Ukraine; John Solomon of Just the News provides his insight.
"Bongino's Best: Goons In The White House"Dan talks about the White House.
"Bongino's Best: Peacefully Resisting Tyranny"Dan discusses Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau's recent decisions; Edward Durr sounds off on Canada's "Freedom Convoy"; Dan remembers Rush Limbaugh.
"Bongino's Best: "Be Not Afraid""Dan delivers a message of hope and faith after Election Day; Kyle Seraphin returns to share his FBI insight.
"Bongino's Best: What Else Are the Bidens Hiding?"Dan discusses scandals and the Biden family; Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan joins the show to address the classified document debacle.
"Bongino's Best: We're Being Played for Fools"Dan talks about the Chinese government; Lee Smith joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Threat Against Trump"Dan expresses his concerns about the potential arrest of former President Trump.
"Bongino's Best: Chinese Balloons or Extraterrestrials?"Dan addresses the controversy of the Chinese balloons potentially being UFO's; plus, Kash Patel joins the show to share his experience with China while he was in the Trump administration.
"Bongino's Best: The Liberal Mindset"Dan Bongino dissects mindsets.
"Bongino's Best: 100th Episode!"The latest on how America is dealing with the ongoing pandemic; Dr. Steven Quay calls in to talk about COVID-19 science and the Wuhan laboratory leak theory.
"Bongino's Best: Divide and Profit"Dan talks vaccine mandates, American values, and the importance of freedom.
"Bongino's Best: Why is Obama Back?"Dan discusses the resurgence of Obama.
"Bongino's Best: Medical Madness & Mask Mandates"Dan revisits mask mandates, reactions to the Texas abortion bill and more.
"Bongino's Best: Covid Contradictions"Discussing COVID and Congressional candidate Catalina Lauf calls in.
"Bongino's Best: Good News and Bad News"Dan revisits ongoing tensions between Russia and Ukraine.
"Bongino's Best: Open Variables"Dan assesses the open variables regarding Vladimir Putin and Russia, plus Victor Davis Hanson talks.
"Bongino's Best: The Left's Concerning Silence"South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem shares why people are heading to her state.
"Bongino's Best: Conservative Content & Boycotts"Dan explains how boycotts of conservative content have led to the creation of a parallel economy.
"Bongino's Best: The Need for Cultural Capital"Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist web magazine, discusses the need for cultural capital.
"Bongino's Best: The Natural Immunity Conversation"Dan analyzes clashes with the natural immunity discussion and his treatments to combat his second bout of COVID; Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt explains the threats big tech poses to democracy.
"Bongino's Best: The Anti-Anti-Communist Theory"Amber Athey returns for her bi-weekly appearance.
"Bongino's Best: Progressive Regression"Dan argues that the left is regressing rather than making progress; Ian Smith, co-owner of Atilis Gym, explains why he is running for Congress in New Jersey; Lisa Boothe demands accountability and liberty.
"Bongino's Best: Conversations With Patriots"Dan shares heartfelt American stories live from the Patriot Awards; several guests stop by, from Pete Hegseth to Joey Jones.
"Bongino's Best: Exposing the Intelligence Community"Dan discusses everything happening in Ukraine and Russia; Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Public Health Officials vs The Public"Dan reacts to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's resignation and Ned Ryun talks about the Democratic party.
"Bongino's Best: Leftist Conspiracy Theory"Dan discusses replacement theory; Amber Athey shares her thoughts on the topic, the Pennsylvania Senate primary, and inflation.
"Bongino's Best: The Afghanistan Cover-Up"Dan eyes the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan; retired U.S. Army Lt. Gen. William "Jerry" Boykin discusses military strategy.
"Bongino's Best: The New Communism"Discussion of communism in America; Jesse Watters talks about his new book, "How I Saved the World."
"Bongino's Best: Embrace the Courage"Kurt Schlichter gives his thoughts on the current state of America.
"Bongino's Best: The FBI & the Hunter Biden Laptop"Dan talks about the latest Twitter files drop and what it reveals about the FBI; former president Donald Trump returns.
"Bongino's Best: How Deep Is the Deep State?"Dan discusses the deep state; Kentucky Senator Rand Paul joins.
"Bongino's Best: Rittenhouse Review"Dan reacts to the Kyle Rittenhouse trial; former Congressman and Fox News Media contributor Sean Duffy calls in to discuss the Rittenhouse prosecution and defense teams.
"Bongino's Best: Preventing the Apocalypse"Dan stresses the importance of preventing nuclear war as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues.
"Bongino's Best: Weaponization of the DOJ"Dan discusses the FBI's Mar-a-Lago raid; Daniel Horowitz discusses the questions that still remain regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.
"Bongino's Best: What Happened?"Dan questions what could have caused the tragic and fatal school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.
"Bongino's Best: Bongino vs Vaccine Mandates"Dan talks about vaccine mandates.
"Bongino's Best: The Political Puppet Cabal Is Real"Dan discusses corruption and the deep state; FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin returns; Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: It Matters for You"Dan emphasizes the necessity to vote; Karoline Leavitt of New Hampshire and Doug Mastriano of Pennsylvania describe their critical races; Darren Beattie of Revolver News joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Phony Frauds at Fakebook"Dan shares his opinion that Facebook is hypocritical and a danger to Americans, plus, Steve Deace.
"Bongino's Best: Foil Effect"Sara Carter shares insight on the surge of migrants illegally entering the United States.
"Bongino's Best: Power, Not Compassion"Dan discusses illegal immigration; Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch sounds off on Dr. Fauci, Dr. Birx and corruption.
"Bongino's Best: The World Is Not a Safe Place"Dan discusses safe spaces.
