Season 4 Reunion
S4, EP13 "Season 4 Reunion"
The island getaway turned into a tear-filled disaster, and the crew from Siesta Key is back to address everything; the crew reveals the struggles of co-parenting, how it manages anxiety, and crumbling friendships.
Original Air Date: Aug 04, 2021 • MTV • 42m
I Just Want to Move On/We Just Stay Separate
S4, EP12 "I Just Want to Move On/We Just Stay Separate"
Juliette wants to make amends with Kelsey, but Kelsey's not as interested in restoring their friendship; Brandon is unhappy and wants to pursue Camilla again; Amanda doesn't know what to do about Tate after he broke her trust.
Original Air Date: Aug 04, 2021 • MTV • 42m
We Can All Use a Little Empathy
S4, EP11 "We Can All Use a Little Empathy"
When Juliette and Kelsey both attend Madisson's party, everyone has questions, especially Chloe; Chloe wants to reunite with Cara, but Cara is skeptical; Amanda learns that Tate has some secrets.
Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2021 • MTV • 42m
I'm Truly, Truly, Very, Very Sorry
S4, EP10 "I'm Truly, Truly, Very, Very Sorry"
Juliette tries to make amends with Kelsey and finally starts to make progress with her swimwear line; Jordana wants more from Brandon and he's not sure if he can commit; Sam wants to take the next step with Juliette.
Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Compassion And Kindness Is The Way To Go
S4, EP9 "Compassion And Kindness Is The Way To Go"
Chloe returns and wants to fix the problems between Juliette and Kelsey. Brandon has to figure out how to juggle his responsibilities and his new relationship with Jordana. Madisson has big wedding news to share with her family.
Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2021 • MTV • 42m
That Girl Is Lost
S4, EP8 "That Girl Is Lost"
Juliette's sudden absence leaves a void on the island; with Ish gone, Madisson starts to deal with the hard truths of their relationship; Cara finally makes amends with Kelsey and Garrett; Amanda and Tate grow closer.
Original Air Date: Jul 07, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Things Will Never Be the Same
S4, EP7 "Things Will Never Be the Same"
Juliette and Kelsey's rivalry reaches the point of no return; Brandon, Jordana, Camilla, and Will's jealousies lead to a blow up; Joe and Stef confront Joe's fear of commitment.
Original Air Date: Jun 30, 2021 • MTV • 42m
You Don't Seem Like the Caring Type
S4, EP6 "You Don't Seem Like the Caring Type"
As Juliette neglects her swim wear line, Kelsey's goals for her photoshoot fall apart; no one is interested in Cara's apologies; island life reveals cracks in Juliette and Sam's relationship.
Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Happy to See Me, Right?
S4, EP5 "Happy to See Me, Right?"
Juliette is caught off guard when she finds out Kelsey's planning a photoshoot for her swimwear line; Brandon takes things with Jordana to the next level; no one is happy that Madisson invited Cara to the island.
Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2021 • MTV • 42m
I Can't Help if Someone Is Attracted to Me
S4, EP4 "I Can't Help if Someone Is Attracted to Me"
Juliette and Sam's vacation is threatened by Jordana's flirtation; Brandon tries to rebound after Camilla, but no one is happy about it; everyone misses Chloe; Juliette and Kelsey try to navigate how to co-exist on an island.
Original Air Date: Jun 02, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Here's the Thing With the Prenup...
S4, EP3 "Here's the Thing With the Prenup..."
Chloe finds it difficult to deal with everyone's cynicism; Madisson and Ish start to face the realities of their future; Brandon and Camilla begin to move on with other people; Sam invites everyone to an island getaway.
Original Air Date: May 26, 2021 • MTV • 42m
It's a Nasty, Low Vibrational Thing to Say
S4, EP2 "It's a Nasty, Low Vibrational Thing to Say"
Kelsey spreads a rumor about Juliette that makes their friendship worse; Chloe tries to make amends with Kelsey and Madisson; Brandon wants Camilla back. Juliette faces jealousy issues when Sam's friend shakes things up.
Original Air Date: May 19, 2021 • MTV • 42m
Let's Be Healthy and Get Drunk
S4, EP1 "Let's Be Healthy and Get Drunk"
Juliette and Kelsey struggle with resentment in their friendship; newly engaged Madisson is forced to face her concerns about Ish's age; Brandon adapts to fatherhood; Chloe has reinvented herself.
Original Air Date: May 12, 2021 • MTV • 42m