Guy's Grocery Games

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Guy's Grocery GamesGoing to the grocery store could be worth $20,000 for one chef in each episode of this competition series. Four chefs compete in three elimination challenges testing their culinary skills as they make their way through the store's aisles. Each challenge features a theme -- such as using only items from frozen foods -- and is judged by a rotating list of guest judges who determine which contestant is eliminated. The chef who makes it through all three challenges then has two minutes to go through the aisles collecting items on a shopping list. Each item on the list is worth $2,000 and if the chef gets every item, the $20,000 grand prize is awarded. Popular Food Network personality Guy Fieri hosts the competition.
S23, EP19 "High-Roller Games"Guy turns the GGG classic budget battle on its head by making the chefs spend over $60 when creating their signature high-end dinner.
S36, EP9 "DDD Budget Battle"Guy Fieri invites four chefs from Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives to prove their budgeting skills while making their restaurant's best selling dish. Then, the remaining three competitors make their personal seafood favorites while working with a $25 budget.
S23, EP26 "Choose Your Budget"Guy's letting four chefs choose between three different budgets over three rounds; they quickly realize it's much harder than it looks, with one budget allowing for only four dollars a plate.
S19, EP17 "Big Game Day"Four sports-loving chefs gear up for some tailgating, Flavortown-style.
S36, EP10 "Hunter's Whammy Cart"Guy Fieri's son Hunter has run out of time to restock the store, so he puts six returned items in each chef's cart. The chefs must use all six ingredients over the course of both rounds, starting with a hometown favorite dish.
S36, EP8 "Best Burgers"Guy Fieri brings in four baller burgermeisters for a bodacious burger battle. They must make an over-the-top cheeseburger using 10 items or fewer before incorporating an alternate ground meat and unusual produce item in their winning burger and fries.
S36, EP7 "Red Light Special Extravaganza"Guy Fieri has plenty of deals to welcome four chefs to Flavortown Market, with red light specials in all 10 aisles. Using the red light specials, the chefs must create a fried feast before making a pork dish that's limited to 11 ingredients or fewer.
S36, EP6 "Relay: Ultimate Face-Off"Guy Fieri sets up the ultimate face-off with a relay between two teams to create a spicy champion's dinner; working blind, the chefs in the later shifts cook and present dishes based on their best guess of what the teammate before them was making.
S36, EP5 "Winners' Whammy Auction"Guy Fieri welcomes four previous winners back to Flavortown Market for a nonstop super battle; he gives them each $100 to make a complete steakhouse feast in 60 minutes, but first, they have to participate in a dreaded Flavortown whammy auction.
S36, EP4 "Guilty Pleasure Wheels"Guy Fieri invites four chefs to compete in two rounds of the guiltiest GGG games ever; he kicks things off with three guilty-pleasure wheels to determine the ooey gooey details of the chefs' first dish.
S36, EP3 "DDD Vegan"Guy Fieri invites four DDD chefs with vegan joints to compete in Flavortown Market; they make their vegan best seller using only nine pounds of groceries before serving up a meat-free steakhouse dinner.
S36, EP2 "Relay: All-Star Moms vs. Dads"Guy Fieri invites three all-star chef moms and three all-star chef dads to a team relay showdown; the teammates work on their dish one at a time in shifts.
S36, EP1 "Food Truck Families"Guy Fieri gives food truck families the ultimate road test by challenging each member to shop in a grocery relay race; the remaining two teams make their food truck favorite with the dish style and condiment determined by two spinning truck wheels.
S35, EP11 "10 Pounds, Two Rounds"Guy Fieri challenges four chefs to prepare two complete meals using no more than 10 lbs. of ingredients; after the chefs use half their weighted groceries to make a hearty hot lunch, they grab two items from the clearance rack to make a dinner.
S35, EP10 "DDD Seafood"Guy Fieri invites four favorite Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives seafood chefs to make some waves in Flavortown Market. They create a regional fish dish what using they catch in their fly-fishing net and dig for canned seafood to feature in a shellfish dish.
S35, EP9 "All-Star Alphabet Auction"Three all-star chefs take on the most extreme ABC game yet as Guy Fieri gives them a whopping $100 each to score ingredients for their comfort classic at the alphabet auction; then, the chefs bid for crazy canned items for an international dinner.
S35, EP8 "Relay: Winners vs. Judges"Guy Fieri hosts a team competition between three previous GGG winners and three GGG judges! Working one at a time, only the first chef is told that they're making a seafood platter, while the remaining chefs will have to guess what they're preparing.
S35, EP7 "One-Stop Speed Shop"Guy Fieri invites four chefs to break the shopping speed record as they grab everything they need to cook a weeknight favorite and an upscale dinner in one four-minute shop. To make things more twisted, the chefs must grab a special ingredient mid-shop.
S35, EP6 "GGG Best Buddies Holiday Special"Guy Fieri teams up some of his friends from the Best Buddies volunteer organization with some all-star chefs for a holiday cookoff. The teams have one hour to make a holiday entrée and dessert for a chance to earn $15,000 for their Best Buddies teammate.
S35, EP5 "Flavortown Academy: Antonia vs. Jet Finals"Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso's top students at Guy Fieri's Flavortown Academy make an upscale entrée using ingredients determined by a roll of the dice. The two most successful students serve up an impressive graduation dinner for a chance to win $35,000.
S35, EP4 "Flavortown Academy: Antonia vs. Jet, Part 4"Guy Fieri sends the top 4 students to Flavortown Academy's junior course devoted to world cuisines. The students will use what they've learned from Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso to create a comfort classic featuring two unique international ingredients.
S35, EP3 "Flavortown Academy: Antonia vs. Jet, Part 3"Guy Fieri introduces the students to their sophomore course, which is about elevating food; under the guidance of Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso, the students must make an elevated version of a classic weeknight dinner using nine ingredients or fewer.
S35, EP2 "Flavortown Academy: Antonia vs. Jet, Part 2"During freshman week, Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso teach their teams how to budget with party platters; the winning team gets a free pass to the sophomore class, while the losing team takes on a chicken dinner challenge.
S35, EP1 "Flavortown Academy: Antonia vs. Jet, Part 1"Guy Fieri invites seven home cooks from across the country to an intensive five-week cooking competition for a chance to win $35,000; they'll be taught by all-star culinary "professors" Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso.
S34, EP11 "All-Star Game Day Relay"It's Fieri vs. Fieri as Guy and Hunter divide up six of their favorite all-star chefs to see whose team makes the best game day platter; in this tag-team challenge, only the chefs who do the initial shopping know what game day dishes they're making.
S34, EP6 "Beat the Judges: International"Guy Fieri challenges three chefs representing international cuisines to make their signature seafood dish for $10,000; the winner then takes on the world-class GGG judge of their choice in the ultimate international showdown for another $10,000.
