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Electricity with SmorphLearning how electricity and electrical devices work with Smorph.
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"Conductivity"An accident leads Smorph to find out how some materials conduct electricity and some do not.
"Ghost Story"A ghost is preventing Smorph from getting to sleep, so Smorph tries to figure out what the ghost wants.
"Sound Circuits"Smorph discovers that electrical circuits can be used to make sounds as well as light.
"Circuit Basics"Smorph's favorite robot toy has stopped working, so he learns how an electrical circuit is made.
"Making Electricity"Smorph is dancing energetically when the power goes out to get the party going again.
"Treasure Story"Smorph imagines the story of how a brave submarine uses a light-up shield to scare off a submarine eating shark.
"RGB Lights"Smorph builds a rainbow machine to learn how light makes colors.
"Fairy Story"Smorph feels scared while in a dark forest.
"Short Circuits"Smorph's lamp is not working properly, a short circuit might need fixing.
"Types of Circuits"Smorph wants to light up a bunch of lamps together and learns how electronic components work.
Learning how electricity and electrical devices work with Smorph.
Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2021
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: 7
Playback: HD
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