"Bongino's Best: The Bongino Rule"Dan explains what the "Bongino Rule" is all about; Kash Patel joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Southwest Situation"Dan goes over the most likely reasoning for the 2000 canceled flights.
"Bongino's Best: Russia's Invasion of Ukraine"Dan invites some guests to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
"Bongino's Best: Vote, Vote, Vote!"Dan pushes the audience to vote; Adam Laxalt joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Tyranny in America"Dan discusses school board meetings and Kurt Schlichter discusses law enforcement and education.
"Bongino's Best: The Great Reset Revisited"Dan discusses American ways and governmental power; former President Donald Trump calls in to discuss Russia's invasion of Ukraine, media corruption, and more.
"Bongino's Best: Bureaucrats Lose & America Wins"Dan examines why the Supreme Court's decision in West Virginia v. EPA matters and how it affects federal bureaucrats; Steve Deace returns and Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: The Scam Game"Dan discusses how Americans can combat the political agenda behind scams and euphemisms; Florida State Representative Blaise Ingoglia sheds light on how his state is fighting the "woke" culture of corporate America.
"Bongino's Best: Fact-Checker Fails"Dan discusses fact-checkers; Chip Roy joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Lockdowns, Mandates, and More"Dan provides updates on nationwide vaccine and mask mandates.
"Bongino's Best: Why the Rittenhouse Case Matters"Jenna Ellis reflects on the latest Rittenhouse trial updates as the nation waits for a verdict.
"Bongino's Best: The Abominable Omnibus Bill"Dan discusses why many Republicans are standing behind the new omnibus bill; Donald Trump sings a special Christmas song; Father Marty discusses the birth of Jesus Christ.
"Bongino's Best: Spy Scandal Unmasked"Dan and Michael Anton discuss an alleged spying operation.
"Bongino's Best: A Reckoning Is Coming"Dan discusses free speech and due process; Leo Terrell returns to provide his legal insight.
"Bongino's Best: COVID Fear Tactics"Dan discusses fear tactics and gaslighting efforts with COVID and beyond; Dr. Scott Atlas, who served as former president Trump's special advisor on COVID-19, discusses truths and falsehoods.
"Bongino's Best: Afghanistan Updates"Dan focuses on Americans left stranded in Afghanistan by the Biden administration; Steve Deace, co-author of "Fauciain Bargain," calls in to discuss COVID-19 and mask mandates.
"Bongino's Best: America Has Changed"Dan discusses the state of the government, plus, JD vance joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Musk's Mistake"Dan responds to Elon Musk's controversial tweet on whether he voted for Donald Trump; Kurt Schlichter shares his thoughts.
"Bongino's Best: The Death of Truth"Dan argues that politicians and the media dismantle the foundation of a constitutional republic; Amber Athey sounds off on this subject as well as cancel culture and indoctrination of children.
"Bongino's Best: Immigration Absurdity"Miranda Devine discusses her book and Dan discusses the abortion case in front of the Supreme Court.
"Bongino's Best: A Crystal Clear Fight"Dan discusses the truckers' protest, plus Darren Beattie discusses the country's law schools.
"Bongino's Best: How to Crush Freedom"Dan discusses recent events in Australia and, Sean Davis calls in to discuss the southern border.
""Pegasus" Project Follow Up"Exploring the "Pegasus" project story and the money trail behind it and more.
"Bongino's Best: Cold Civil War"Dan talks about the "Cold Civil War" concept in the United States; Dave Rubin joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Liberal Rhetoric vs. Liberal Beliefs"Sydney Watson discusses the dangers Americans face.
"Bongino's Best: Ideological Subversion"Dan warns of dangers that come with governmental control abroad and at home; author Miranda Devine ("Laptop From Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide").
"Bongino's Best: The Facebook Trap"Dan focuses on the Facebook whistleblower and the recent hearing, plus Matt Palumbo calls in.
"Bongino's Best: Election Breakdown"Dan breaks down the election; Sean Davis joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Mask Management Must Go"Dan speaks on masks mandates, plus, Michael Anton joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Moronic Media"Dan talks about Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
"Bongino's Best: Capitol Riot Comparisons"Dan shares his thoughts on the interpretations of last year's breach of the Capitol.
"Bongino's Best: Ambiguous Answers Call for Questions"Dan addresses questions regarding the attack of Paul Pelosi; Utah Senator Mike Lee discusses his re-election bid.
"Bongino's Best: Exposing Every Angle"Discussing Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Twitter; Jenna Ellis offers her opinion on Disney and Florida.
"Bongino's Best: Inflation Nation"Dan discusses the Biden administration and explores why the dollar isn't going as far as it used to; Congressman Jim Jordan calls in to give his perspective on vaccine mandates.
"Bongino's Best: The Left's Hill to Die On"Dan discusses sexualization and other topics; Margot Cleveland provides her legal insight on the John Durham and Michael Sussmann case.
"Bongino's Best: A Guide to Lying"Dan revisits the Rittenhouse trial and comments on the prosecution's lead witness; Brian Kilmeade calls in to talk about his new book, "The President and the Freedom Fighter."
"Bongino's Best: The Fraudulent FBI"Dan argues that the FBI shows bias and favoritism; Lee Zeldin joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: A Not So "Brave New World""Dan discusses early voting; Jack Phillips joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Democrats' Delta Narrative"Discussion of Democrats and the COVID-19 Delta variant; Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.).
"Bongino's Best: Suspicious Activity Reports"Dan talks about the treasury departments, financial crimes and suspicious activity reports; Jim Banks joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Roe v. Wade Revisited"Dan speaks to Michael Knowles about new thinking for the conservative movement; Jenna Ellis calls in to discuss the abortion case challenging Roe v. Wade.