S34, EP5 "Winner, Winner, One Big Dinner"Four GGG winners return to Guy Fieri's Flavortown for a chance to take another crown in one big round; they must make a winner's dinner complete with an appetizer and entrée in an hourlong battle to shop the market for up to $20,000.
S34, EP4 "Wilderness Chefs"Guy Fieri invites three wilderness chefs to hunt through Flavortown Market and prepare dishes featuring wild game, all while playing GGG's wild games! They'll make fireside favorites and create an elevated backcountry dinner for a chance to win $20,000.
S34, EP3 "All-Star Teaching Teams"Three all-star chefs team up with a teacher who has made a difference in their lives; Guy Fieri challenges these duos to make an elevated lunchbox meal and a strictly budgeted teacher appreciation dinner for a chance to win their educator $20,000.
S34, EP2 "Firefighters in Flavortown"Fire station cooks commandeer Flavortown Market, and they'll have to stand the heat when Guy Fieri hits them with his alarming games; they smoke the competition with spicy firehouse favorites and captain-worthy meals for a chance to win $20,000.
S34, EP1 "DDD All Day"Guy Fieri challenges chefs from "Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives" to make their bestselling brunch using only ingredients they can fit in a small shopping bag; they must serve an updated diner dinner featuring some retro diner ingredients.
S33, EP7 "All-Star Double Whammy"In a prank-filled competition, Guy Fieri declares a chef swap, and the judges find themselves cooking with ingredients they chose for the competitors.
S33, EP6 "The GGG Experience"Guy Fieri gives an unfiltered behind-the-scenes view of the Flavortown Market experience; from the chefs' arrival to the market tour and Guy's pre-show pep talk -- all will be revealed for the first time.
S33, EP5 "DDD Guilty Pleasures"Guy Fieri invites four chefs from "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" to cook their creations; they make their favorite guilty pleasure using no more than 6.5 pounds of ingredients and feature whammy items in their diner dinner.
S33, EP4 "GGG Tiebreakers"Guy Fieri welcomes opponents who previously tied as they return for tiebreaker rematches; two home cooks fight for their right to make the best party plate, and two supermoms compete in a budget battle to make the most comforting comfort food.
S33, EP3 "Sweet Deception All-Stars"Guy Fieri surprises three of his all-star friends by turning a savory showdown into a dessert battle; they'll have to transform diner classics into sweet treats before making a fried dessert using mystery ingredients from Crazy Can Roulette.
S33, EP2 "All-Star Frozen Freak-Out"Guy Fieri invites all-star chefs to throw down in one of the coldest competitions ever; the chefs are given just one hour to make a hot appetizer and dinner party plate using only frozen ingredients and with a different ice cream flavor in each dish.
S33, EP1 "Meatless Marvels"Guy Fieri challenges four chefs to make a meat-free steakhouse dinner and appetizer in one hour using only ingredients that will fit into the smallest produce case; things get tougher when Hunter Fieri makes a mid-cook delivery of mushroom jerky.
S32, EP12 "GGG Eggs-travaganza"Guy Fieri discovers Hunter and Antonia Lofaso holding an all-star competition featuring his least favorite food; the chefs try to get Guy to take bites of egg-heavy dishes for points and entice the judges with meals made from unpopular ingredients.
S32, EP11 "Mother of All Winners"Guy Fieri brings back four GGG winners who are also proud mothers to prove that Mom cooks best; they'll make a weeknight favorite using nothing but packaged pantry items before transforming apple pie ingredients into an innovative family dinner.
S32, EP10 "Home Cook Dads"Guy Fieri brings in four home-cook dads to take part in the DIY project of making family meals; they tell groan-worthy dad jokes to rack up ingredients for a family favorite meal and go bowling to strike out snacks.
S32, EP9 "Burger Ballers"Guy Fieri invites four burger meisters who think outside of the bun to pound out four heavy-hitting burgers using six pounds of ingredients; they slide sliders to select the unusual ingredient they must add to both their cheeseburger and side.
S32, EP8 "GGG Winners' Face-Off"Four returning winners vie for the title of Ultimate Guy's Grocery Games Champ; the chefs compete in a pair of one-on-one matches featuring the game Wild Cards; two chefs enter a culinary showdown and determine their final dish using fridge magnets.
S32, EP7 "Flavortown Food Network Champs"Four competition-winning chefs battle it out for the title of Flavortown Food Network Champ and a $15,000 prize; they compete in a pair of sudden-death matches and make a seafood dinner using the food pyramid.
S32, EP7 "Flavortown Auction"Four chefs try to outbid each other in Guy Fieri's Flavortown auction event; they'll fight for exclusive rights to the aisle they want to shop for their brunch and get into a bidding war over the best protein for their upscale seafood dinner.
S32, EP5 "Teaching Teams"Teachers who love to cook partner up with all-star chefs to school the competition; the duos solve math and geography clues to discover the ingredients for their elevated school lunch and make a graduation dinner using foods that begin with B and C.
S32, EP4 "Family Teams"Guy Fieri invites three families to show off their home cooking and shopping skills in Flavortown Market; they'll cook a family favorite using items on the F is for Family grocery list.
S32, EP3 "All-Star Rush"Four chefs who feel the need for speed compete in Grocery Rush; in a race against the clock, they'll serve a brunch in only 20 minutes and make their favorite noodle dish using 10 ingredients or fewer.
S32, EP2 "All-Stars ABC"Using favorite and drafted letters of the alphabet, the chefs spell their way through the ingredients needed to make their cozy comfort dish and a seafood classic.
S32, EP1 "Super Seafood Showdown"Four seafood masters play Go Fish to determine what they'll cook for dinner, and they make a shellfish feast using sample items from the store.
S31, EP10 "GGG Redemption"Guy Fieri brings back four chefs who came close to victory in their first time in Flavortown Market to prove that the second time's a charm; the chefs make a redemption dinner using the ingredients that previously took them down.
S31, EP9 "Wine Country Chefs"Three top chefs from Northern California's world-famous wine country compete to show off their superior vintage; Guy Fieri welcomes them to the market with a gift basket full of local artisanal goods that they must feature in their signature dish.
S31, EP8 "DDD Redemption"Three returning DDD chefs who have never tasted victory in Flavortown Market are ready for redemption, and Guy Fieri welcomes them back by giving them the ingredients that caused them to lose the first time around.
S31, EP7 "Fieri Thanksgiving Party"The three youngest members of the Fieri family are paired up with all-star chefs to prepare a one-hour Thanksgiving feast; Guy Fieri gives them a two-for-one special of pie and turkey that they must use in both their appetizer and entrée.
S31, EP6 "Beat the Judges: Spicy"Guy Fieri invites three spice experts to prove how heated things can get, but all the chile peppers are out of stock; the round one winner receives an automatic $10,000 before taking on an all-star judge in the ultimate spicy showdown.
