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Tough Love: AtlantaFive graduates join a fellowship with hopes of breaking into the music industry.
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"A Tragic Accident"Drew sits down with Amber and demands answers. Jackie, Lisa, Kenny and Iesha all head to the club in an attempt to lock down another artist. Jackie has a little too much to drink, causing an accident that puts a lot of things in jeopardy.
"Dare to Date"Kenny and Jackie go on an official date. Iesha agrees to date Tre despite her problems with his sexuality. Drew continues breaking rules and keeping secrets. He and Lisa work with the festival headliner, Theo, but run into some creative differences.
"Turning Tables"Drew is now ready to be faithful to Lisa, but she's unsure about the relationship. Iesha has some regrets about Tre. A reporter comes by the office with questions regarding Jason and Monica, causing Jackie to have more suspicions about them.
"The Aftermath"The fellows deal with the aftermath of the accident. Monica and Jason are upset, but have their own worries when an FBI agent shows up at the office. Everything is on the news, including Kenny's personal problems. Drew confronts Terrence about Amber.
"By Any Means Necessary"The advisors of a special events fellowship, Monica and Jason, receive an urgent reminder that it's time to pay their fraudulent PPP loan back. They then pressure their new fellows to put on a huge music festival in order to make some fast cash.
"Exploring Something New"Iesha begins seriously dating the restaurant manager, Tre, only to find out he's not exactly who she thinks he is.Lisa agrees to explore something new in order to please Drew. Kenny misses an important meeting with Jackie due to his housing issues.
"Jealously, Lies and Secrets"Monica and Jason push the fellows to do whatever it takes to sell festival tickets. Iesha gets jealous when Tre interacts with other men. Jackie and Kenny argue over finances. Lisa and Theo grow closer. Drew's secrets are brought to light.
"Nothing But the Truth"Theo wakes up. A police officer questions him about the accident. Jackie's mom pays a visit to Monica and Jason. Lisa finds out Drew has broken a major rule. The fellows get some really unfortunate news.
"Less Money, More Problems"Monica and Jason's financial problems start to pile up. The fellows feud over the festival and hold a kickback to resolve their issues. Kenny and Jackie go to family members for money. Someone from Drew's past sends him a dark message.
"A Raidy Day"The fellowship office gets raided by the police. The fellows get questioned by the press. Iesha and Tre try to make it work again. Drew and Theo come toe to toe. Lisa and Jackie get into an argument. An investigator shows up looking for answers.
Five graduates join a fellowship with hopes of breaking into the music industry.
Original Air Date: Jul 7, 2022
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