"Bongino's Best: Gen. Mark Milley & China"Dan focuses on Mark Milley and the impact of his calls with China.
"Bongino's Best: The Banking Disaster"Dan addresses the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and how it could impact America; Peter Schiff joins the show to discuss the economy.
"Bongino's Best: Fauci Is Fake News"Dan gets into everything about Dr. Fauci; Rick Reichmuth joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Deliberate Democrats"Dan reflects on the January 6th Committee hearing, plus, Julie Kelly raises questions.
"Bongino's Best: This Is About Power and Play"Dan discusses liberalism and vaccines; Amber Athey joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Abortion Abomination"Dan discusses abortion with Lila Rose, plus, Reverend Martin Dunne shares words of inspiration.
"Bongino's Best: Principles Matter"Dan discusses leftist perspectives; Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks shares his thoughts on the 2020 presidential election and the economy.
"Bongino's Best: Rejecting Racist Infrastructure"Dan rejects the idea that some New York roads and other infrastructure were built with racist intent; Shemeka Michelle calls in to talk about critical race theory, modern racism and more.
"Bongino's Best: Addressing Unanswered Questions"Dan raises questions about the January 5 pipe bomb suspect, plus, Matt Palumbo returns.
"Bongino's Best: Life Is Everything"Dan argues that human life is the foundation of all conservative ideals; Layah Heilpern provides her insight on Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency; Dan unpacks the Dinkins effect.
"Bongino's Best: Real World Consequences Revisited"Dan discusses the risks surrounding Vladimir Putin during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
"Bongino's Best: How the Left Thinks"Bret Baier talks about how history is recorded and his new book, "To Rescue the Republic."
"Bongino's Best: Road to Totalitarianism"Dan warns about the rough road ahead; Devin Nunes discusses the importance of Truth Social and Cassy Garcia talks about her candidacy.
"Bongino's Best: The Tyranny Never Stops"Lisa Boothe shares her thoughts on the 2024 presidential race.
"Bongino's Best: FBI Fiasco"Dan discusses the FBI and the First Amendment; FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin provides his insight; Tudor Dixon explains why she is running in Michigan's gubernatorial race.
"Bongino's Best: Media Spin in the Modern World"Dan discusses perspectives in the media; Lee Strobel calls in to discuss his book, "The Case for Heaven," and how writing it opened his mind to religion like never before.
"Bongino's Best: Americans In Afghanistan"Dan comments about the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.
"Bongino's Best: The Seats Are Ours"Dan continues his coverage of the chaos unfolding on Capitol Hill; Congresswoman Lauren Boebert joins the show to give her updates and opinions on what needs to be done.
"Bongino's Best: Spotlight on Vaccine Mandates"Dan discusses vaccine mandates around the nation, plus, Steven Crowder discusses cancel culture.
"Bongino's Best: The Communist Party Plan"Dan talks about the communist party plan; John Solomon joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Command & Control"Dan discusses why some Americans distrust President Biden and the left; Jenna Ellis shares her thoughts on Ketanji Brown Jackson; Daniel Horowitz ponders COVID vaccine efficacy.
"Bongino's Best: Democrat's Deception"Dan discusses the events of January 6; Amber Athey joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: This Is an Idiocracy!"Dan gives his opinion on the idiocracy of leftists; plus, Amber Athey joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Biden's Afghanistan Disaster"Dan discusses the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan; Army veteran Sean Parnell, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania, shares insight into American weapons used by the Taliban.
"Bongino's Best: Exposing Biden's Lies"Dan discusses President Biden and his administration; Lauren Davis shares why she is running to become a Dallas County Texas judge.
"Bongino's Best: Elitists vs. Builders"Dan discusses the citizens he feels build this nation, plus, Dinesh D'Souza discusses "2000 Mules."
"Bongino's Best: The Cold Civil War"Steve Hilton calls in to talk about California's recall election.
"Bongino's Best: Revisiting the National Divorce"Dan revisits the concept of a national divorce and Owens discusses being truthful on Capitol Hill.
"Bongino's Best: Block Out the Noise"Andrew Pollack, who lost his daughter in the tragic Parkland, Fla., school shooting, shares his story and sends a message to parents.
"Bongino's Best: The Purge Has a Purpose"Dan unpacks the threat that the FBI's purge poses to the constitutional republic; plus, Tudor Dixon explains why she is running in the Michigan gubernatorial race, and Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: Principle Losing Is Not Principle"Dan discusses issues with early voting; Kari Lake joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Biden's Lies"Dan shares his thought on Biden, plus, Kari Lake talks about her upcoming run for governor.
"Bongino's Best: Steele Dossier & Clinton Connections"Dan talks about the Clinton family.
"Bongino's Best: The Blind Leading the Sheep"Discussing the Biden Administration on COVID mandates and the Afghanistan withdrawal.
"Bongino's Best: The New Golden Rule"Dan expresses his skepticism amid reports of Ayman al-Zawahiri's death; Missouri Senate candidate Eric Schmitt describes what inspired his run and Kira Davis explains why she wants to serve on her local school board.
"Bongino's Best: Mask Mandate Madness"Dan tires of mask mandates; author Ashley St. Clair discusses modern education in America and her book, "Elephants Are Not Birds."
"Bongino's Best: Kabul Airport Attack"Reacting to the breaking news of the attack on the Kabul airport.
"App Data, Free Speech and the Right to Privacy"The Pegasus project, free speech and Dr. Marty Makary calls in for coronavirus updates.
"Bongino's Best: What Else Could Be on It?"Dan unpacks new allegations about Hunter Biden's laptop, and reports on the Biden family and the 2020 presidential election; Kentucky Senator Rand Paul shares his thoughts on COVID-19 vaccines, big tech and more.