S31, EP5 "Beat the Judges: Sandwiches"Three sandwich fanatics show Guy Fieri their stacked skills in Flavortown Market by making a decadent sandwich with their fantasy food draft picks, and the winner battles an all-star judge.
S31, EP4 "Beat the Judges: Vegetarian"Guy Fieri wants three produce-loving pros to let the world know how delicious vegetarian cuisine can be, so they make a comfort classic using only plant-based foods, and the winner takes on an all-star judge.
S31, EP3 "Beat the Judges: Bacon"Guy Fieri challenges three chefs to prove their pork chops by making a bacon dish, and the winner goes head-to-head with an all-star judge to see who can bring home the bacon.
S31, EP2 "Beat the Judges: Cheesy"Guy Fieri invites three cheese-loving chefs to the Flavortown Market; whichever chef creates the tastiest cheese dinner wins $10,000 and faces off against the all-star judge of their choice for the cheese championship.
S31, EP1 "Dessert Games"Guy Fieri opens Flavortown's doors to four dessert chefs for a night of sweet treat showdowns; they hit the ground running to make a handheld fried dessert out of only ingredients they can carry and craft their signature sweets using vegetables.
S30, EP12 "Supermarket of Mischief"Guy Fieri invites four superfans to Flavortown Market for a night of twisted games and shenanigans; for the first round, Guy serves up a whole grocery list of games for the chefs to play while they cook up their signature dishes.
S30, EP11 "GGG Meets Chopped"Guy Fieri is joined by "Chopped" host Ted Allen in the first-ever "Guy's Grocery Games" and "Chopped" mashup; Ted presents four "Chopped" champions with baskets full of wild ingredients he selected himself, and Guy serves up diabolical games.
S30, EP8 "Guy's Summer Games 4"Guy Fieri challenges the five remaining chefs to use flavors from around the world to make the best grilled meat dish for a $5,000 prize; in round two, the bottom two chefs play fun midway games that handicap their handheld dishes.
S30, EP7 "Guy's Summer Games 3"It's fun in the park for the six remaining chefs; the chefs partner up to create team picnic plates, with each teammate first shopping a different half of the store using picnic baskets; one chef will be eliminated.
S30, EP6 "Guy's Summer Games 2"Guy Fieri challenges the seven remaining summer tournament chefs to make seafood sandwiches; the top-ranked sandwich wins an instant $5,000, and the bottom two chefs battle to see whose smoothie-inspired dish will save them from elimination.
S30, EP5 "Guy's Summer Games 1"Guy Fieri invites eight winners back for an epic five-week tournament featuring cool new games and bold summer flavors; one chef will be eliminated, and the remaining chefs will stay in the running to become the ultimate summer champ and win $25,000.
S30, EP4 "Pizza Masters"Guy Fieri invites chef Christian Petroni to help officiate a throwdown between three pizza-making pros; after a special delivery of pizza ingredients, Guy and Christian put in an order for the competitors' signature pizzas.
S30, EP3 "Food Truck Teams"Guy Fieri challenges three food truck teams to show off the food that made their trucks a hit.
S30, EP2 "DDD Dads"Guy Fieri invites four chefs and dads from DDD to show off their skills; they shop for ingredients for a family favorite, but their kids call in with some strange requests.
S30, EP1 "Burgers or Bust"Four chefs who specialize in making burgers go head-to-head; Guy Fieri has the chefs make a double burger, but all the burger buns are out of stock.
S29, EP14 "Winner's World Cup"Guy invites three chefs with previous wins to go head-to-head in a showdown of international flavors; the competitors must shop in Flavortown Market's new international section, where all the labels are in different languages.
S29, EP13 "Supermoms"Guy welcomes four supermoms to Flavortown Market to prove their culinary chops and serve up real deal home-cooked flavors; the moms must shop using an alphabet list of ingredients and then earn shopping money by answering kids' homework questions.
S29, EP12 "Night on the Flavortown"Guy invites four new all-star chefs to Flavortown Market and gives them one hour to make a fancy three-course dinner using a mystery ingredient; to make things even more high-end, Guy asks the chefs to buy an extra-expensive ingredient mid-cook.
S29, EP11 "Comedy Couples Cookoff"Guy and Hunter force celebrity couples to shop in separate halves of the store to make breakfast in bed.
S29, EP9 "DDD International"Guy Fieri brings the international flavors he's discovered back home by inviting four DDD chefs to cook their world cuisine in Flavortown Market; their first challenge is injecting their global flavor into a diner classic.
S29, EP8 "Craziest Day in Flavortown"Proving that anything can happen in Flavortown, four all-star chefs wear body cams for Guy Fieri's craziest competition ever; with appearances from rocker Bret Michaels and actor Lee Majors, the Six Million Dollar Man.
S29, EP7 "Food Network Champs"Guy Fieri welcomes four chefs who've won virtually every Food Network competition; after a dual one-on-one pork dish battle, the final two chefs face off in a culinary confrontation to make the best Champion's Dinner to win $15,000.
S29, EP6 "DDD Champs"Guy Fieri invites four champion DDD chefs to prove who's the best; after a pair of one-on-one sudden death matches to make elevated comfort food, the final two chefs face the Food Pyramid's random restrictions to make the best high-end dinner.
S29, EP5 "Host With the Most"Three food-loving winners who have already proven they can cook like pros are back for the title of Host with the Most; Guy Fieri challenges them to show that they can make championship game day bites without taking a bite out of their wallets.
S29, EP4 "Sinful Sandwiches"Guy Fieri and his son Hunter throw challenging games at three food fanatics who are out to prove that their sandwiches stack up against anything found in a restaurant.
S29, EP3 "Global Food Fanatics"Some of the best world cuisine is served in homes; Guy Fieri and his son Hunter invite three home cooks to share the international flavors they grew up on.
S29, EP2 "Anti-Resolution Games"Guy Fieri and his son Hunter are tired of people making resolutions to give up all the food they enjoy; Guy invites home cooks to Flavortown Market to make comfort dishes people crave.
S29, EP1 "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"Guy Fieri invites four chefs from his show "Guy's Chance of a Lifetime" to put their poultry skills to the test in two rounds of chicken dishes.
S29 "Guy Cooks the Games: Guy's Trivia Games"Guy Fieri's son Hunter puts Guy's culinary knowledge to the test by challenging him to cook along with a GGG episode jam-packed with food trivia.
S28, EP8 "Fieri Family Holiday Showdown"Guy Fieri's two sons and nephew face off; Guy pairs each family member with their very own all-star chef partner, but he also gives each team a Secret Santa box full of weird ingredients to use.
S28, EP7 "Fruit Fest"Guy Fieri challenges four chefs to make a fruit-forward feast using a grocery list given by Guy's son Hunter; the three remaining chefs must then make a fine-dining fruit dinner featuring fruit they don't knock over in a game of bowling.
