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The ParkersSpunky daughter Kim is mortified when her bigger-than-life mom, Nikki, decides to go back to school at the same junior college she attends.
S4, EP12 "The Parent Trap"Nikki and Andell get excited about the possibility of becoming sisters when their parents start dating.
S4, EP10 "Sign of the Shaq"After the professor's autographed Shaquille O'Neal jersey is accidentally destroyed, Nikki and Andell go under cover to get a replacement.
S4, EP14 "The Hold Up"Nikki is taken hostage during a bank robbery. Steve Harvey guest stars.
S4, EP13 "Dead Clown Walking"Andell and Kim track down the clown (guest star Lee Weaver) who used to perform at Nikki's childhood birthday parties.
S4, EP16 "Somebody's Watching You"Nikki thinks she witnesses a murder while spying on the professor's neighbors. Kel Mitchell guest stars.
S4, EP17 "A Sterling Relationship"Professor Oglevee's smart, successful brother comes for a visit; Kim writes a column for the school newspaper.
S4, EP15 "Love Potion No. 83"The gang unknowingly imbibes a love potion, and everyone falls in love with the first person they see.
S4, EP18 "That's What Friends Are For"Nikki's best friend (Kim Coles) is still a party animal, and it causes a rift in their relationship; Kim, Stevie and T try to trick the professor into giving them the answers to an upcoming test.
S4, EP19 "Amazing Grace"An angel (guest star Shirley Caesar) appears to a stressed-out Nikki as she prepares for a gospel festival. Bobby Jones guest stars as himself.
S4, EP24 "Jury Duty"Jurors Nikki and Oglevee hotly debate the guilt or innocence of a beautiful female defendant accused of murder.
S4, EP25 "An Ivy League of Her Own"After the professor inherits a bundle of money, Nikki tries to save him from a fortune hunter; Kim discovers her new beau has been using her as a test subject for his thesis paper.
S4, EP20 "Join the Club"Nikki decides to join a book club in order to pursue new upscale clients for her catering business; Oglevee and T enter a chili cook-off.
S4, EP21 "Internship"Kim and her fashion-school nemesis learn that only one will be hired after an internship at the design house.
S4, EP23 "The Good, the Bad and the Funny"Nikki imagines herself a sheriff facing down an outlaw known as the Professor in a musical Western.
S4, EP22 "She's a Bad Mamma Jamma"A widower's son decides he wants Nikki to be his new mother and tricks her into giving up the professor.
S5, EP1 "'Til Death Do Us Part, and Make It Soon"Nikki sneaks aboard the professor's yacht and discovers that his wife is plotting to murder him.
S5, EP2 "Squatter's Rights"When the tax man takes away the Professor's inheritance and his old apartment has been occupied, Nikki offers him her home; Andell convinces Nikki that the Professor will not marry her if she continues to let him freeload.
S5, EP3 "A Plot With a View"Nikki buys a burial plot for herself and the Professor; Stevie and T hire a new singer for the band in order to replace Kim.
S5, EP4 "Mama, I'm Baaack!"Kim returns from Harvard to find that Nikki has rented out her room; T convinces the professor to join a pyramid scheme.
S5, EP7 "Kimmie Has Two Moms"Kim and Nikki win a guest appearance on their favorite daytime talk show; the Professor agrees to help T charm a beautiful woman (guest star Vivica A. Fox).
S4, EP11 "Lights, Camera, Action"Caterer Nikki confronts a soap opera star (Jasmine Guy) and lands a role on the show; Kim is hired as an extra but refuses to take her place in the background.
S4, EP9 "Road Trip"Kim and her friends break down en route to Las Vegas, and they fall victim to a price-gouging businessman who owns everything in town.
S4, EP8 "It's Gary Coleman"Nikki becomes Gary Coleman's manager and plans to jump-start his career by producing a cable-access show.
S4, EP7 "Kim's 21st Birthday"Nikki and Andell try to fulfill Kim's birthday wish to meet R&B singer Tweet (guest starring as herself).
S4, EP6 "And the Winner Is ..."Kim parts company with her friends to secretly audition as a solo act for a television show; Nikki and the professor share joint custody of a television.
S4, EP5 "Food Fiasco"Chef Nikki enlists the gang's help when a food critic drops by the restaurant with an army of friends.
S4, EP4 "Meter Maids Need Love, Too"Nikki discovers Andell's new boyfriend has been issuing her parking tickets; a few ex-convicts pledge Kim and Stevie's sorority.
S4, EP3 "High Heels and Videotapes"Nikki catches the school's dean in a compromising position; Kim prepares dinner for her boyfriend's parents.
S4, EP2 "She's Hysterical"Nikki feels compelled to come clean about a secret, putting her nuptials to the professor in peril; Kim and her boyfriend learn a lesson in honesty.
S4, EP1 "The Mourning After"After a night of drowning his sorrows over losing his job, Professor Oglevee wakes up uncertain of what he and Nikki did the night before.
Spunky daughter Kim is mortified when her bigger-than-life mom, Nikki, decides to go back to school at the same junior college she attends.
Original Air Date: Aug 30, 1999
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (10 episodes)
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