"Bongino's Best: An Alarming Alliance"Dan talks about Hillary Clinton; Brian Birdwell shares his story.
"Bongino's Best: The Congressmen Call In"Congressman Lee Zeldin and Congressman Andy Biggs discuss the economy to education and more.
"Bongino's Best: Long Live Liberty and Freedom"Dan discusses the Georgia Senate runoff; Julie Kelly joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Socialism vs. the Scripture"Dan questions the political rhetoric of Pope Francis and other spiritual leaders with Lee Strobel; Kurt Schlichter calls in to discuss who the left will never control.
"Bongino's Best: Cancel Culture Conundrum"Dan comments on cancel culture and shares where he feels inner happiness should come from and more.
"Bongino's Best: We Need to Prepare"Charlie Gasparino joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Leftists & Liars"Dan revisits the controversy surrounding the Jan. 6 committee; Lara Logan calls in to share her ideas on America's new relationship with Afghanistan and the Taliban.
"Bongino's Best: The Dinkens Effect"Dan discusses liberals and accountability; Amber Athey returns and provides her thoughts on the current political climate.
"Bongino's Best: Who are the Real Fascists?"Dan discusses collective attribution and the Biden administration; Jenna Ellis returns to provide her legal insight.
"Bongino's Best: The Game Has Changed"Jenna Ellis shares her opinion on the previous night's election results.
"Bongino's Best: Musk Twitter Takeover"Dan talks about censorship.
"A Nation Divided"Vernon Jones calls in to discuss.
"Bongino's Best: Does It Ever Get Old?"Dan discusses the lab leak; Kimberly Guilfoyle discusses the launch of her new show and is joined by a surprise guest.
"Bongino's Best: Chinese Communists vs. American Liberals"Chinese Communists vs. US liberals.
"Bongino's Best: Brewing Class War"Dan breaks down class wars; Julie Kelly of "American Greatness" provides her insight on the FBI, the alleged plot trial in Michigan, and the 2021 attack on the Capitol.
"Bongino's Best: American Corruption Overseas"Dan discusses Hunter Biden with Peter Schweizer and John Solomon.
"Bongino's Best: The Dem's Bouncers"Dan explains how the Democrats only support law enforcement when they don't do their job; plus, Father Martin Dunne joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Get on the Field and Play the Game"Dan speaks on voting turnout and candidate quality.
"Bongino's Best: You Can Never Control an Idea"Dan talks about socialism; Sheriff Snyder joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Conflicts in the Classroom"Dan sets his focus on fact checkers, the FBI, and Facebook; Rick Harrison of 'Pawn Stars' calls in to talk about some behind the scenes moments from the show.
"Bongino's Best: Chaotic Messaging on the Left"Dan analyzes leftist rhetoric; former president Donald Trump returns.
"Bongino's Best: Apple Can, but Twitter Can't"Dan dissects John Kirby and Martha MacCallum's exchange on "The Story," and discusses public opinion on Apple and Twitter; Amber Athey sounds off on recent news.
"Bongino's Best: Evacuation Hypocrisy"Dan talks about the evacuation of Florida during the recent hurricane; Amber Athey joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Motivations Of The Left"Michael Anton calls in to weigh in on the heartbeat bill and also discuss political practices.
"Bongino's Best: Forgiveness with a Price"Congressman Burgess Owens makes the case for the return to the American way.
"Bongino's Best: Reviewing the Fall of Afghanistan"Dan reacts to the testimony of Gen. Mark Milley and his staff regarding the fall of Afghanistan.
"Bongino's Best: Covid Round-Up"Dan ponders personal freedoms along with continuing vaccine and mask mandates; Phil Kerpen calls in to talk about COVID-19 antibody efficacy and booster shots.
"Bongino's Best: Deep State Debacle"Dan talks about his experiences as a secret service member; Darren Beattie shares his thoughts.
"Bongino's Best: Tyrannical Totalitarian Madness"Dan talks about the FBI search of Donald Trump's Florida home; Senator Tim Scott joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Doing Nothing and Making Everything Worse"Dan discusses President Biden, plus, Utah Senator Mike Lee discusses his book,"Saving Nine."
"Bongino's Best: The Real Scandal"Dan discusses an alleged scandal involving the Clintons and Viktor Vekselberg; James O'Keefe of Project Veritas discusses attacks on investigative reporters.
"Bongino's Best: The Lab Leak Is Real"Dan discusses the lab leak; Jason Whitlock joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Epstein in the East Wing"Dan explores Jeffrey Epstein's numerous visits to the White House during the Clinton administration; Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan calls in to discuss his book, "Do What You Said You Would Do."
"Bongino's Best: Understanding Uvalde"Dan reacts to new information regarding the Uvalde shooting, plus, Lisa Boothe shares her thoughts.
"Bongino's Best: When Liberals See Their Reflection"Pete Hegseth discusses his new book, "Battle For the American Mind."
"Bongino's Best: The Media's Midterm Myth"Dan discusses midterm season ahead of former president Donald Trump's anticipated announcement; Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu of Israel discusses his new book.
"Bongino's Best: Disinformation Cesspool"Dan discusses the government and mainstream media, plus, Ari Fleischer discusses his book.
"Bongino's Best: Facts Don't Lie"Dan discusses how essential freedom of speech is; Mike Rowe joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: We Have Leverage Now"Dan talks about voting.
"Bongino's Best: Fauci Must Fess Up"Dan expresses his concerns regarding the decisions made by Anthony Fauci; Phil Kerpen discusses COVID-19 misinformation.
"Bongino's Best: Scandals of the Century"Dan breaks down Paul Pelosi's chilling 911 call from the San Francisco house break-in; Dan digs deep into George Soros' ties with Albania.