S28, EP6 "Thankful for Flavortown"Guy Fieri welcomes four winning chefs back to make both a Thanksgiving hors d'oeuvre and dinner in just one hour; the competitors spin a wheel to determine what ingredient they'll have to incorporate into their Thanksgiving dinner.
S28, EP5 "Extreme Frozen Games"Guy Fieri invites four chefs to play cool games by preparing hot dishes using nothing but frozen food; after a hot sandwich and a side in round one, the chefs may use one non-frozen ingredient in the final round if they can score a goal.
S28, EP4 "ABC Mania"Guy lays out what may be the hardest challenge in Flavortown history: three chefs can only use 26 ingredients -- one for each letter of the alphabet -- over the course of the two rounds as they make chicken dinners and go-to seafood dishes.
S28, EP3 "Flavortown 2.0"Guy Fieri marks the grand opening of the new Flavortown Market 2.0 by giving four GGG legends one hour to cook a dinner complete with an appetizer and entree; besides the butcher counter, the chefs can shop for just one ingredient per aisle.
S28, EP2 "Flavortown's Big Move"Before "Flavortown Market" moves, Guy plays one more twisted game.
S28, EP1 "Delivery: Cheese Mania"Three cheese experts battle it out from their home kitchens to prove which chef does cheese best; first, Guy Fieri only lets them use seven pounds of ingredients to construct the perfect cheesy comfort meal.
S28 "Guy Cooks the Games: X-treme ABC"Guy Fieri's son Hunter has Guy cook along to a challenging GGG episode where the contestants can only cook with ingredients that start with one letter of the alphabet; chef Michael Voltaggio pays a visit and finds the tables turn in Guy's kitchen.
S27, EP13 "All-Star Vegetarian"Guy Fieri hands four chefs a challenge to make two vegetarian dishes in one hour using no more than 15 ingredients.
S27, EP13Guy Fieri pits four talented chefs against one another in a grocery store cooking competition.
S27, EP11 "Bigger, Badder Budget Battle"Four chefs with a knack for cooking on a budget take on two of Guy Fieri's new budget games; they must make a hearty lunch with ingredients from Guy's price-based grocery list, then they have to turn a budget bag of groceries into an upscale dinner.
S27, EP10 "Fried Feud"Guy Fieri brings four chefs together to fight fryer with fryer in a fried food feud; first, they must make a sweet and savory fried feast using only what they can carry in a small fryer basket; they prepare fried fish dinners with card game picks.
S27, EP9 "Snack Attack"Guy Fieri's teenage son, Ryder, accidentally leaves behind a cart full of his favorite after-school snacks, so Guy makes four talented, up-and-coming chefs incorporate the snacks into two rounds of GGG hijinks.
S27, EP8 "Firefighter Face-off"Guy Fieri sounds the alarm as four talented firehouse cooks compete in Flavortown Market.
S27, EP7 "Rush to Redemption"Four chefs who lost GGG in their final cook the last time around return for a second chance at proving themselves.
S27, EP5 "Food Network Star Favorites"Guy Fieri brings in four favorites from Food Network Star to compete in his games.
S27, EP4 "DDD Summer Games Finale"Guy Fieri sends the finalists on a virtual summer road trip.
S27, EP3 "DDD Summer Games, Part 3: Camp Cook-Off"Three "DDD" chefs compete in camping-themed games; the chefs must use Hunter Fieri's slingshot to knock down the canned items they don't want to feature in their grilled fish feast.
S27, EP2 "DDD Summer Games, Part 2: Extreme Tailgating"Three "DDD" chefs participate in a Flavortown 500 race with remote control cars; the chef who crosses the finish line first gets first pick of proteins to use in two tailgating bites.
S27, EP1 "DDD Summer Games, Part 1: Backyard Bash"Guy Fieri kicks off summer with a four-part tournament full of summer rituals, games and grilled foods; three of Guy's favorite "DDD" chefs join him for a backyard bash, turning classic diner dishes into backyard burgers and sides.
S26, EP17 "Grand Reopening, Part 2"Guy Fieri challenges the chefs to make a comfort classic appetizer and a high-end entree using nine ingredients plus a mystery protein from Guy's son, Hunter, at the butcher counter.
S26, EP16 "Grand Reopening, Part 1"The chefs have one hour to create two courses, and they must use a grocery list highlighting all the new store sections; the judges score the chefs' appetizers using the all-new Flavortown Scoreboard.
S26, EP15 "Delivery: Exotic Meats"Guy Fieri sends three chefs on an adventure in their own homes with an outrageous "Flavortown" delivery box filled with exotic meats; in round one, the chefs choose their wild game with a risky game of "Wild Cards."
S26, EP14 "Delivery: All-Stars Shop and Cook"Guy and Hunter Fieri send three competitors $50 to shop for their own ingredients at their own grocery stores, but the chefs have no idea what dishes they're going to be making; Guy asks the chefs to make brunch, but with restrictions.
S26, EP13 "Delivery: Takeout Takedown"Inspired by his own Flavortown Kitchen takeout service, Guy Fieri sends three all-star competitors his takeout food, which they have to incorporate in two rounds of games; first, the chefs must use the ingredients in a breakfast dish.
S26, EP12 "Delivery: Backyard Burgers"Three all-star chefs take Guy Fieri's battle to their backyards for two rounds of burger games; Guy and his son, Hunter, determine which mandatory ingredients will be used in the competitors' burgers by throwing basketballs into hoops.
S26, EP11 "Delivery: Mom Cooks Best"For Mother's Day, Guy Fieri recruits three all-star chef moms for cooking challenges in their own homes; Guy tests their multitasking mastery as he tries to blindside them with games, surprises and unexpected challenges.
S26, EP10 "Delivery: All-Star Family Face-Off Finale"An epic two-round battle with three families competing at home; in round one, the teams have to cook a family noodle dish while handcuffed to one another.
S26, EP9 "Delivery: All-star Family Face-off, Part 3"In the third installment of Guy Fieri's Family Face-Off, each team has to combine their favorite dishes into a cohesive meal; Guy puts the teams' relationships to the test in the Newlyfed Game.
S26, EP8 "Delivery: All-star Family Face-off, Part 2"In the second installment of Guy Fieri's All-Star Family Face-Off, the chef teams have to work together to make a sandwich and side using ingredients that weigh evenly on a scale; Guy and Hunter join in on the cooking action.
S26, EP7 "Delivery: All-star Family Face-off, Part 1"In Triple G's first at-home tournament, two all-star family teams go head-to-head for a chance at the family crown; Guy and Hunter play along from their own kitchen.
S26, EP6 "Delivery: April Fools'"In the second annual Carl Ruiz April Fools' Day special, Guy and Hunter Fieri pay tribute to their late friend by cranking up the pranks on three unsuspecting chefs for a chance to win $20,000.
