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The Most Popular NFL Teams: The Ultimate List

Everyone has a favorite NFL team. Who do you root for every week? The big question is what all the fans think. Who are the most popular NFL teams? One of the best ways to prove your loyalty is by watching your favorite team every week. Start your free trial with Fubo, and don’t miss out on the most popular NFL teams.

What Are the Most Popular NFL Teams? The Ultimate List

Every football fan wants to know what is the most popular football team. Is it yours? Is it another team in the region you live in? This article will provide the ultimate list of the most popular and watched NFL teams.

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Top 10 Most Popular NFL Teams

10. New York Giants

The Giants are based in the largest TV market in America. Four Super Bowl victories, two in the last 15 years, will also help any football franchise become one of the most popular NFL teams. The Giants’ 2008 and 2012 championships in particular, both against the Patriots dynasty, helped gain a lot of new fans. The excitement of superstar players like Lawrence Taylor, Michael Strahan, Odell Beckham Jr. and Saquon Barkley has also helped their popularity on a global scale.

9. Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs’ fanbase has become significantly greater thanks to their success over the last decade. Once Andy Reid became the team’s head coach and then drafted Patrick Mahomes, you can’t take your eyes off the Chiefs. No matter how much they are trailing, you can never count them out. The team has made three Super Bowl appearances in the last decade, winning two, one of which came last season.

8. Seattle Seahawks

Thanks to its “12th Man”, which eludes to the Seahawks crowd, Seattle is arguably the hardest place to play in the NFL. It shows just how passionate the fans are. The “12th Man” even created an earthquake during one of the biggest playoff upsets in NFL history – the 2010 NFC Wildcard Playoffs victory over New Orleans. Three Super Bowl appearances and a championship win have helped the franchise achieve even more popularity across the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

7. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos, AFC heavyweights, are one of the most popular NFL teams. Superstar players like John Elway and Peyton Manning have made them a must-watch team. A total of eight Super Bowl appearances and three wins have earned them a load of fans. Denver has sold out every home game since 1973, and a poll back in 2014 had the Broncos more popular than the Dallas Cowboys.

6. San Francisco 49ers

Former superstars like Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Steve Young have earned the 49ers plenty of fans that have continued on through different generations. Even during the tough times, a large part of the fan base remained loyal. It helps that the 49ers have won five Super Bowl titles, and most recently made it to the Super Bowl in 2019.

5. Green Bay Packers

No team in the NFL has more tradition than the Packers. The four-time Super Bowl champions are one of the oldest franchises in the league, and despite Green Bay being the smallest market team in American major sports, the Packers are still one of the most popular NFL teams. Lambeau Field also remains one of the best NFL stadiums in the country. Lambeau has been sold out for every home game since 1960. The Packers are also so significant that the Lombardi Trophy was even named after Green Bay legendary head coach Vince Lombardi.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

Eagles fans are arguably the most passionate in the NFL. The Eagles Super Bowl victory in 2017 saw a boost in popularity. However, it isn’t just one generation of fans. The love of the Eagles is rooted deep in family traditions, with fanfare passed down through the generations. Its location in the tri-state area has also made the team popular in other states.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are tied with the Patriots for the most Super Bowls with six. Fans are known as “Steeler Nation” and have sold out every home game since 1972. The team won four Super Bowls in the span of six years in the late 70s. The Steelers’ last Super Bowl victory came in 2009.

2. New England Patriots

Love the team or hate the team, the Patriots are winners. The Patriots represent the city of Boston, considered by many to be the best sports city in America. Much of that has to do with Tom Brady and the Patriots’ two-decade run of being the most successful team in the NFL. The Patriots won six Super Bowls during the Bill Belichick-Tom Brady era.

1. Dallas Cowboys

Known as “America’s Team,” it is no surprise that the Cowboys come in at No. 1. They have been known by that moniker since the 70’s. Jerry Jones’ Cowboys are worth over $8 billion, more than any other organization by a long shot. Cowboys games at AT&T Stadium (and Texas Stadium previously) have been sold out since 2002.

The Most Popular NFL Teams by State

Another way to analyze the popularity of NFL teams is by looking at each state. 

  • Alabama: Dallas Cowboys
  • Alaska: Seattle Seahawks
  • Arizona: Arizona Cardinals
  • Arkansas: Dallas Cowboys
  • California: San Francisco 49ers
  • Colorado: Denver Broncos
  • Connecticut: New England Patriots
  • Delaware: Philadelphia Eagles
  • District of Columbia: Washington Commanders
  • Florida: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Georgia: Atlanta Falcons
  • Hawaii: San Francisco 49ers
  • Idaho: Seattle Seahawks
  • Illinois: Chicago Bears
  • Indiana: Indianapolis Colts
  • Iowa: Green Bay Packers
  • Kansas: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Kentucky: Cincinnati Bengals
  • Louisiana: New Orleans Saints
  • Maine: New England Patriots
  • Maryland: Baltimore Ravens
  • Massachusetts: New England Patriots
  • Michigan: Detroit Lions
  • Minnesota: Minnesota Vikings
  • Mississippi: New Orleans Saints
  • Missouri: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Montana: Seattle Seahawks
  • Nebraska: Kansas City Chiefs
  • Nevada: Las Vegas Raiders
  • New Hampshire: New England Patriots
  • New Jersey: Philadelphia Eagles
  • New Mexico: Dallas Cowboys
  • New York: Buffalo Bills
  • North Carolina: Carolina Panthers
  • North Dakota: Minnesota Vikings
  • Ohio: Cleveland Browns
  • Oklahoma: Dallas Cowboys
  • Oregon: Seattle Seahawks
  • Pennsylvania: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Rhode Island: New England Patriots
  • South Carolina: Dallas Cowboys
  • South Dakota: Minnesota Vikings
  • Tennessee: Tennessee Titans
  • Texas: Dallas Cowboys
  • Utah: Dallas Cowboys
  • Vermont: New England Patriots
  • Virginia: Washington Commanders
  • Washington: Seattle Seahawks
  • West Virginia: Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Wisconsin: Green Bay Packers
  • Wyoming: Denver Broncos

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The Most Watched NFL Teams

According to Google Data from 2017 to 2022, the following is a list of the most searched for teams:

10. Cleveland Browns

9. Las Vegas Raiders

8. Chicago Bears

7. San Francisco 49ers

6. Kansas City Chiefs

5. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

3. Green Bay Packers

2. New England Patriots

1. Dallas Cowboys

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