"Bongino's Best: New World Order"Dan gives his take on what he perceives as the new world order, plus, Christopher Rufo speaks.
"Bongino's Best: Immigration Absurdity"Dan discusses Biden's latest policies on immigration; former radio host Doc Washburn joins Dan to speak about corporate vaccine mandates.
"Government Suppression of Free Speech"Dan shares his feelings on free speech and Curtis Sliwa talks about the need to improve New York.
"Bongino's Best: The FBI Must Refocus"Thoughts on the Nord Stream pipeline, plus, Joe Bastardi dispels meteorological myths.
"Bongino's Best: Biden's Mess"Dan analyzes President Biden's comments about regime change in Russia; Charles "Cully" Stimson provides legal insight.
"Bongino's Best: You Can't Run Away From the System"Dan discusses the importance of voting in the upcoming elections; Mark Robinson joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: A Break in the "Spygate" Case"Dan discusses the "Spygate" conspiracy surrounding former President Trump; Kurt Schlichter calls in.
"Bongino's Best: The Signal of Our Soft Society"Dan speaks about society.
"Bongino's Best: War on Free Speech"Dan sounds off on big tech; Dave Rubin of "The Rubin Report" calls in to discuss censorship.
"Bongino's Best: This Is What Power Looks Like"Dan talks about President Biden; Greg Kelly discusses his new book "Justice for All"; Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: A Rotten Orchard"Dan discusses Donald Trump and the FBI; Mark Levin provides his legal insight on the Mar-a-Lago raid.
"Liberal Mass Misinformation"Speaking with retired U.S. Navy Seal Thomas "Drago" Dzieran.
"Bongino's Best: The Tyranny of Big Tech"Dan announces the actions he is taking to fight against big tech tyranny; Sean Davis, co-founder of The Federalist, shares his fears about the fate of free speech.
"Bongino's Best: You Wanted This"Amber Athey returns and shares her thoughts on Cassidy Hutchinson's testimony.
"Bongino's Best: Spy Scandal Revisited"Dan discusses the alleged spying operation aimed at former president Donald Trump; Kash Patel, a former Trump administration official, calls in to explain the scandal.
"Bongino's Best: Dense Dems"Dan talks about Democrats; "Black Guns Matter" founder Maj Toure joins the conversation.
"Bongino's Best: Facts v. Delusions"Dan discusses perspectives on COVID-19, womanhood and beyond; Sarah Palin shares the inspiration behind her congressional run.
"Bongino's Best: A Shameless Agenda"Dan discusses the portrayal of himself and other conservatives; Jared Kushner discusses his new book "Breaking History."
"Bongino's Best: The Culture Shift"Dan discusses vaccine regulations; co-founder and CEO of the Federalist, Sean Davis, joins the show to discuss Joe Biden and his family.
"Bongino's Best: One Year of Biden"Dan analyzes President Biden's first year in office; Julie Kelly calls in to discuss her new book, "January 6: How Democrats Used the Capitol Protest to Launch a War on Terror Against the Political Right."
"Bongino's Best: Biden vs Emergency Responders"Dan discusses Biden's most recent town hall and his responses regarding emergency responders.
"Bongino's Best: Clever Chaos"Dan discusses the Second Amendment; Sean Davis of the Federalist sounds off; Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: This is What a Democracy Looks Like"Dan explains the importance of the House Speaker vote process, plus, author Julie Kelly joins Dan.
"Bongino's Best: The Government Is Not the Tooth Fairy"Dan speaks on inflation and how the cash flow in the government works; Dinesh D'Souza joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Revisiting Operation Crossfire Hurricane"Dan revisits Spygate and operation crossfire hurricane, plus Sara Carter calls in.
"Bongino's Best: The Cancer That Is Liberalism"Dan discusses liberalism; Matt Palumbo returns to discuss his book, "The Man Behind the Curtain."
"Bongino's Best: This Should Frighten You"Dan assesses the threat that artificial intelligence poses to the world as we know it; plus, he makes the case for life.
"Bongino's Best: Narratives of the Left"Dan emphasizes the need to question authority; Peter Schiff of Euro Pacific Capital provides his insight about the inflation Americans face.
"Bongino's Best: Censorship Double Standard"Dan discusses liberals and conservatives and Michael Knowles joins in.
"Bongino's Best: Trumpian Threat"Dan argues that former president Donald Trump is a monumental threat; Ron Guidry talks about his time with the New York Yankees.
"Bongino's Best: China & Taiwan"Dan shares his thoughts on Taiwan's relationship with China and Matt Walsh discusses Jon Gruden.
"Bongino's Best: School Shootings"Dan discusses school shootings and how to possibly stop them; Isabel Brown joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Threat to Free Speech"Dan discusses free speech, plus Michael Knowles.
"Bongino's Best: There's Something Going On"Dan discusses George Soros and Donald Trump's indictment; Dan Horowitz joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: U.S. Sabotage"Dan discusses the Nord Stream gas pipelines; Darren Beattie joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Hunter Biden Saga Continues"Dan discusses Hunter Biden and Nicole Malliotakis joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Restoring Our Constitutional Republic"Dan talks about the government.
"Bongino's Best: Leftist Tyranny on Twitter & Beyond"Dan discusses totalitarianism and breaks down the latest reports about Elon Musk and Twitter; Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich discusses immigration and election integrity.
"The Celebration Parallax"Allen Eest calls in to discuss republican leaders in Texas.
"Bongino's Best: Organized Liberal Stupidity"Dan reacts to the recent Roe v. Wade news.
"Bongino's Best: Failure Taught Me a Lot"Dan discusses extremist media and rhinos in the republican party; Chip Roy joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Cutesy Time Is Over"Dan identifies the lessons of the left's political model; plus, he provides perfect tips and news.