S26, EP5 "Delivery: Sandwich Showdown"In round one, the chefs must flip the ingredients of a diner classic into a tasty sandwich; the chefs start round two with a sandwich draft pick, where they choose which bread and cheese to use in their sandwich.
S26, EP4 "Delivery: Big Bacon Blowout"Guy Fieri sends two boxes filled with piggy goodness to the houses of three of his chef friends; using a combination of items from the box and ingredients from their own homes, the chefs must compose dishes that hype, highlight and honor bacon.
S26, EP3 "Delivery: Tournament of Champions Special"Guy Fieri turns the tables on three "Tournament of Champions judges," sending them games to compete in two rounds of intense culinary competition at home.
S26, EP2 "Delivery: Guilty Pleasures"Three all-star chefs must make guilty pleasure dishes using whatever ingredients they have in their home pantries.
S26, EP1 "Delivery: Frozen Fiasco"Guy Fieri sends three competing all-star chefs two boxes of frozen food that they must convert into dishes that the judges deem delicious, daring, hot and ready-to-eat.
S26 "Guy Cooks the Games: Salute the Troops"Hunter Fieri puts his dad through Triple G boot camp; action-packed Salute the Troops games; Guy chooses a teammate to make an American comfort classic with him; the Fieris double down on chaos when the team makes a victory dinner.
S26 "Guy Cooks the Games: Nothin' but Noodles"The heat is on when Guy Fieri's son Hunter challenges Guy to cook along to a "GGG" episode centered around noodles; when chef Beau MacMillan drops in for a visit, Guy decides to pull an unexpected twist on his guest.
S26 "Guy Cooks the Games: GGG Winning Teams"Hunter Fieri turns the tables on his dad, Guy, when he challenges him to watch and cook along to a fan-favorite GGG episode; chef Michael Voltaggio drops by to join Guy in their own winning team; a surf 'n' turf dish.
S25, EP17 "Guy Cooks the Games: All-Star Burgers"Guy Fieri's son Hunter and chef Antonia Lofaso turn the tables on Guy at home by challenging him to cook along with a burger-based episode, and he must overcome the same ingredient restrictions as the chefs.
S25, EP16 "Guy Cooks the Games: GGG Raw"Guy Fieri gets a taste of the "GGG" experience when his son Hunter makes him watch and cook along to a special behind-the-scenes episode of "Guy's Grocery Games"; Guy tries to keep up with all the challenges and his food is judged by Antonia Lofaso.
S25, EP15 "Delivery: High-End at Home"Guy and Hunter send three chefs boxes of the market's finest foods and a scale to weigh the mere seven pounds of ingredients; combining high-end and bargain-basement flavors.
S25, EP14 "Delivery: DDD Guilty Pleasures"Three chefs have to transform a frozen dinner diner classic and turn Hunter's favorite snacks into a sandwich.
S25, EP13 "Delivery: All-Star Noodles"Guy and Hunter recruit three all-star chefs and send them boxes of ingredients for a family-favorite noodle dish and a spicy noodle dish.
S25, EP12 "Delivery: Pantry-Palooza"Guy and Hunter Fieri turn three "GGG" judges into competitors in their own kitchens; they send each one a box of ingredients for a lumberjack breakfast and a grocery list of extra items to shop for in their own cupboards.
S25, EP11 "Delivery: One Box Only"Guy Fieri and his son Hunter send one box of groceries instead of the usual two to three chefs who have already won big in Flavortown Market. Cooking in their home kitchens, the chefs must use the same 15 ingredients in a hot lunch and Sunday supper.
S25, EP10 "Delivery: All-Star Hanukkah"Duff Goldman takes on two all-star chefs in GGG's first Hanukkah competition at home. Guy and Hunter Fieri challenge the chefs to make potato latkes with ingredients decided by dreidels. Then they have to turn eight leftover ingredients into a meal.
S25, EP9 "Delivery: All-Star Holiday"Guy and Hunter Fieri recruit three all-star chefs to play holiday games in their home kitchens. The Fieris send groceries and an oversized stocking filled with holiday sweets that the chefs must incorporate into two different seasonal dishes.
S25, EP8 "Delivery: Double Trouble"Guy and Hunter Fieri send three all-star chefs two boxes of groceries and GGG games and challenge them to reinvent classic food duos. First, the chefs make surf-and-turf dishes. Then food magnets determine their ingredients for a fried sandwich.
S25, EP7 "Delivery: Home Sweet Home"To make the best sweet-and-savory desserts and Napoleon cakes, Guy and Hunter ship sweet and some not-so-sweet treats to their chef friends.
S25, EP6 "Delivery: All-Star Thanksgiving"The challenge is to make the best Thanksgiving dinner and leftover pie revival; Guy and Hunter also make the chefs play some Thanksgiving-inspired games.
S25, EP5 "Delivery: Grillin' at Home"Some of Guy and Hunter's favorite chefs grill up backyard burgers and steak dinners with surprise ingredients that Guy and Hunter send to them; Guy and Hunter play some of their favorite Flavortown games.
S25, EP4 "Delivery: Delivery Mix-up"Guy and Hunter send the wrong ingredients to their favorite chefs for lasagna and dinner challenges in the way of delivery mix-ups; some ingredients were out of stock, and others are only available in their frozen versions.
S25, EP3 "Delivery: Limitations"Guy Fieri and his son Hunter enlist some of their favorite chefs to play grocery delivery games; chicken dinners and Mexican feasts; classic limitation games.
S25, EP2 "Delivery: Budget Games"Guy and Hunter Fieri send inexpensive ingredients to their favorite chefs; budget-conscious high-end dinners and family meals; Guy and Hunter play Flavortown's classic budget games.
S25, EP1 "Delivery: GGG at Home"Guy and Hunter Fieri send mystery ingredients to their favorite chefs, who have to use them in burgers and seafood dinners; Guy and Hunter play some of Flavortown's classic games to add to the chefs' culinary difficulties.
S25 "Guy Cooks the Games"Guy Fieri and Hunter take a trip down memory lane and watch one of their favorite episodes: All-Star Vegetarian Games; Hunter challenges his dad to cook along with the challenges featured in the show.
S24, EP10 "Battle of the Bacon"Guy Fieri invites four swine-dining chefs for a shot at $20,000; over two rounds and a plethora of pork plates, competitors will have to show up and show snout if they want to win the all-bacon battle.
S24, EP9 "Nothin' but Noodles"Guy Fieri brings in four noodle-savvy chefs from across the U.S. for two rounds of noodle action.
S24, EP8 "All-Star Budget"Guy Fieri invites four superstar chefs to duke it out in a budget battle.
S24, EP7 "All-Star Vegetarian Games"Guy Fieri challenges four all-star chefs to create meatless dishes in a full-on veggie showdown that is worth up to $20,000.
S24, EP6 "X-treme ABC Games"Four chefs cook under extreme conditions and must deliver if they want to cash in a $20,000 shopping spree.
S24, EP5 "Summer Grillin' Games Finale"Four chefs in Guy Fieri's summer bash finale throw a beach ball to determine which aisles they get to shop in for their summertime guilty pleasure.
S24, EP4 "Summer Grillin' Games Part 4"Guy Fieri treats the remaining five chefs to a Flavortown vacation; one chef's destination dinner has a chance to earn best dish, an instant $5,000 and a spot in the finale.
S24, EP3 "Summer Grillin' Games Part 3"Guy's grilling games continue, this time with carnival-themed games and dishes; Guy gives the chefs a funnel cake-sized twist by putting them in pairs to make a fried sweet-and-savory duo and a cheesy carnival classic.
S24, EP2 "Summer Grillin' Games Part 2"Guy Fieri's summer grilling tournament continues with only seven winners remaining; it's all about the boardwalk as the chefs make summer seafood dishes and spicy seaside sandwiches.
S24, EP1 "Summer Grillin' Games Part 1"Guy Fieri invites eight winners to return to Flavortown Market for a summer grilling tournament; each week, one chef will be awarded Best Dish, win $5,000 and move on to the next week's competition while the remaining chefs duke it out.
S23, EP31 "GGG RAW"Four superstar chefs compete in a one-game showdown that incorporates three of Guy Fieri's craziest challenges; Guy reveals an in-depth look at how each over-the-top comfort food dish comes together and shares behind-the-scenes secrets of the show.
S23, EP29 "Like Father, Like Chef"A round of Flavortown golf gets the dads in their comfort zone and determines which key ingredient they must feature in their steakhouse dinner.
S23, EP28 "Guy's Global Games"With appearances from Indian, Chinese, Mexican and French cuisines; Guy's goal to go global has been fully realized; after three rounds of deliciously diverse dishes, one international chef will claim Flavortown victory and shop the market.
S23, EP27 "One-Time Aisle Games"In Flavortown, chefs usually have free reign of the entire market -- but that all changes when Guy has the chefs cook meals all night long after shopping in each aisle one time; Guy is throwing them an additional game each and every round.
S23, EP25 "Salute the Troops"Guy honors America's men and women in uniform by inviting four military vets with a culinary second-calling; they'll be joining forces with the Messlords, a group of DDD chefs who travel the world cooking for our troops; a Flavortown obstacle course.
S23, EP24 "Dessert Games"Buddy Valastro convinces Guy to declare it Dessert Day in Flavortown Market; four dessert chefs from across North America sculpt works of art and bake their buns off for a shot at the dough.
S23, EP23 "Guy's Trivia Games"The four competitors are hit with a blast of international food questions they must answer correctly to earn enough cash to shop for their fancy dinner.
S23, EP22 "Mother of All Shows"Guy enlists the help of his mom, Penny, and his wife, Lori, in his Mother's Day Games featuring mom/kid teams who run family restaurants together; four unique sample ingredients to feature in their top seller, a "Prized Family Recipe" ingredients.
S23, EP21 "America's Next Chefs"Guy has the chefs turn the ingredients from an old-fashioned Waldorf salad into a modern meal; to help the rising chefs reach the pinnacle of success, the towering Food Pyramid determines the details of its best international dinner.
S23, EP20 "Pizza Pro Playoffs"Four pro pizza makers rise to the occasion in three pizza-themed Grocery Games that dictate who gets to take home all the dough.
S23, EP18 "April Fools' Day"In honor of Carl's love for hijinks, Guy Fieri has invited six of his closest Flavortown judges to join him for April Fools' Day pranks; they make spicy dishes that drove Carl nuts.
S23, EP17 "Guy's Egg-treme Games"Guy isn't a fan of eggs, but that might change when he takes four chefs to Flavortown for a culinary competition about eggs.
S23, EP16 "DDD-Licious Burgers"Guy makes the chefs shop for ingredients in their signature burger and loaded fries combo using just tongs and a grill lid.
S23, EP15 "Clearance Wars"Guy gives four chefs a list of sale items they have to use over the course of the competition, with all of the required ingredients while making a high-end dinner in the first round.
S23, EP14 "World Fusion"Guy brings in chefs representing cuisines from all around the world to team up and fuse their cultures' flavors in delicious dishes; the teams pit their cuisines against the others to find out which combination is the tastiest.
S23, EP13 "Wicked Aisle Games"Guy brings the culinary combat to Flavortown Market's aisles; a flip of a coin determines whether the chefs can shop the odd or even aisles; in the final round, the chefs must make their steakhouse dinner using one ingredient per aisle.
S23, EP12 "All Un-gredients"Guy challenges four chefs to improvise as they make family favorites without any of the key ingredients; saucy spaghetti and meatballs, tasty tacos and a comfort food classic are all determined by Guy's wheel.
S23, EP11 "Scratch Chef Showdown"In a world of convenience food, four scratch chefs show Guy Fieri what happens when convenience goes out the window.
S23, EP10 "Big League Teams"America's favorite pastime goes to Flavortown when Guy invites three former baseball players to team up with GGG all-star judges to hit a culinary home run.
S23, EP9 "Married With Kitchen"Most married couples consider their kids their babies, but these couples also consider their restaurants their babies.
S23, EP8 "Winner Winter Games"Three previous winners have to outlast each other over three rounds of ice-cold, brand-new games to create lunch, dinner and an international favorite; ultimately, only one chef will go on a Flavortown shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
S23, EP7 "New School vs. Old School"Guy Fieri yearns to know which culinary form is better, tried-and-true classical techniques or molecular gastronomy; he invites two old-school and two new-school chefs to test their skills against each other.
S23, EP6 "Game Day Super Teams"In the finals, Guy tests the remaining teams' throwing skills by having them toss footballs into ice buckets to earn key ingredients for their 6-foot sub.
S23, EP5 "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tournament: GGG Super Teams Finale"Guy Fieri has narrowed nine pairs of baller chefs down to the final three Super Teams, since they're super duos, they have to cook classic food duos while playing Grocery Games that pack a big twist.
S23, EP4 "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tournament: GGG Super Teams Part 3"Guy spins his DDD Dish Wheel and GGG Game Wheel to nail down all the variables for the competition, and these duos face some of the funniest and toughest Grocery Games ever while making classic DDD dishes.
S23, EP3 "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tournament: GGG Super Teams Part 2"Guy Fieri's two worlds continue to collide as six more chefs pair up to create talented Super Teams; Guy brings back his DDD Dish Wheel and GGG Game Wheel, plus a never-before-seen Wheel-y Small Wheel to give these duos a real run for their money.
S23, EP2 "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives Tournament: GGG Super Teams Part 1"Guy spins the DDD Wheel which determines what classic diner dish the competitors have to make, while a spin of the GGG Wheel determines which game they have to play while making it.
S23, EP1 "Resolution Royale"Four chefs arrive in Flavortown ready to prove that traditionally unhealthy dishes can be made healthier and even more delicious.