"Bongino's Best: The Prospect of Nuclear War"Examining consequences that could result from hasty decisions during the Russia-Ukraine conflict.
"Bongino's Best: Is the Government Good?"Dan questions the effectiveness of our government and professional bodybuilder Steve Kuclo calls in.
"Bongino's Best: Madness Beyond the Mask"Dan discusses political narratives regarding COVID-19; Daniel Horowitz of "TheBlaze" returns; Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: Afghanistan Withdrawal Revisited"Revisiting the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and Adam Laxalt and Kash Patel call in.
"Bongino's Best: Welfare Woes"Dan discusses welfare programs, Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson calls in and more.
"Bongino's Best: National Divorce Debate Revisited"Dan breaks down why some Americans are calling for a national divorce and whether or not this is the answer; Amber Athey returns to share her thoughts.
"Bongino's Best: State of the Union Disaster"Dan assesses President Biden's State of the Union speech, plus Carrie Severino shares her thoughts.
"Bongino's Best: The Absent-minded Administration"Dan discusses the current administration; James O'Keefe shares his thoughts.
"Bongino's Best: Change Is Happening"Dan discusses Elon Musk's Twitter takeover, voting and more; Miranda Devine joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Unprecedented Presidential Takedo"Father Robert Sirico shares words of faith.
"Bongino's Best: Biden Crime Family Continues"Dan shares his take on the Biden's, plus, Leo Terrell shares his thoughts.
"Bongino's Best: The Brink of World War III"Dan examines the likelihood of America facing nuclear annihilation from foreign adversaries; Steve Deace returns to discuss his book "Rise of the Fourth Reich."
"Bongino's Best: Big Government and Twitter's Global Stronghold"Dan questions whether Twitter has morphed into an extension of the government, gripping both the nation and the world; Amber Athey sounds off on recent news.
"Bongino's Best: The Guise of Strength"Dan discusses Vladimir Putin and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, plus Kurt Schlichter and Chip Roy.
"Bongino's Best: The Police State Is Here"Dan discusses repercussions that might come with prosecuting former president Donald Trump; John Rich and Tom MacDonald discuss their new song "End of the World."
"Bongino's Best: Left & Center?"Dan discusses leftists and radicalization; Dinesh D'Souza returns to discuss his film "2000 Mules."
"Bongino's Best: It's Not Chaos, It's a Republic"Dan breaks down the House Speaker vote.
"Tracking Down China's Spy"Jennifer Van Larr calls in to discuss Dong Jingwei,.
"Bongino's Best: Politically Favorable Boxes"Dan discusses how people compartmentalize women and other groups into boxes to advance their agenda; Devin Nunes describes how Truth Social is different from other social media platforms.
"Bongino's Best: Leftist Love Affair Exposed"Dan discusses leftist and conservative tensions; Pennsylvania Senate candidate Kathy Barnette explains issues ahead of her state's primary election.
"Bongino's Best: Revealing the Liberal Psy-Op"Dan discusses Hollywood mentality with Christian Toto and Miranda Devine discusses her new book.
"Biden Policy Breakdown"Dan talks about Biden's unemployment program.
"Bongino's Best: The Firearms Files"Amber Athey joins Dan to discuss her take on pronouns and the importance of communication.
"Bongino's Best: Signals on the Left"Dan argues that the left has regressed to a party of signals; former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich discusses his new book, "Defeating Big Government Socialism."
"Bongino's Best: Patriot Awards Stories"Dan reflects on the 2021 Patriot Awards and shares his stories from behind the scenes of the event.
"Bongino's Best: Republicans Pounce"Dan talks about the "Republicans pounce"; Amber Athey joins.
"Bongino's Best: CDC Confusion"Dan discusses CDC guidance regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.
"Bongino's Best: Live From the Patriot Awards"Dan brings focus to Senator Ted Cruz and Brian Kilmeade stops by to chat with Dan.
"Bongino's Best: The Time For Action"Moon Griffon calls in to talk about Louisiana's leadership.
"Bongino's Best: Inflation Idiocy"Dan reacts to Biden's inflation remarks; Catherine Engelbrecht joins to discuss free and fair elections.
"Bongino's Best: Leftists Want Destruction"Lauren Boebert joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Gun Control and Election Reform"Discussion of gun control and electoral reform.
"Bongino's Best: Arizona Election Audit"Dan sets his focus on the numbers coming out of the Maricopa County election audit.
"Bongino's Best: A Story vs. The Story"Dan discusses mainstream media, plus, Arizona Senate Candidate Blake Masters on inflation and more.
"Bongino's Best: I Owe Them Nothing"Dan talks about the federal government.
"Bongino's Best: The Police State Is Here"Dan discusses the indictment of Donald Trump; Charlie Hurt weighs in.
"Bongino's Best: Power Players in Panic"Dan covers all things Hunter Biden, Soros and Ukraine; Amber Athey joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The January 6th Narrative"Dan revisits the events of January 6th.
"Bongino's Best: The Left's Extinction Burst"Dan discusses the overturning of Roe v. Wade and Lila Rose of Live Action discusses abortion.
"Bongino's Best: Control in the Age of COVID"Dan questions the legitimacy and functionality of rapid COVID tests; "The Federalist" co-founder Sean Davis calls in to talk about control in the age of COVID.
"Bongino's Best: The Media Hacks"Dan discusses January 6 footage; Texas Senator Bob Hall joins to discuss EMP attack threats and how they could impact America.
"Bongino's Best: Media Malfeasance"Dan discusses confronting BLM and Antifa and Mollie Hemmingway discusses her book, "Rigged."