S22, EP12 "GGG Holiday Cook-Off"Four charitable chefs compete in a holiday cook-off; Guy hands out gifts of special ingredients that the chefs must feature in their holiday pork dish; he uses a dreidel to give the chefs their budgets for a festive family favorite.
S22, EP11 "Judges' Holiday: Ultimate Naughty List"The series' most beloved judges compete against each other using not-so-nice ingredients from Guy's naughty list.
S22, EP10 "Guy's Holiday Dessert Games"Guy Fieri has the chefs turn a savory classic, ravioli, into a holiday favorite, before challenging the remaining chefs to make a decadent chocolate dessert using sample ingredients stationed around the market.
S22, EP8 "DDD Thanksgiving"Guy kicks things off by having the DDD chefs make their ultimate Thanksgiving sandwich without shopping in a crucial aisle; the chefs must make a dish under Guy's designated weight limit.
S22, EP7 "Cheat Day"Guy Fieri invites four chefs to participate in the first cheat day, challenging them to make dishes worth splurging on after a week of eating healthy; the chefs count pounds and use specific ingredients in their deep-fried and mega-melty dishes.
S22, EP5 "Rematch Mania"Two budget-brawlers settle the score in a round that has them shopping for ingredients under $5 for their family dinners; a couple of food scientists face off in a game that forces them to shop for their dishes in either the odd or even aisles.
S22, EP4 "Ghosts of GGG Past"Guy wheels out a vat of goo containing mysterious canned foods that the chefs must grab and use in a fried dish; a scary version of musical carts to determine ingredients for a redemption dinner.
S22, EP3 "California Firefighters"Firefighting first responders from California head to Flavortown for a friendly culinary competition, where they must make a firehouse favorite in the first round and a spicy family meal in the second round.
S22, EP2 "Guy's Carnival Games"Four carnival food-loving chefs play carnival classics; Guy turns a popular strength test game into a finesse challenge; a simple game of ring toss determines the main protein for the chefs' best dish on a stick.
S22, EP1 "Battle America"Chefs cook their best regional sandwich, but on a budget; creating seafood dishes using ingredients from around the market; Guy's food wheel decides where the remaining two chefs get to shop for their regional comfort food dishes.
S21, EP10 "Guy's Guys"Four chefs from four of Guy Fieri's own restaurants face off in two rounds of culinary combat; Guy challenges his guys to make their best burger without any key ingredients; he forces them to shop for their ingredients using teeny-tiny little bags.
S21, EP6 "Ultimate Spicy Games"Guy Fieri welcomes back the winners of previous GGG spicy competitions and pits them against one another; the remaining chef wins $10,000 and gets a chance at another $10,000 if they can beat Flavortown's resident Spicy Queen, chef Antonia Lofaso.
S21, EP5 "12 Ingredients All Day"Guy Fieri challenges four chefs to make a dozen ingredients last through all three meals; the chefs shop for the only 12 ingredients they can use throughout the competition and are challenged to make specific styles of lunch and dinner.
S21, EP4 "Fast Food Face-Off"The chefs battle with their budgets to make their best burger and side and race the clock to make an Asian takeout staple; the final challenge is a Mexican takeout-style dinner.
S21, EP3 "Bacon Masters"Guy Fieri welcomes four of the best bacon chefs to make their best bacon sandwich; they have to stay under an ingredient weight limit when making their second dish; finally, the chefs are surprised with a misleading pig chart.
S21, EP2 "Express Lane Extreme: Name Your Number"Four competing chefs must decide whether to use six, eight or 10 ingredients before knowing what kind of dish they're making; one chef will pick the right limits and go on to win a shopping spree worth up to $20,000.
S21, EP1 "Single-Aisle Showdowns"Guy Fieri uses his newest game, the Aisle Wheel, to restrict the chefs to just one aisle in each round; Guy throws in some of his own twists and turns along the way as the chefs are challenged to make a hot lunch, comfort food and dinner spread.
S20, EP26 "Grandma Grocery Games"The grandmas cook their most requested family dish while sticking to the limitations that a typical family member might complain about; the grandmas cook their celebratory dinners using two of the samples Guy has featured around the market.
S20, EP25 "Ultimate Asian Food Showdown"Asian cuisine takes over and Guy gives the chefs a list of ingredients for their noodle dishes and makes them use tiny shopping carts to shop for their rice dishes; the final challenge involves a featured special ingredient for a beef dinner.
S20, EP24 "GGG Kids All-Stars"Guy sets up sample tables around the store with ingredients the kids must feature; a friendly game of bowling challenges the youngsters to work together to knock down the aisles they're allowed to shop in for their dinners.
S20, EP23 "All ABC Games"The chefs have to prove their skills in three rounds as they make comfort classics and dinners with seafood and fried ingredients; only one chef will come out on top and win a chance at a $20,000 shopping spree.
S20, EP22 "Southern Chef Showdown"A never-before-seen game has the chefs shopping in the southern half of the store for their signature sandwiches, and weight is a factor as the chefs prepare seafood dishes with only 6 pounds of ingredients.
S20, EP20 "All-Stars' Full Meal"When celebrity chefs come to Flavortown, Guy gets to try out his most twisted games, and this time he's really putting them to the test with full, three-course meals; chefs face a special ingredient of Guy's choosing; chefs play a game of chance.
S20, EP19 "GGG Winners & Their Dads"For Father's Day, Guy Fieri brings three GGG winners back to compete against each other, and they're teaming up with their dads; the teams must make childhood favorites; a classic game of bowling determines ingredients for a favorite dish for dad.
S20, EP18 "Home Cooks!"Guy brings four confident home cooks to Flavortown to prove they can actually cook like GGG's finest chefs; he tests their shopping, cooking and presentation skills in three classic games, and in the end, only one home cook wins.
S20, EP17 "Island Eats"Chefs must shop with tiny bags and make signature seafood dishes; a blind choice determines which canned ingredient they must feature in their comfort dishes; a roll of the dice determines the parameters for the chefs' spicy chicken dinners.
S20, EP16 "All-Star Burgers"Burgers.
S20, EP15 "Best Sandwiches!"Guy brings four sandwich-making savants to Flavortown Market to test their skills; delicious deli meats, fancy condiments and artisan breads go flying as these sandwich superheroes make fried, international and stacked sandwich masterpieces.
S20, EP14 "DDD Chefs and Their Moms"Guy welcomes "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" chefs and their moms to Flavortown for a Mother's Day competition; chefs must watch as their mothers shop from the chefs' lists; the store closes in the middle of the chef's shopping time.
S20, EP13 "Restaurant Teams"Guy knows there's nothing like the teamwork in a busy restaurant's kitchen, so he invites three teams of phenomenal chefs to represent their restaurants in Flavortown in two action-packed rounds of games involving prix fixe menus and best-sellers.
S20, EP11 "Pro Athletes and Judges"Sports and great food are a natural combination, and that's what's on Guy Fieri's mind when he invites three professional athletes to team up with some of Flavortown's finest judges in a two-round, winner-take-all face-off for culinary supremacy.
S20, EP10 "GGG Winning Teams"Guy Fieri brings back the winning teams of previous competitions for another battle of team supremacy.
S20, EP9 "Big Budget Bonanza"Four penny-pinching pros who have braved some of Flavortown's toughest budget battles are back for a brutal budget bonanza.
S20, EP8 "Five-Dollar Price Check"Guy Fieri invites four talented chefs to Flavortown and tells them they can only shop for ingredients under five dollars; Guy reveals an additional challenge in each round, and it's a GGG budget battle like never before.
S20, EP7 "Wild and Crazy Budget Games"Things get wild in Flavortown when Guy Fieri challenges four talented chefs with budget games that might be too crazy for their own good.
S20, EP6 "Five-Dollar Dishes"Guy Fieri challenges the chefs to make full-blown meals for four on only five dollars a plate.
S20, EP5 "All Budget Wheel Games"Before each game, Guy Fieri spins a budget wheel that determines how much the chefs get when purchasing groceries for a specific dish and a second wheel that adds a crazy twist.
S20, EP4 "Big Cheese"Three cheese pros return to Flavortown to test their talents; Guy Fieri puts the competitors through two rounds of cheesy combat and the last chef standing faces off against Flavortown Cheese Champ Chef Eric Greenspan for a shot at $20,000.
S20, EP2 "Cookin' Couples"Guy Fieri is welcoming three couples to Flavortown to prove how much culinary knowledge they really have.
S20, EP1 "Clash of the Vegetarians!"Four veggie masters compete in three veggie-inspired rounds; Guy gives them a list of key ingredients they must feature; a diner-style order wheel determines the classic meat dishes the chefs must make vegetarian; Guy takes away the chefs' carts.
S19, EP21 "DDD Family Redemption"Guy Fieri challenges the chefs to flip coffee and doughnuts into dinner; he gives the remaining DDD family duos a $22 budget to make their surf and turf dishes; only one family will redeem itself and shop Flavortown for up to $20,000.
S18, EP20 "GGG Winners vs. Judges"Three GGG winners team up to take on a trio of Flavortown's finest judges to see who comes out on top of Guy's devious games.
S18, EP19 "Global Grocery Games"Four chefs representing cuisines from around the world take on Guy Fieri's global-themed games; first, the chefs make their childhood favorite featuring a handpicked ingredient from Guy.
S18, EP4 "Food Network Star Duos"The teams must create a fusion of their cooking styles featuring a special ingredient delivered by Guy; the remaining teams must create a classic duo while several crucial aisles are shut down.
S16, EP1 "Grocery Rush"On a GGG first, Guy Fieri gives the chefs three turbo-charged games with only 15 to 20 minutes to shop, cook and plate.
S14, EP1 "Blogger Battle"Making something using a list of top-searched ingredients on the web; best taco platter without traditional taco ingredients; making a trending dinner featuring hot and not-so-hot ingredients chosen by Guy Fieri's dreaded Food Wheel.
S13, EP10 "All in the Family"A family of chefs make a hot lunch using only five pounds of ingredients; family members serve up their best noodle dish using ingredients from a gumball machine; making their family favorite dish.
S13, EP5 "All Burgers 2"Burger masters must shop for the ingredients using a tiny bag; the chefs make their take on a classic burger without classic ingredients; one of the finalists falls by the wayside; judges are forced to compete in a surprise burger finale.
S7, EP7 "Grandma's Grocery Games"Four seasoned and spunky grandmothers compete; in the first round, the chefs make a version of their grandkids' favorite dish; budgeting and coupon clipping skills are put to the test; a family recipe cook-off, featuring three weird ingredients.
S3, EP14 "Let Them Eat Toast"The chefs have to make French toast without a key ingredient; making a steak dinner using only canned items; the final two chefs must make a soup and sandwich combo.
S1, EP12 "Cart Wars"The chefs are asked to make tacos without tortillas, taco seasoning and ground beef; Guy challenges the chefs to make him a sandwich using only frozen food; two chefs must make a super seafood dish.
S1, EP11 "Yes, Chefs Can"Four chefs are challenged to make an Italian feast using only canned foods; the chefs race to get all the fixings for the ultimate hot dog dish; contestants make their best rice dish.
S1, EP10 "Game Day Rush"The chefs are tasked to make their best dish using only the produce and condiments aisle; using five ingredients or less to make an upscale chicken dinner.
S1, EP9 "Holly, Jolly Meals"The chefs are given a very small budget to create grilled cheese sandwiches for four; making desserts from the ingredients in the meat, seafood and dairy aisle.
S1, EP8 "Five Star Frozen Feud"Creating a five star dinner using only frozen food; the chefs must make a healthy childrens' meal using only ingredients they can hold in their arms; savory pie challenge.
S1, EP7 "It's Egg-Cellent"The chefs scramble to make a signature egg dish, and then must put together a dinner party for four using less than $8.
S1, EP5 "Feisty Fiesta"The first game features a frozen food feud; the chefs have to use soy sauce in their Mexican dish; the final two chefs can only cook what they can carry.
S1, EP3 "The Ol' Switcheroo"Making a gourmet salad without leafy greens; coupons and quick thinking are needed for a budget battle; the final two chefs must swap their bags of ingredients.
S1, EP2 "Frozen Feats"Creating a stir fry using no more than 5 ingredients; a fun family meal with unusual ingredients; the remaining contestants have only two minutes to purchase all the items they need for a decadent pasta dish.
S1, EP1 "Wild in the Aisles"A spaghetti and meatballs challenge with some missing key ingredients; making a meal for four for under $7; making a dish using only ingredients from the frozen food aisle.
"Delivery: DDD OGs"Three "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives" chefs who have experience in the Flavortown Market are playing grocery games in their own joints; Guy and Hunter Fieri send them a big box of groceries that is perfect for a fried feast and a classic takeout dish.
"Ultimate Grocery List"Chefs take on a grocery list containing dish-clashing ingredients, but the chefs have to use every item on the list.
Going to the grocery store could be worth $20,000 for one chef in each episode of this competition series. Four chefs compete in three elimination challenges testing their culinary skills as they make their way through the store's aisles. Each challenge features a theme -- such as using only items from frozen foods -- and is judged by a rotating list of guest judges who determine which contestant is eliminated. The chef who makes it through all three challenges then has two minutes to go through the aisles collecting items on a shopping list. Each item on the list is worth $2,000 and if the chef gets every item, the $20,000 grand prize is awarded. Popular Food Network personality Guy Fieri hosts the competition.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2013
Genres: Home/CookingRealityTV Series
Rating: TVG
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