"Bongino's Best: Diving Deep Into Hunter Hooligan Land"Dan delves into all things Hunter Biden and Leo Terrell joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The Ugly Reflection of the Left"Peter Navarro shares his thoughts about his recent arrest.
"Bongino's Best: Denouncing Censorship"Dan reacts to perceptions of YouTube permanently banning his videos; plus, Michael Anton returns and discusses psychological operations.
"Bongino's Best: I've Been Canceled…Again"Today on 'Bongino's Best': Dan discusses how he has been banned once again. Plus, Dave Rubin joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Primary Season Underway"Dan discusses conservatism and running for political office as the Maryland primary elections unfold; Colorado congresswoman Lauren Boebert discusses her new book, "My American Life."
"Bongino's Best: Capitol Riot Reflection"Dan reflects on the events that transpired on January 6 and Tim Jones discusses big tech.
"Bongino's Best: The Fate of Freedom"Dan discusses the fate of American freedom amidst the actions of Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau and Ottawa Police with Christopher Rufo; Utah Senator Mike Lee sounds off on vaccine mandates and rights.
"Bongino's Best: The Left's Infatuation With the Right"Dan discusses why conservatives are flocking to their own social platforms; Kentucky Senator Rand Paul discusses COVID-19 and big tech's censorship.
"Bongino's Best: Through the Grapevine"Dan talks about President Biden, plus, Matt Palumbo discusses his book and George Soros.
"Bongino's Best: Rise of the American Socialists"Discussing the crisis at the southern border and Kurt Schlichter calls in.
"Bongino's Best: Spies on Our Phones"Dan discusses the FBI and government surveillance; John Paul Mac Isaac joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Russia: Collusion Revisited"Dan speaks on the Russian collusion scandal, plus, Kurt Schlicter on the mechanisms of justice.
"Bongino's Best: Corporate Boards Matter"Dan discusses Elon Musk's Twitter investment, plus, Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson.
"Bongino's Best: Tyranny Is Here"Dan breaks down what some believe is the tyrannical state of America; Amber Athey provides her thoughts on the latest news developments.
"Bongino's Best: Celebrities Abusing Cultural Capital"Dan shares his belief that celebrities abuse their cultural capital to spread their ownl agenda.
"Bongino's Best: Follow the Data"Dan discusse vaccines; Congresswoman Lauren Boebert joins the show to break down the importance of national security.
"Bongino's Best: The Response in Uvalde"Dan assesses the law enforcement response to the Uvalde, Texas school shooting, plus, Chip Roy.
"Bongino's Best: They Don't Want to Understand Us"Arizona Congressman David Schweikert sounds off on his viral remarks; Kelly Tshibaka explains why she is running for Senate in the state of Alaska.
"Bongino's Best: The Totalitarian Left"Dan argues against the left; Sara Carter expresses her concerns about what she considers to be the biggest modern political scandal in American history.
"Bongino's Best: The Left's Extinction Burst"Dan talks about the raid on Mar-a-Lago; Michael Knowles joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Debating Liberal Logic"Dan debates liberal logic; former U.S. Navy SEAL Eli Crane, who seeks the Republican nomination for election in Arizona's 1st Congressional District, calls in to talk about immigration.
"Bongino's Best: Biden's Disaster Denial"Dan critiques the Biden administration's handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan and Kash Patel shares analysis.
"Bongino's Best: Stand By on the Story"Dan reveals why he is not accepting the suspected document leaker story just yet; plus, he shares his thoughts on social security, Joe Biden, and the 2024 presidential race.
"Bongino's Best: Hidden Information"Dan talks about suspicious activity reports; Kira Davis joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Redefining Work Ethic"The new American work ethic, critical race theory, and former MLB pitcher David Wells calls in.
"Bongino's Best: Dystopian Surveillance State"Dan talks about surveillance.
"Bongino's Best: Professional Criminal or Rookie?"Discussing a suspect who planted two bombs in Washington, D.C and Mike Eruzione on his Olympic wins.
"Bongino's Best: The Fight Against Conservative Censorship"Dan announces the new partnership between Parallel Economy and Rumble to combat conservative censorship on social platforms; Matt Palumbo of Bongino Report discusses his new book, "Man Behind the Curtain."
"Bongino's Best: Mercy Is Our Job"Dan raises concerns about Hunter Biden; Jenna Ellis sounds off on the Wisconsin Supreme Court's ruling regarding absentee ballot drop boxes.
"Bongino's Best: Treason, Coups and Conspiracies"Dan focuses on General Milley's calls to China and Delano Squires discusses the education systems.
"Bongino's Best: Taking the Red Pill"Dan discusses Democrats, plus Steve Deace calls in to talk about COVID myths and misinformation.
"Bongino's Best: Christmas & COVID"Dan sounds off on COVID, politics and Christmas with Lee Strobel and Lt. Col. Dan Rooney calls in.
"Bongino's Best: The Media and Ghislane Maxwell"Dan focuses on the Ghislaine Maxwell story and highlights the latest updates.
"Bongino's Best: The Arraignment"Dan breaks down the arraignment for Trump.
"Bongino's Best: The Sexualization of Students"Dan comments on teaching sex in schools; author Matt Walsh ("What Is a Woman?: One Man's Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation").
"Bongino's Best: Protecting Our Children"Dan discusses protecting America's children, plus, Sheriff William Snyder discusses abating crime.
"Bongino's Best: Deep State Media Machine"Dan expresses his concerns about the media and liberals; Kyle Seraphin, FBI whistleblower, returns to share his law enforcement insight.
"Bongino's Best: Unpacking the Mar-a-Lago Raid"Dan discusses the FBI's raid on Mar-a-Lago; Lee Smith returns and Leo Terrell offers his legal expertise.
"Bongino's Best: Protecting Your Rights"Discussing the importance of understanding one's rights; Senator Rand Paul calls in to talk about the rising amount of vaccine mandates in America.
"Bongino's Best: The Protectee, Not the Problem"Dan shares discusses Shinzo Abe's assassination along with Jeff James and more.
"Bongino's Best: Capitol Hill Fireworks"Dan discusses the day's Senate hearing on new COVID variants and the implications it holds.
"Bongino's Best: Horror in Ohio"Dan discusses the Ohio train derailment; Isabel Bongino joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: They'll Never Wake Up"Dan discusses a report that challenges the COVID-19 lab leak; Karol Markowicz joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Ludicrous Lies"Dan weighs in on the claims made by Cassidy Hutchinson about Donald Trump; South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem discusses her new book.
"Bongino's Best: Trillion Dollar Bankruptcy"Dan discusses the Senate's bipartisan infrastructure bill and the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.
"Bongino's Best: What About Our Children?"Dan condemns deliberate sexual abuse of children; Kyle Seraphin, FBI whistleblower, returns to share his law enforcement insight.
"Bongino's Best: The COVID Fear Campaign"Dan discusses a COVID "fear campaign."
"Bongino's Best: Alarming Allegations We Can't Ignore"Dan raises questions regarding the FBI and the January 6 pipe bomber suspect; Monica De La Cruz of Texas and JD Vance of Ohio discuss their critical races.
"Bongino's Best: Inflation Reduction Act Fails"Today on 'Bongino's Best': Dan speaks on the failures of the Inflation Reduction Act; plus, Chip Roy joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: The President and his Pathological Lies"Dan discusses President Biden and classified documents.
"Bongino's Best: An Unprecedented Leak"Dan discusses the implications of the Supreme Court's leaked draft opinion concerning Roe v. Wade; Utah Senator Mike Lee provides his insight and discusses his book "Saving Nine."
"Bongino's Best: We Know Who You Are"Dan expresses his frustration with the left and unmasks its devious ploys; Kash Patel discusses the corruption of the FBI.
"Bongino's Best: Occam's Razor"Dan sounds off on the Hunter Biden laptop story and the politicization of the Department of Justice; Leo Terrell provides his legal insight.
"Bongino's Best: Reverse Targeting"The host eyes NSA claims it isn't spying on Tucker Carlson.
"Bongino's Best: Is a National Divorce the Answer?"Dan examines the arguments both for and against a national divorce; Kyle Seraphin, FBI whistleblower, returns to share his law enforcement insight.
"Bongino's Best: Conservative Ideas Work"Matt Walsh, author of "What is a Woman?" discusses his new documentary of the same name.
"Bongino's Best: Dems Hate the Truth"Dan discusses the events of January 6 and the media coverage; Leo Terrell joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: We Are Being Poisoned"Amber Athey returns for her biweekly appearance.
"Bongino's Best: FBI Raids Trump"Dan criticizes Merrick Garland's handling of the FBI raid on Donald Trump's Florida home; former Pentagon Chief of Staff Kash Patel joins Dan to discuss the raid.
"Bongino's Best: Nashville Updates"Dan updates his audience on the Nashville school shooting; Jeffrey James joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Musk's Twitter Takeover"Dan discusses Elon Musk's move to buy Twitter, plus Charlie Gasparino shares his insight.
"Bongino's Best: They're Coming After You!"Dan talks about the IRS; Peter Schiff joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Robbing Our Kid's Innocence"Dan discusses the attacks on children and their schools by the left; plus, Kyle Seraphin joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Tucker Carlson vs. the NSA"Discussions involve Fox News host Tucker Carlson and author Vivek Ramaswamy.
"The Hallmarks of a Tyranny"Defining what would be considered the hallmarks of a tyranny and more.
"Bongino's Best: Stay Dopey, Liberals"Kash Patel joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Raising Blood Cancer Awareness"Dan requests that people donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society along with Ari Delin.
"Bongino's Best: The Fight For American Liberty"Dan shares his views on liberty and Dr. Marty Makary discusses COVID and natural immunity.
"Bongino's Best: Sowing Racial Discord"Dan examines KGB defector Yuri Besmanov's warning to America from nearly 30 years ago; New York Post columnist Karol Markowicz calls in to discuss mask mandates.
"Bongino's Best: Immigration Absurdity"Dan reacts to COVID myths and misconceptions; he stresses the importance of knowing one's individual big "R," God-given rights; Steve Deace calls in to talk about the truth behind some of the scarier COVID statistics.
"Bongino's Best: The Public Health Coffin's Final Nail"Dan expresses his concerns about the potential the CDC has to issue COVID vaccine mandates for children with Daniel Horowitz; plus, Devin Nunes of Trump Media & Technology Group returns.
"Bongino's Best: Embarrassing Excuse of an Attorney General"Dan mocks Merrick Garland.
"Bongino's Best: Crisis of Truth"Dan raises concerns about a possible biological research facility in Ukraine, plus Ted Cruz.
"Bongino's Best: One Year on the Air"Dan celebrates the one-year anniversary of his radio show and his two first-ever guests return.
"Bongino's Best: We Are Winning"Ari Fleischer discusses his new book and Dan answers fan questions.
"Bongino's Best: Idiotic Liberal Takes"Doug Mastriano joins the show.
"Bongino's Best: Breyer to Retire"Dan discusses Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer's decision to retire with Jenna Ellis; Ami Horowitz explains the mission behind his unique interviews.
"Bongino's Best: Shanghai Surveillance State"Discussing the surveillance state in Shanghai, plus Daniel Schmidt discusses censorship.
Former U.S. Secret Service agent, New York Police Department officer and Fox News host Dan Bongino tackles political issues.
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